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Westwood High School 

200 Nahatan Street 

Westwood, Massachusetts 


/^ -7 

liiiih schMl 





m'j^ i 







■ J 










*» Ms. Parks 

Written and presented at Class Day, on behalf of the Class of 2011 , 
by Ailyn Pestana 

vividly remember my first day of high school. Specifically, I recall the anxiety I felt as 
pushed open the front door and stepped into the next chapter of my life. But I also 
remember that there, in the center of the lobby, was someone to welcome me and 
all of us. Later in the morning, that person stood on stage and spoke to all 211 of us 
freshmen, and she did something I did not expect. She transformed my anxiousness, 
into excitement for the possibilities. Her presence and her words changed the 
atmosphere that morning, and they have continually and positively impacted our high 
school careers since. For her encouraging and committed leadership, the members of 
the Class of 2011 , dedicate the Yearbook to, our Principal, Ms. Emily Parks. 

Ms. Parks began her career at Westwood High School as a social studies teacher in 
1994. She advised the academic decathlon team and co-founded and coached the 
girls' indoor track team. In 1999 she became the Dean of Ninth Grade Students. The 
following year she became the Assistant Principal, and in 2005 she took the helm 
as Principal. This summer Ms. Parks will become the Westwood Public Schools' 
Assistant Superintendent. Today we thank her for investing 18 years to serving and 
shaping Westwood High School, and giving four of those years to our class. 

We have a great school. This is a school in which we're nice to one another. We know 
our teachers care about us, we care about each other, and we're motivated to achieve 
our best. Ms. Parks has had the leading role in creating the positive environment of 
our school. She has created a place in which we are all encouraged to thrive. 

^^^^^^3 captured this when she said, 

"Ms. Parks has fostered a community where students are motivated and have strong 
relationships with teachers." 

QjyQ^^I^ said, 

"I am now the third student in the Clapsis family to have known Ms. Parks. She has 
elevated Westwood to one of the best high schools in the state. She has done that, in 
part, by placing a lot of trust in students, and giving us a lot of freedom. For that, we 
are very appreciative." 

In nominating Ms. Parks for the yearbook dedication, a number of members of the 
class referred to Ms. Parks' speeches. Since the first of her speeches /heard I've 
been struck by her eloquence, but even more, by her messages. They often seemed 
simple, yet, speech after speech, her words never failed to resonate in my mind. 

8 Green Years 

In just a few words, Ms. Parks can get the right 
message across. After the presentation by the guest 
speaker for the pre-prom assembly, Ms. Parks stood up 
and simply said, 

"I want you to know that there are people who care 
about you." 

We didn't really need the whole hour assembly: we just 
needed to hear that. As always, she said exactly what 
we needed to hear. 

words. She said: 

ivliljlagrees with the power of Ms. Parks' 

"Ms. Parks has the most inspirational speeches. She 
knows exactly how to address us to get us to open our 
eyes to wonderful opportunities, and to better know 
what we hold." 

Her words keep us on track, and keep us dreaming of 
what's possible. 

Beyond her speeches, Ms. Parks encourages us in 
many ways. She has supported us as a group and as 
individuals. With her presence in school and at the 
events that matter to us, she lets us know she cares. 
Somehow Ms. Parks knows what interests each of us. 
When she passes us in the halls, she wishes us good 
luck on game day, says congratulations for a great 
meet the night before, or compliments us on the artwork 
exhibited in the hall. 

^^^^^^ and ^^^^^^^^said, 
"She always encourages us to keep up our music." 

Alex Jackson 

"She has always been a support. She is committed to 
keeping us true to WHS excellence." 


Alanna Leahy 

"Ms. Parks has been an amazing principal and is very 
involved and personable. She forms relationships with 
the students and has been part of the reason I had 
such a great four years." 

Thanks to Ms. Parks, we are positioned to walk through 
the doors of the next chapters of our lives -feeling less 
anxious, and more excited for the possibilities. 

^^^Q^^^^^n summed it up: 

"Ms. Parks deserves the dedication." 

Ms. Parks - 

You have created a positive environment in which we 
can pursue what we love, and achieve our best. 

You have inspired us with your caring and eloquent words. 

You have supported us as a community and as 

We sincerely thank you. 

The Dedication 9 

i.'fAsf 'V f 



■*■■ ■■' .. 



♦ ► 

4 V <V 


.4 4 




Ms. Cote Mr. Howard Mr. Renoni 

K-12 Director 

Ms. Goodloe Ms. Poreda 

METCO Director School Nurse 

Ms. Cataldo Officer Pindel Ms. Kelsch 

School Psychologist School Resource New Teacher Program 

Officer Coordinator 

Ms. Russell Mr. Bean Ms. Cable Ms. Frasca 

Science Chair 

Mr. Dore Ms. Chu 


Mr. Dolleman Ms. Donahue 

Mr. Geary Ms. Gibb Mr. Macuk Ms. Magee 

Ms. Furber Mr. McEachern Ms. Ricard Mr. Rocha 

















Colin Arnpriester 

Charlie Audi 

Jackie Audi 

Joshua Babbin 

Brianna Bates 

Jessica Berry 

•T^m >^ 



Jennifer Beggan 

Kara Belinsky 

Rachel Berluti 



K^ -^i 

1 ■ 


l^^ i 


^^r^ .^SVV^ 


jl ' J 






Kylle Blizzard 





Ariel Bornstein 

Arnett Bracy 

Vito Bruno 

Stephen Burke 

Nicole Chan 

Michael Cicerone Harry Clapsis 

Hannah Coffey 

Erin Curran 

James Curtin 

Samuel Cutler 




f \ 


Francesca DeBenedictis 

David DeCenzo 

Caitlin DeLorey 

John Delsignore 


Jessica Donovan 

Mary Doyle 

Brett Egizi 

Nicholas Elliot 

•*■-■ -''^V 



Kathryn Gilliland 

Kate Ginsberg 

Benjamin Glaser 

Joshua Goldberg 


^ 1 





Edward Han 

Jacqueline Henry 

Brett Hotter 

Shannon Hogan 

Tommy Hu 

Daquira Ingram 

Alexandra Jackson 

Louis Jacobs 

Matthew Jessup 

Eliza Kaplan 

Sydney Kaplan 

oophie Karpf 

Kateiyn Keane 

> .■ ' I ' 


'r • 

John Landry 

Nicole Lania 

Michael Lannum 

Robinson Law 

> ■ » /v • : 

k1 • 



Patrick Lyons 

Macston Maccow 

Elena Maimonis 

Jacqueline Martin 

Molly McLaughlin 

Alison McNulty 

Michael McNulty 

Ttiomas McNulty 

■■ 0"^ 

Conor Murphy 

Stephanie Murphy 

Erica Nagle 

Dylan Nanna 



Steven O'Leary 



m K^^ -^ 

I i 

m S *^^l 


1 A ^' - ^k 



Mary O'Sullivan 

Believe Opara 

Samuel Pease 

Ailyn Pestana 

Nicole Pettit 

Klaudia Pogace 

Sarah Polin 

•r^^v. ' • , :r.f.^'^. 

Conor Rogers 

Leigh Ronan 

Yalda Rostamneznao 

'7'.' -^ ' 

Adam Shipp 

Marina Shkuratov 

Hani Singer 

Patrick Singleton 

■2;\r\' ^ • .^ ^^n'; 

Amanda Thomas 

Christopher Treon 

John Troy 

■.■.;^.-7 ' ' 

.t * 



David Von Euw 

Kevin Walsh 

Patrick Walsh 

Cody Whalen 


No portrait available for: 
Alana Frangiosa 
Leah Lessard 
Andreas Nicolos 
Melissa Poche 
Kenneth Reismann 
Patrick Scannell 






i^M' /J 

/. •*? 














Tina Abijaoude Catherine Abraham Derm Ahigian Sarah Angelici Kimberly Antoine Emma Archambo Alexis Argiros 

Grayson Asmar Michael Bambini Sarah Bams Samantha Bartholomew Neeraj Basu Benjamin Beal Daniel Bonkowski 

Julia Bornstein Casey Bowler Enk Brakke Mollie Brown Christopher Burke Patnck Busa Sean Cabey 

Matthew Cannon Ryan Carey Chnstine Casavant Brianna Cataldo Elldi Chan 

Mariana Chiulli 

Jonathan Cloherty Christopher Colby Madeline Conway Madeleine Cooke Emma Cope-Flanagan Chnsta Cosenza Annie Craic 


Allison Cuccoli Joseph Cushman Brendan Dalton Nicholas Damren Katherine DeAngelis Conor Delaney Brian Delsignore 

Luke Devin Inva Doci Tracy Donlon Glen Donovan Elizabeth Dorsch James Drew Conor Duffy 


lit -J 

Jonathan Dullea Joseph Elkhoury Conor Emerson 

Lucy Fan Rebecca Farley Ryan Farrell Courtney Fay Daniel Feldman Sean Fitzgerald Andrew Fiumedora 


Llam Folan Ryan Foxx Caitlin Friel Nicole Gallagher Nicolle Garcia Matthew Gee Chad Giacchetio 

Gabnella Giugliano Albert Good Alyson Grealish Holly Griffin Katherine Groton Cor, 3 

(Matthew Haddad 

Kristine Kay Michael Keane Abigail Keaveney Samantha Keene 

Stephen Lesage Jingjuan Li Don Liang Christopher Lui Jennifer Lyons Lochlamn Macdonald Alyssa MacKinnon 



Justin Magnan Shane Maher Rebecca Malin Eril< Maloney Samuel Malonson Thomas Mandeville Gabriel Markanan 

Bryan Mci;.i", Madeline McDonald Richard McDonough Laura McHoul Scott McKenna Alexandra McLaughlin Brendan McLaughlin 

Dylan McManus Ryan McNulty Alexandra Mealey Nicholas Moin Stephen Mooncai Julie Moore Ryan Moujahed 


Siobhan Moylan Matthew Muellers Gregory Murray Kevin Nangeroni Samia Nassil Ryan Neville Sean Nocera 


MaryKathryn Norton Lydia O'Brien Molly O'Brien Sara O'Brien 

Sheila O'Sullivan Dorian Oberstein Thomas Ollerhead Anokh Palakurthi Michael Papianou Glenn Parsons Dhvani Patel 

Emily Paterson Sydney Petta Michael Phillips Alana Piccirilli Molly Powers Georgia Priestley Zoe Radnor 

Nima Rahimi Elizabeth Ralph Alanna Raskin Emileigh Rau Caitlin Reiliy Matthew Reissfelder Kate Rich 


Haley Richman Eric Rose Delaney Russell Griffin Ryan Sina Salehi Chrisanthe Salemis Knstina Saliba 


William Scarpa Kelly Sennott Reginald Selhna Elizabeth Shaw Molly Smith Nora Smith Melissa Solimme 

Derrick St. Hill Molly Stachowicz Santi Strickland Elizabeth Stuehr John Swartz Anthony Sweeney Jessica Sykcwski 

Eunpidls Tanery Nathaniel Teebagy Calla Tiben Melody Towne Elizabeth Trakas Keira Travers Theodore Treon 

Christopher Tso Julia Tucke Renaldo Tutulani Katherine Vanasse Jaclyn Ventura Alexa Verni Morgan Walker 


Joseph Walsh Richael Walsh Kyle Ward Bele Wanboko Lauren Werth Kyle White Valentina Wigozki 

AnnaWilhelm Soyer Wilson Nicholas Wisiaiko Ada Wong EhrenWong Alex Young Jenny Young 


James Zapcic David Zdonii' 

^ Wo portrait available lor: 
Patrick Bowe 
Kawika Deyab 
Andrew DiVincenzo 
Steven Ganem 
Olivia Gerzabek 
Kelsey Jenks 
la Sara Laughna 
Mitchell O'Brien 
Cyrus Sethna 
Maria Walsh 









- \i 


James Adamakis Ashley Adams Timothy Adams Asmani Adhav Nicholas Ad|ami Meghan Ahearn Jonathan Allegrezza 

Jonathan Anamateros Curtis Anderson Oia AngelWedt Nicholas Antonellis Rami Audi Rebecca Axworthy Nicholas Bambini 

Kristina Barounis Sarah Beggan Joshua Belinsky Eva Berberian Lucy Bergemann Alex Berluti 

Zachary Blum Hailey Boettger Julia Boettger Andrew Brodsky Daniella Brodsky Emma Buckle Jui,a Bjgeau-Heartt 

Eric Burgess Bridget Burke Marina Burke Daniel Calderone Benjamin Cautela Douglas Chin IrmaChiulli 

Edward Coffey Pathck Comer Jonathan Cooke [ylatthew Costello Geoffrey Cote Shannon Cotter Joh'- C-r 

Kayla Curran Nathan Daley Eva Daniels Austin DeAngelis Graydon DeCamp Kelley DeLorey Khadijah Desanges 




-J ^^iiiiii!^ ^^^1 





Samantha Diehl Amy Doherty Arev Doursounian Taline Doursounian 


Megan Ferren Bridgette Fiumedora Kimberly Flatley Allison Fleming Daniel Ford Christopher Frangieh Alexandra Frangiosa 

Alexandra Freedman Patrick Frodigh Diarmuid Gallagher Benjamin Gantert Julie Gardella Patrick Gardner Daniel Gavin 

JohnGebhard Andrew Gettings Christopher Gilman Xiaolun Guo Emily Haddad Areg Hakhinian Kelly Hanlon 


2ri ■l,'i.i_. 

Ebru Hazar Katherine Healy Christian Heidelberger Jennifer Hichar Matthew Hoffer Kaitiyn Hogan Kimberly Huang 


Christopher Hunter Patncl< Hutchinson Fand llupeju Christopher Irvine Jacl< Jardin Brandon Jarva Steven Kane 


I VW \<i(l5TQi» 

Danielle Kaplan Julia Kaplan Philip Keenan Meghan Kelly William Kenney Samantha Kitchen Jacqueline Kouri 



Elizabeth Loftus Stephanie Lombard Kevin Long 

Forest Lovett Anthony Luo Matthew Lynch Stephanie Mace 

Bryn MacGiliivray Brool<e Magliozzi Aleena Malcolm Sally Mansour Matthew Masi-Pheips Viveka Mastandrea Charame Matthias 

David McDonald Jacqueline McDonald Anthony McGuire Robert McLaughlin Kailey McLeod Joseph McNamara Casey McQuillan 

Kathenne Murphy Kelly Murray 

Tiantha Muzzi Matthew Nagle Nabil Nakhoul 

Patrick Nanna Sarah Nassif Katharine Nedder Colin Neville 

Monica Norris Connor Bnen Shamus O'Brien Mark O'Connor Stephanie Connor John O'Leary Lauren Ollerhead 

Elizabeth Orsini Noah Ouellette Jessica Ovalle Kayla Parker Carter Peckinpaugh Matthew Pellegrini Jonathan Pelosi 

Treshon Perry Robert Persons Lisa Peine Zachary Phelps Caroline Pidgeon 

Zachary Piscitelli Kaitlin Plecinoga Abbey Power 

Yu Qiao Arun Rangarajan 

William Reissfelder Rebecca Rice Brandon Rodenbush Miles Rossetti Mina Rowe Alexander Rudi Chnstopher Ruggiero 


Jacqueline Ryan Maria Salami Michael Santisi Larissa Sattler Adam Sawyer Jonathan Sayah Laura Shea 

Andrea SimI Leah Singleton Haley Smith Olivia Smith Chloe Snyder Kiernan Somers Lauren Sorrell-Ward 

Lillian Sleeves Heather Sullivan John Sullivan Nadine Taghian Costas Toubekis Michael Tracey Julia Tuccen 

Claire Underhill Michael Venti Anana Ventola Alyssa Verzino Erica Vincent 

Melanie Walsh Jacqueline Whalen Trade Winn 

Kyle Wise 

Brandon Wong 

Ai-Yu Zhang 

No portrait available for 

Shawna Drew 

Margaret Holler 

Jeffrey Maloof 

Aislinn Rodnguez 

- >-y ' 



■■' J 


/\ % 


^ y^ 

Antony Abi-Elias Christine Abijaoude Sarah AngelWedt Evan April 

Allison Anes William Arnold 

Marina Bates Robert Berluti Kendall Blizzard Katharine Blue Michaela Blum Anthony Bonanno Robert Brennan 


Timothy Brodrick Samantha Brool<s Siobhan Burl<e Brendan Cabey Jenna Caidwell Paul Calobnsi James Games 

Caitlin Cassidy Bella Chnstopherson Edmund Cianciarulo Erin Clancy Hilary Cochran Amariliz Colon Celia Condnck 

Andrew Dawson Charles DeAngelis Ian Delaney Ryan DeMannis Cameron Demoura Daniel DeVoy Pierce Dierker 

Stephen Erickson Olivia Fay Adriana Federico Andrew Feeney Jennifer Feldman Oryanna Ferguson Matthew Feyler 


Meghan Filbin Phoebe Fitzgibbon John Foley Vasllikie Frangiadakis James Galvin Sean Geary Olivia Giannakopoulos 

Robert Greeley Jacob Greenberg Alexander Griffiths Abigail Groton Jarred Hamerski Jackson Harrington Steven Harrington 

Maxwell Hasenauer Robert Haugfin Jr. Jonatfian Hawes Ela Hazar Kelly Healey Mackenzi Henderson Trevor Holbrook 

Katfileen Horsfall Justin Hui 

Lauren Hurley Keisi Ikonomi Faridat llupeju Molly Isberg Margaret James 

Heather Jeong Celia Johnston Zoe Jordanides Kasey Keane Edward Kelly 

Seymour Laing 

Ryan Lannum 

Steven Lannum Natasha Laudano Dean Laughter Fredella Lee 

Mary Claire Leone Alexander Us Alexander Lo Matthew Lo Callie Lupica McKenna Lupica Andrew Macklewicz 


Sophia Malonson Nisoyns Martinez Andrea Masi-Phelps Maxximillian McCabe ^_.:' . a McCann Grace McDonald Corey McDonough 

Madeline McKeown Caroline McLaughlin Catherine McLaughlin Chhstopher McMahon Matthew McMahon Melissa McManus Scott McManus 

Conor McNabb Kathleen McWatters Su.j'n.t l.leincke Elizabeth Messineo Chandler Middleton ;.1:r;a,;o Kayla Moore 

Noel Plourde Caroline Porter Kelly Porter Madeline Radnor TInomas Radonict: Jessica Ralph Meghan Raskin 

' I 

Christine Regan Erin Reiily Alexandra Reissfelder Daniel Roache Caroline Rogers Anthony Salami Jake Salvatore 

Katherine Santisi Charyanna Sanz Perdomo Victoria Sayeg Anthony Scarpa Lorenzo Sevi Shivam Sharma Scott Sheets 

James Terzian Linnea Thomas Sara Thomas Collin Timmerman Khstjana Tutulani Jalia Tyler Sarah Van Wagenen 

I',- V- 


l-^** i ' 



Legislative Council is comprised of elected representatives of 
each grade and tfie faculty. Members fiave an important role 
to play in maintaining and improving the school community. The 
Council reviews Student Handbook policies and proposes changes or 
additions to it. Some proposals come from the Council members and 
others are brought by members on behalf of their constituents. Pro- 
posals that pass in Council must be approved by the Administration 
to become part of the WfHS Constitution. Proposals debated this year 
include: junior/senior privileges, use of music players in free blocks, 
and the change of credits required for students to participate in extra- 
curricular activities. 

Leaislative Council 

^iy ; n,OW (L-R): Steven Harrington. Tyler Cook. Jake Greenberg. Julia Bugeau-Heartt. Ms. Gabriei 
I^ianey Russell. Noati Ouellene, Ctiioe Snyder BACK ROW: Erik Maloney. Ms. Maloney. Mr. McEache- 
"dfiey Pease. Will Spear. Jake Indursky. Shayan Salam. Marina Shkuratov. Stiane Troy. Andrew Brods- . 
Chns Lui. Mr. Fanning NOT PICTURED: Brian Delsignore, Jackson tiarringgton. Zoe Jordanides. Me ; 
Kelly, Jonathan Anamateros. Jing Li. Molly McLaughlin. Mr. Kelly. Ms. Higgins. Ms. Magee. Mr. Shurr : 
Ms Testa, Ms. Witzburq M' or.rr.„„-.r,r.„ Us. Sharry, Ms. Gates 

Student Council is comprised of a group of students from each 
grade who invest time and creativity energy into planning the 
school's social agenda. The Councils primary function is to 
organize and execute school events aimed at raising school pride and 
school spirit. Some of this year's Student Council activities include: the 
Halloween costume contest: the fall pep rally featuring Step Team and a 
tug-of-war between seniors and faculty: the Neon Dance: and the sphng 
Talent Show. 


FRONT ROW iL-R;: Matt Levine. Mary OSullivan. Shauna Wassmus. McKenna Ljpica MIDDLE 
ROW: Heather Sullivan. Shannon Hogan, Nicky Pettit. Alison Campion. Ms, Lawless. Ms Rosengarer 
BACK ROW: Joe Cushman, Scott McKenna. Joe Lally. Chris Buri(e NOT PICTURED: Faridat llupeju 
Lan Ngo. Nick Webtier. Will Arnold. Nick Anionellis, Nicholas Adjami. Nathan Daley, Jing Li, Ullas Rao 
Dave Von Euw, Kyle Fedorowicz 

74 Green Years 

(L R): Harley Pease, President, Maggie James, Secretary, Sammy Brooks 
Vice President, Sinead Walsh, Treasurer 

Clubs 75 

Spanish Club 

The purpose ol Spanish Club is to celebrate Spanish 
speaking culture, language and people. Most meetings 
consist ol eating, dancing, and exploring Spanish and La- 
tino culture, which is both fun and informative. In addition 
to the fun activities in school, the club has many outings, 
such as restaurant excursions. This year the group trav- 
eled to Boston to view a Spanish film festival and then, had 
a Spanish film festival of their own. In the spring Spanish 
Club members participated in the Scooper Bowl, run by 
the Jimmy Fund, for whom they'd raised money earlier in 
the year. This year a new activity for the club was Skyp- 
ing with students from [Mexico and Spam. Generally, the 
group helps its members explore other cultures and feel 
more connected to the language they are learning. This 
club means a lot to its members. They love the atmosphere 
and the fun things in this club. "Viva Espanal" 

FRONT ROW iL-R) Annie Craig, Molly O'Brien, Kaitlin Plecinoga, Mana Munar, Holly Griffin, Emily 
Palerson, Calla Tiben, Camille Harnnglon, Jackie Koun, Riley Cacfielin MIDDLE ROW: Srta. Tesla. 
Catherine Leonard. Andrea Simi, Nicole Chan, Keelin Henderson, Jackie Henry, Elise Harrington, Karia 
Bachiller, Siobhan Burke BACK ROW: Mana Salami, Mina Rowe, Ari Ventola. Jenna Launie, Melame 
Zakha, Jessica Ralph, Celia Johnston Not Pictured Bele Wanboko 

The purpose of this club is to have fun doing math and 
to compete with fellow math-lovers from Westwood and 
other communities at Math Meets. Math Team pushes 
students to understand math on a deeper level. Typically 
at meetings members do practice round problems, then 
Mr. Baylor goes through the problems with them. Club 
members are from different grades and levels of math 
experience. The meetings are typically really relaxed and 
often involve candy and prizes 
for correct answers! Students 
improve mathematical knowl- 
edge and understanding and 
try their best in competitions. 
In the words ol one WHS 
mathlete, "You can never know 
everything, but we try." 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Caitlin Cassidy. Enca Oh, Manna Shkuralov BACK ROW Mr Baylor, Thomas 
McNulty, Tommy Hu. Kenneth Long, Chnstopher Tso. Edward Han 

76 Green Years 

Key Club's focus is community service. The Key Club, which is a national 
organization, is known for helping the communities around which each chap- 
ter is centered. It encourages its members to do at least 30 hours of service 
a year. This year the Westwood Key Club strived to expand volunteer op- 
portunities for the club and its individual members. (Members brainstormed 
service ideas and tried to expand the reach of their time and energy. This 
year, the group organized a food drive, collecting non-penshable food dona- 
tions, to benefit families in need during the winter holiday season. In Febru- 
ary, the club sold Valentine carnations to raised money for the Alzheimer's 
Foundation. They also participated in various fund raising and awareness 
raising walks, such as the Walk for Diabetes in Boston. Key Club promotes 
volunteerism and gets people involved in community service, which is both 
enjoyable and meaningful. 

Friendship Club 

FPON" =;.,■, _■- ^ :d'; Cochfan. Caitlin Adamakis. Karla Bachiller. Erica Nagle. Dhvam Patel 
BACK ROW Jessica Sykowski, Tracie Winn. Angela Wickett. Keelin Henderson. Eva Daniels. 
Kaitlin Hogan, Jon Sayah 

Friendship Club is a collaboration between WW High 

School and the TEC class. It provides opportunities for 

members to develop new friendships and have fun in 

the process. Typically dunng a meeting, members go 

out to the field and play catch with a football, go to the 

gym to play basketball, play board games in the room. 

and just have an overall good time. 

Every year, the goal for the club is 

to make sure that everyone has 

fun. The members take part in this 

club because they like it and enjoy 

spending their time there. In that 

sense, they accomplish their goal 

every time they meet. One senior 

member of the club said. "Give 

Fnendship Club a chance, and you 

won t regret it." 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Will Marlel. Daniel Machl. Michael Santiago. Thomas Hanley. Ben Martel. Gillian 
Hutt. Lori McTernan. Bella Chnslopherson, Juliana Barounis. Samaniha Jantaza, Hannah Orcuti: 
BACK ROW: Patrick Albert, Emily Kirstein. Yona Hamill. Cory Krakowsky, Jonathan Harper. Connor 
Beatty, Jake Ljpica, Andrew Fiumedora. John Khan, Brendan Dalton, Shane Troy, Adam Shipp, Brian 
Richardson, Carol Han, Molly Wolt, Sebastian Lis, Matthew Cannon, Mike Papianou 


Clubs 77 


78 Green Years 

W^imce Tea 

The Science Team is worl<s hard to win its monthly com- j 
petitions against nearby schools. Members each study 
and prepare for their chosen event, and their knowledge 
is then put to the test. During competitions, students try 
there hardest to win in their events. Every year, they 
strive to improve their performances at the science 
meets and get a better ranl<ing than the previous years'. 
Over the years, the Science Team has consistently im- 
proved and this year they got 1 3th place in the Olympiad, 
a feat never before achieved. Science Team members 
join the club because they want to challenge themselves 
and they want to get to know people who share their in- 

FRONT ROW IL-R) Patrick Sleight, Eliza Kaplan, Leah Schroeder. Mary OSullivan 
BACK ROW: Mr Shuman, Jason Deliflannis. P.J- Cook. Marina Schkuratov. Amanda Thomas, Shane 
Troy, Harry Clapsis, Kyle Menyhed, Steven McCarthy, A.J, Sadler NOT PICTURED: Jake Indursky, 
Will Spear, Anthony Antonellis. Ailyn Pestana 

Clubs 79 

Honor Society 


Iaiional Honor Society is a national organization that 
recognizes students for their scholarship, leadership, 
character, and service. At Westwood High School, 
students are invited to apply if they have a weighted GPA of 
3.5 or higher, and if they exhibit the four core values of NHS. 
Each member of NHS is expected to complete forty hours 
of community service. Some of the hours are completed 
as a group and some are done individually. This year NHS 
sponsored the annual Red Cross Blood Drive and organized 
a can and bottle drive. Dr. Zarrow was the invited faculty 
speaker lor the annual induction ceremony this April. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Anne Lally. Charlie Audi, Shannon Hogan. A.J. Sadier. Eliza Kaplan. Ellen Kunkel. Elena Maimonis. Riiey Cachelin. Shayan Salam SECOND ROW. 
Believe Opara. Michael Lannum. Samaniha Liu. Erin Curran. Melanie Zahka. Lucie liflonlgomery. Arranda Thomas. Erica Sweeney. Leah Schroeder. Mary Sullivan. Ailyn 
Peslana, Klaudia Pogace THIRD ROW: Ullas Rao, Thomas McNully, Tommy Hu. Edward Han. Ham Singer. Kenneth Long. Kyle Menyhert. Jessica Donovan. Josh Goldberg. 
John Delsignore. Myles IVIcDonough. Kevin Sennott FOURTH ROW: Megan Porler. Nicole Moyian. Alanna Leahy. Enn O'Connor. Jessica Burns. Pal Masi-Phelps. Mike 
McNully. Bretl Hotter. Kylie Blizzard, lulolly McLaughlin. Rachel Berluti. Kalie Ginsberg. Sophie KarpI FIFTH ROW: Sammy Pease. Shane Troy. Jacqueline Martin. Manna 
Shkuralov, Keelin Henderson. Alison McNulty. Nicole Chan, Francesca DeBenediclis, Christina Koutris, Alison Campion, Sydney Kaplan BACK ROW: Kalhryn Gillaland, 
Nicole Lania. Josh Babbin. Pal Sleighl. Greg Keene. Jamie Conner. Harry Clapsis. Anthony Antonellis. Jake Indursky NOT PICTURED: Kara Belinsky. Sarah Biron. Stephen 
Campion, Samuel Culler. Caillin Delorey. Ani Derderian. Callee Donovan. Kyle Fedorowicz. Alexandra Jackson. Bnanna King, Ashley Little)ohn, Steven McCarthy, Patrick 
O'Donnell, William Spear. Kelley Steeves. 

80 Green Years 


Clubs 81 

Jazz Band is an extracurricular activity that meets one 
night every week. It is a selective band, for which 
members must audition to be accepted. Led by Ms. 
Labedz, students perform rock. jazz, funk and other popular 
music genres. This year they performed at both the spring 
and winter concerts. Two of their most popular songs are 
"Honk." and the contemporary swing tune "Zoot Suit Riot'. 
Additionally. Jazz Band performed at Encounters with the 
Arts, and in Philadelphia, at Hershey Park. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Chris Tso, Sammy Pease. Alison Campion, Stephen Campion. Elidi Chan 
MIDDLE ROW Ed Han. Chris Lui. Alison t^cNulty. Keelin Henderson. Erin Curran. Will Spear, 
Ms Labedz BACK ROW; Conor Emerson, Eril< Brakke, Hayley Lim. Nick Elliot, Conor Dutfy, Ben 
Ganlert. Harley Pease, Nathaniel Teebagy, Rebecca Malin, Ham Singer 

82 Green Years 

Passing Notes 

Passing Notes is an a capella (without musical ac- 
companiment) group which is an extension of the 
chorus class offered in school. Its members are pas- 
sionate about singing and invest a lot of time into re- 
hearsing interesting, often complex, arrangements of 
contemporary songs. Passings Notes members push 
themselves to improve. They compare and contrast 
their performances by using technology to listening to 
other musicians' renditions of the same song. Passing 
Notes performs at school concerts. Encounters with the 
Arts, and other community events. This year the club 
achieved one of its goals by doubling the number of its 
members from the previous year. 

\i tm 

FRONT ROW (L-R|: Kathenne Santisi. Claire UnderhiU, Alex Jackson, Elise Blanchard. Sophia Malonson 
BACK ROW: l^r Renoni, Leanne Murray, Annie Murray, Kathanne Nedder. Lucie Montgomery, Ben 
Beal, Justin Magnan, Steven Kane, Mike VentI, Nick AdjamI, Becky Mailn 

I^^Htei-* I 

' 1 

Ir iii^^-^ 



"he members of Westwood Ambassadors represent 
the WHS community by welcoming and assisting 
new students, by acting as role models to the 8th 
graders and assisting them with plans as they transition 
to high school. The Ambassadors visited Thurston Middle 
School in February to help the future freshmen with their 
course selection. In June, the Ambassadors gave the 8th 
graders tours of the high school and helped them locate 
their Summer Reading Groups. Throughout the year, as 
new students join the WHS community, the Ambassadors 
plan activities to make them feel welcome. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Gabbie Giugliano, Alyson Grealish MIDDLE ROW Leati Singleton, Kathenne 
Loiacono, Jackie Kouri, Andrea Simi, Catherine Leonard, Karla Bachiller, Kaitlin Hogan BACK ROW; 
Chad Giacchetto, Rachel Masotta, All Mealey, Lee Hattieid, Annie Husted, Stephanie Mace, 
Julia Tuccen, Sebastian Lis 

Clubs 83 

The Anime Club has fun exploring and shanng anime. which is a Japanese form of car- 
toon. Anime spans many genres, from silly romantic comedies, to fantasy adventures, 
to high-tech science fiction, t^uch of anime deals with "real-life" topics and complex 
relationships between characters. At Anime Clubs Friday meetings, members look 
at anime publications, draw anime characters and view Japanese shows or popular 
movies. The growing club's goal lor this year was to further enlighten and expose the 
members to the Japanese culture. Every year Anime Club members take a tnp to the 
Boston Anime Convention, one of the largest in the Northeast area, where participants 
dress up as their favorite anime character and celebrate all things anime! 



1 »!^^/C «* 

' fti-ii 

FRONT ROW (L-R). Sabrina Farley, Leanne l^urray, Rebecca Rice, Allison Black, Jenny Young, Julian Zamu- 
dio Kathryn Gilliland. Becky Farley BACK ROW; Sasha Slone. Haley Smith, Rebecca Axworttiy, Samaniha 
Muzzi, Taline Doursounian, Matthew Muellers, Dorian Oberstem Thomas Mandeville, Ehren Wong 

- -i 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Carol Han, Bella Chrislopherson, Nevin Dizari, Jing Li, Manna Shkuratov. Artem 
Shkuratov, Sean Mula BACK ROW: Alex Young. Bele Wanboko, Edward Kelly, Lan Ngo, Enca Oh 

FRONT ROW (LP' r '•-_:; ■■- ■:- vame Matthias, Natasha Luando. Nisoyns Martinez 
BACK ROW; Macston Maccow, Oryanna Ferguson, Timothy Adams, Karma Cruz, Julian Zamudio. 
Kimberly Huang, Alex Young 

Film enthusiasts founded the Movie Club this year to share 
their enjoyment of watching movies. They watched a range 
of films from various time periods and genres, including 
Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" and the recent animated hit. 
"Kung Foo Panda". In addition to viewing the films, club 
members react to and talk about the movies they watch 
and have general discussions about film, such as how film 
genres have changed as our society has changed. 

FRONT ROW: Sophie KarpI MIDDLE ROW |L-R): Shayan Salam, Alison Campion, Dam Kessler, 
Alison McNulty. Kate Grolon BACK ROW: Kevin Sennott. Leah Schroeder. Melanie Zahka 


86 Green Years 



Ping Pong 

Clubs 87 

Dance Team., a 

The Dance team choreographs dance pieces and 
performs them at a variety of events throughout 
the year, including the fall Pep Rally, the spring 
Talent Show, and many basketball games. Their 
dances combine several different styles, includ- 
ing jazz, hip-hop. modern, and step. The team 
meets weekly to learn and practice their routines 
and to generally hang out and have fun. Before 
performances their rehearsals become more 
intense and they work on refining each move. 
Since members have diverse backgrounds and 
levels of experience with dance, they learn a lot 
from one another. 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Carina Wong, Lisa Peine. Viveka Mastandrea. Amanliz Colon MIDDLE ROW: 
Katharine Nedder. Allison Aries. Nicole tMakhoul. Vasilikie Frangiadakis. Caitlyn Moore, Kimberly 
Huang. Julia Ellis BACK ROW: Alex Young. Don Liang, Julian Zamudio, Nick Adjami 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Eliza Kaplan. Ellen Kunkel. Emily Palerson. Lucy Fan. Dhvani Palel BACK ROW: 
Jackie Ventura. Tracie Winn, Chnssy Casavani, Jackie Audi 

88 Green Years 

In Latin Club members 
study the ancient world. 
During meetings mem- 
bers have discussions and 
debates on broad topics 
like medicine in the ancient 
world, Latin mottos on mod- 
ern coins, and the accuracy 
of Latin spells in Harry Pot- 
ter. They try to gain further 
knowledge of t\^editerranean 
customs and cultural nu- 
ances. This year Collegivum 
Latinvm members traveled to Boston to see an intense 
performance of "Ajax" by Sophocles, an ancient Greek 
tragedian. The whimsical atmosphere of the club attracts 
a diverse group of students, both students who take Latin 
class and those who don't. 

FRONT ROV(/ (L-R): Kimberly Huang. Emily Palerson. Madeleine Cooke. Alexis Argiros. MIDDLE 

ROW; Annie Craig BACK ROW; Dr. Zarrow. Lochlain Macdonald. Zach Piscilelli. Matt Muellers. 

Samaniha Bartholomew. Dan Bonkowski Not Pictured: Morgan Walker, Aly Grealish, Lizzie Trakas 

Clubs 89 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Steven Harrington, Sean Geary, Stephen Whelan, Max Hasenauer SECOND 
ROW; Ben Cautela. Jamil Fares, P,J, Keenan, Areg Haktiiman THIRD ROW: Thomas McNulty, Ehren 
Wong, Kenneth Long, Neerai Basu FOURTH ROW: Tommy Hu, P J. Cook, Joe Elkhoury BACK ROW: 
Stephen Campion. Matthew Muellers, Thorras Coslello 

90 Green Years 



1 1 

, TV^»-^3fJ^ 



1 i 








c^mmm-^^ wt" n 



(.■^A (■,'^\ ^\. ^^IhIHb 


'jtk- « 


. i 





The Gay Straight Alliance promotes acceptance and equal rights 
for the GLBTQ (Gay/ Lesbian/ Bisexual/ Transsexual/ Question- 
ing) community. During their weekly meetings, they discuss is- 
sues and plan activities and events. Early in the yeaf the mem- 
bers of the club made buttons, ribbons, posters, and shirts for 
the annual Ally Week. In October, as part of a national movement, 
GSA invited the WHS community to wear purple in remembrance 
of the LGBTQ youth who have died by suicide 
and to show our solidarity against bullying 
and harassment. In the spring GSA organized 
the Day of Silence, during which students 
volunteered to be silent for the whole school 
day as representation of the void and pain 
created when individuals feel forced to keep 
quiet about who they really are. Addition- 
ally, GSA members participated in area Youth 
Pride events. GSA aims to provide a happy 
and safe environment for everyone. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Riley Cactielin, Rebecca Axworthy, Samantha Muzzi, Rebecca Rice, Becky Farley, 
Sasha Stone, Melody Towne, Ms Lee, Ms. OeLeon MIDDLE ROW: Ms. Witzburg (Adviserl, Ms Bergiel, 
Ms Matteson, Ms. Goldstein, Ms. Percy, Ms Hanlon, Ms. Furber, Mr. Keane. Mr McGunagle, Ms, Houston 
BACK ROW; Ms, Renlranz, Matthew Muellers, Thomas Mandeville, Dr. Zarrow, Mr. Houston, Mr. Sherr, 
Mr, McEachern, Mr. Kelly Not pictured: Dorian Oberstein, Allison Black 

Clubs 91 

FRONTRC. ^- '.' Scarry. Enca Oh. Pal Masi-Phelps. Shayan Salam. Jake Indursky, 
Will Spear Jake Lupica Mr Dolleman 

Academic Decathlon 

Members of Academic Decathlon compete against 
teams from across ttie stale, drawing on their knowl- 
edge ol a wide range of topics from art and music, to 
history and science. The club prepares for competition 
in a vanety of ways including taking tests, listening to 
lectures, reading passages, watching videos, or listen- 
ing to soundtracks. At competitions, in addition to re- 
sponding to standard test format questions, students 
compete in speech and inten/iew categones. The goal 
this year was to make it to States, which the club did 
(and look at all the hardware they took home)' 

FRONT ROW (L-R|: Alex Young. Don Liang. Jacky Martin. Marina Shkuralov. Julian Zamudio. 
Mr. Dore. Kimberly Huang. Sabrina Farley 

92 Green Years 

Junior Literary Clu 


Each term students of the Junior Literary Club 
read a critically acclaimed book, then meet for 
one afternoon to discuss it in a relaxed environ- 
ment. The bool< club is an extension of the literary 
analysis that students do in English classes and was 
formed to foster a love of reading. This year the club 
chose books that would provide readers with unusual 
and different points of view. Two of the selections 
were, The Book Thief by f^arcus Zusak and Extremely 
Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. 
The club presents an open forum for students and 
encourages them to share their opinions on the wide 
range of topics that come up in response to what 
they've read. 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Ivis Brackman, Annie Craig, Madeleine Cooke, Emily Peterson, Jackie Ventura 
BACK ROW: Dam Kessler, Ben Beal, Caitlin Reilly. Ctinssy CasavanI, Lucy Fan Nol Pictured: Bele 
Wanboko, t^icholas Damren, Dhvani Palel, Justin Magnan 

Peer tvlediation aims to reinforce positive relationships 
and reduce conflict amongst students at WHS. Members 
are 9th through 12th graders who are selected through 
and application and interview process. The primary role 
of the group is to be impartial mediators whenever two or 
more students have conflicts with each other, therefore 
many of their meetings focus on team-building activities 
and learning and improving mediating skills. This year 
the club aimed to broaden its impact in the community 
beyond the resolution of conflicts. They developed pro- 
grams to help prevent conflicts, such as Freshman Semi- 
nars in which the Peer fvlediators led discussions about 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Emily McGrail. Alex Gnftiths, Elena Maimonis, Angela Wickett MIDDLE ROW: Jack Jardin, Julia 
Tucke, Brianna Calaldo, Julia Kaplan, Tina Wigozki, Margarel Holler. Knstina Barounis, Kelly Sennott BACK ROW: 
David DeCenzo, David Von Euw, Patrick Singleton, Lucie Montgomery, Carol Han, Caitlin Reilly, Daniel Roactie, 
Harry Clapsis, Samuel Cutler, Ms, Calaldo, Ms, Higgins 

>V /'. 

94 Green Years 

FIRST ROW (L-R): Klaudia Pogace. Bev Kwong. Ailyn Peslana (Managing Editor), Andrea Winn SECOND ROW; Jessica Ovalle, 
Arev Doursounian. Tracie Winn, Caitlin Cassidy. Julia Kaplan, Catherine Leonard, An Ventola, Celia Jotinston, Karia Bactiiller, Ms, Houston 
THIRD ROW: Ada Wong, Jackie Kouri, Julian Zamudio, Brooke Magliozzi, Lucy Fan, Sara Thomas, Izzy Donabed. Dhvani Pate! 
BACK ROW: Renee Pisano, Claire Underhili, Maria Munar. Bele Wariboko 




Pink & Green FACEOFF for 

on this November evening. 



■■ h' 

I 1. 

Diversity Da 

myeuiucu uivciaily vvocK, 

were many activities to celebrate ttie different cultural 
backgrounds of our student body. During one afternoon, 
students set up boottis in the auditorium lobby to share as- 
pects of their heritage. The varied exhibits featured things 
such as traditional costumes, music, ceremonial objects, 
toys, and samples of written language. 




i ■ 




'1. ■ 






Describe a typical practice. We start off with a game of Ninja 
Assassins while we wait for our coach. When he gets there we 
warm up, play small possession games and shooting drills, then 
we sprint and finish with fitness. 

Activities the team loves? We love the practices after wins 
because we play soccer-tennis. 

Activities the team dreads? No one lil<es to sprint, so every- 
one dreads Wednesday practices that are focused on fitness. 
Team Bonding Activities? Ninja Assassins, volleyball, pasta 
dinners, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, & shed hopping. 
What does Game Day feel like? We usually have a pasta din- 
ner the night before and then do a spirit day to get psyched up. 
We listen to music on the bus so we don't get too nervous. 
What are the routines before your games? We have a 
specific pre-game warm up routine with our warm-up CD and 
we have our team huddle, slow clap, and cheer. 
Do any individuals on the team have their own pre-game 
routines? Yes, lots of people have special handshakes and our 
defense has a group "mental" preparation. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. A 
turning point in our season was when we came back from a 
2-0 deficit against Hopkinton, in the pouring rain and mud, to tie 
2-2 in the last four minutes. Our last game was also memorable 
because we came back from being down 3-2 against Medway 
and won 4-3 on their senior night to end the season on a win. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? Don t ever 
take the season for granted and never assume you have some- 
thing - keep working until you get it. 
Team song? The seniors' Tacky Tuesday Song 
Lucky charm? Visiting the Barn of Dreams 
What does receiving a Varsity Letter mean to you? Its a 
physical representation of individual determination and a dedica- 
tion to the team. 

Seniors, what will you miss the most? Our teammates, "disso- 
nance", Barn of Dreams, and all of the fun things we did together 

.NT ROW (L-R| Shannon Hogan, Kara Belinsky. Emily McGrail. Mary O'Sullivan, Alison Campion. 
I Alison McNulty. Chnstina Koulns MIDDLE ROW: Laura McHoul. Meghan Kelly. Stephanie Mace. Kristina 
Saliba. MaryKale Nolon. Caitlin Reilly. Samaniha Kitchen, Nadine Taghian. Marina Burke BACK ROW' 
Emily Haddad. Ebru Hazar. Shelia O'Sullivan. Richael Walsh. Alyson Grealish. Cathenne Abraham 


^s. r 




FRONT ROW (L-R| Kendall Blizzard. Kaitlin Plecinoga, Leah Singleton. Kim Egizi, McKenna Lupica. 
Andrea Simi. Kat Molchan BACK ROW: Ms. Davenport. Chloe Snyder. Julia Tuccen. Eva Daniels, 
Kelly Porter, Maddie Radner. Ela Hazar. Sarah Beggan, Megan Ferren. Lyndsay Giroux, Fiona 
Moylan, Nicolle Garcia, Lauren Ollerhead NOT PICTURED Tara Zaiar, Abbey Power 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Cara Parsons. Asmani Adhav. Callie Lupica. Sinead Walsh. Meghan Raskin. 
Kiley Ward. Jackie Whalen. Phoebe Fitzgibbon. Allison Black. Katie Horslall BACK ROW: Olivia 
Giannakopoulos. Molly Isberg. Alex Reissfelder, Erin Clancy, Bridgette Fiumedora, Hailey Boettger, 
Celia Condnck, Melissa McManus, Shannon Stivaletta, Jenna Morgan, Coach Wilkinson 
NOT PICTURED: Suzanne Meincke, Enn Reilly 

What is a typical practice like? We do box & ladder drills, 
sprints, and formation drills 

Activities the team loves? Shooting drills, scrimmages, and 
PK kicl<s 

Activities the team dreads? Box & ladder and circle-drill 
Team Bonding Activities? Breakfast at Murph's and Mug & 
Muffins, and chipping Feldman 

What are the routines before the game? The usual pre- 
game activities are playing the pump-up CD, using noise-can- 
celling headphones, and listening to "Bohemian Rhapsody". 
Do any individuals on the team have their own pre-game 
routines? ND has an unrevealed routine. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. When 
Jonathan Harper scored the winning goal from the 40-yard line, 
in our home game against Medway 
What are your favorite memories about the season? 
Story time and McDonald's 

Do you have a team song? "Can't Stop the Rain" by 
Kropp Circle 

What is your lucky charm? Franco 
Tell us about your ideas for spirit days. 
ND suggested pink and your favorite jersey Jake always sug- 
gested we go naked (and got shot down). Shane usually wanted 
boat shoes and a polo. Cory came up with the referee idea, and 
Harper wanted everyone to wear white jerseys. 
Seniors, what will you miss the most? Shane Troy: I will 
really miss being on the team. There will be no more deet circles 
with Harper, no more 7 a.m. Sunday practices, and no more 
"classy" ND moments. We'll all miss our teammates in the up 
coming years. 

M.V.P. Jake Drew 

Unsung Hero Jake Lupica 


'..fir ffllBK. ^ 

Tell us about golf practice. During the season we have two or 
three matches a week and we play on our own on the weekends. We 
don't have typical practices because we aren't always able to book 
courses. A lot of our preparation is done over the summer. 
Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? Or 
dreads? At the end of the season, we really got into alternate-shot 
matches. Players compete in pairs and take turns hitting the next 
shot, so players rely on their teammates. You hate it or love it based 
on how you and your partner play 

Describe a team-bonding activity. We usually eat as a team after 
each match. We would sometimes eat at the Norfolk clubhouse dur- 
ing our home matches. It brought the team closer together 
Where do you get ideas for spirit days? John Gebhard's closet. 
What does the day of a match feel like? Most matches don't 
stress us out. but really important rounds can make you nervous. 
Match day is best spent trying to stay calm and prepared. The only 
difference at school on match day is that underclassmen have to lug 
their bags into homeroom and to the van. They hate that. 
What are the routines for pre-match? Coach Gillis calls us into 
the clubhouse, gives us tips for dealing with the course conditions, 
and tells us what type of round we should shoot for After a rousing 
speech from freshman Ned Kelly we're ready to go. 
Do any individuals on the team have pre-game rituals? Adam 
Sawyer likes to stay loose before the match so he does a little cardio. 
He runs out on the course and touches every flagstick before return- 
ing to the putting green, limber and loose. 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? Pat Frodigh's shiny footwear 
Describe the most memorable match of the season. Our first match 
was memorable because we beat the reigning TVL champs, Holliston. 
What's your favorite memory about the season? My favorite mem- 
ory of the season was the first annual alternate-shot tournament at the 
end of the season. Usually when we golf as a team, it's tense because 
everyone is trying to win their match, but during the tournament, we just 
went out to enjoy a round of golf and have a good time. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen for next season? 
Work hard over the summer and come into the season prepared to 
compete for the top spot, no matter who you are. 
What does receiving a Varsity Letter mean to you? It means a lot; 
I really enjoyed representing Westwood at one of my favorite sports. 

FRONT ROW (L-R|: Adam Sawyer. Mike Kress, John Delsignore, Eric Burgess, Edward Kelly, David 
Dnscoll BACK ROW: Coach Giliis. Steven Jarva, John Gebhard, Patrick Frodigh, Patrick Singleton, 
Rob Law, C-J. Hunter 

FRONT ROW iL-R) Hilary Cochran, Brian Delsignore Alex Rudi Mike Santisi NOT PICTURED: 

f'*; Brandon Jarva, Josh Belmsky, Arun Rangarajan, Robert Greeley, William ReisstelOer. Cam Sugrue. 

Dean Laughter, Josh Babbin. Jack Swartz. Chad Giacchetto, Corey McDonough. Scott Sheets 



Interview with Captains Leah Lessard and 
Christa DeMovellan 

Tell us about a typical practice. Leah Lessard: We do hitting 
lines and scrimmage. We also practice serving. 
Christa DeMovellan: We would warm up by peppering (passing with 
a partner) and doing a couple sprints, grapevines and shuffles up 
and down the court, then we'd stretch. Later we would talk and do 
drills and hitting lines. Practices were always fun and consisted of 
dancing since the music would always be on. 
Are there drills/activities the team loves? Or dreads? LL: We 
like to dance at practice. CD: We hate running. I mean. . . it's vol- 
leyball. We love hitting lines. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. LL: 'Hey Lotties " on the bus. 
What does the day of a game feel like? LL: We always get really 
excited to play a game. Games are better than practices. 
CD: Everyone is usually excited but still nervous. 
What are the routines for pre-game? LL: We listen to music and 
pepper with a partner CD: iPods on. cheering on the JVteam. 
Do any individuals on the team have pre-game rituals? 
LL: Chrissa and Jing like to rapidly fire the ball at each other to pre- 
pare for the game. CD: Jing does homework because she's nuts. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
CD: Millis, since they have always demolished us, but the second 
time we played them we won 3-0 and it was the best feeling ever 
What advice would you offer underclassmen for future 
seasons? LL: Make sure you have fun because that's the most 
important thing. 

Does your team have a team song? If so what is it? LL: Jang 
Jang gettin paid over here' because it's Jing's theme song. 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? LL: Christa's mom, Cilia. 
CD: Our coach gave us these domino pieces that we kept in our 
bags, and Carol's and my scrunchies were lucky. 
What does receiving a Varsity Letter mean to you? 
CD: It means commitment and pnde in your sport and team. 







Field Hockey 


Interview with Alanna Leahy (C), Riley Cachelin (C), 
and Andrea Winn 

Tell us about a typical practice. AL; A typical practice consists of 
stretching lines and drills... and brownies, hopefully. AW: Usually we 
start off with warming up and then we do shuttle lines. Coach Wilson 
breaks up our practices into two parts: conditioning and drills. 
Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? Or 
dreads? AL: The team loves jump rope races and relay races and 
dreads the two-mile. AW: It was always a good time doing strokes 
and trying to be the finalist In the winner's circle. RC: Everyone 
seems to like quarter football. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. AL: Team bonding involves 
food. AW: Our team did the most team bonding at pasta dinners. 
RC: Pasta dinners and tie-dying t-shirts. 

What does the day of a game feel like? AL: Game day is intense 
- every game matters and we have to win. If the juniors do the dress 
up days, it's a success. RC: It depends on the day It's usually quiet. 
Everyone prepares for the games in their own ways. 
What are the routines for pre-game? AL: Pre-game ritual = 
WARM FUZZES and walking off the bus in twos. AW: Before every 
game we pass around a bag and everyone picks out a "warm fuzz^ 
to give to a teammate for luck or doing a great job during the game. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
AW: MEDFIELD. Probably one of the most memorable games ever 
because we have never beaten Medfield except for this year and we 
beat them on their home turf. . .on their senior night! 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? AL: Does Anne Lally count as 
a lucky charm? If not, then warm fuzzies. 

What will you miss most? AL: I will miss Wilson's brownies, sing- 
ing on the bus. and team snuggling. AW: Wilson's brownies, Mollie's 
Boston accent, SB screaming from the sidelines, Alanna 's jokes, 
Riley's crazy comments and Katie and SB's amazing choreography 
RC: My teammates. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? AL: My advice 
would be to never eat Chipotle the night before a Sam practice at 
which you will be running two miles. AW: Be willing to put in all your 
effort for the team and Wilson. RC: Work hard, but have fun. 
What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? AL: Receiv- 
ing a varsity letter means that you got to participate in highly com- 
petitive sports while at the same time learning what it means to be a 
part of a team. RC: It means hard work and dedication. 


Compiled from Interviews with seniors 

Tell us about a typical practice. Stretching, conditioning, 
individual work with position coaches, installing the game 
plan with offensive and defensive team, finish with sprints. 
Are there particular drills/activities that the team loves? 
Or dreads? Okies are the best because it is full live hitting. 
Conditioning with stations is the worst. 
Describe a team-bonding activity. Team bonding hap- 
pens everyday, in the locker room, at practice, before and 
after games. 

What does the day of a game feel like? Like nothing 
else - it's preparing to go to battle with your best friends. Its 
nerves, and energy and passion. 

Take us through the day.. .Is there something different 
during school? Focus is difficult in class and as the game 
gets closer and closer your energy rises to meet it. 
What are the routines for pre-game? We have certain 
foods, songs, traditions and people we walk next to. We do 
hand shakes, stretch, hit, and polish up the game plan. 
Do any individuals on the team have pre-game rituals? 
Everybody does, whether it's a certain movie or playlist, and 
we have little things on the field. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
Battling through injuries and shutting down Norton from the 
one yard line for a last second win that avenged a loss was 
pretty special. 

What's your favorite memory about the season? 
Goal line stand at Medfield, Sean's Millis game, Dave's Bell- 
ingham game, Brett's one handed TD, Nev's flying sack, 'Von 
Euw's game saver, and just spending time with everybody 
knowing we'll never get this back. 

What will you miss most? Friday at 6:45, the anticipation, 
the first hit, and victories 

What advice would you offer underclassmen for future 
seasons? Lift. Focus. Don't take anything for granted; it'll be 
over before you know it. 

Do you have a team song? "Wavin' Flag" by K'naan. 
Do you have a lucky charm? Baskett Island 
What does receiving a Varsity letter mean to you? 
It's a symbol of hard work. 

VARSITY -12th grade 

^ \ 


H J 







■ ' 


■ ; 






M W0 


FRONT ROW (L^R). David DeCenzo, Danny Moloy SECOND ROW; Issac Rice, Chris Annis, Charlie 
Audi, Sean Amaru, David Von Euvn THIRD ROW: Billy Ralph. Greg Keene, Kyle Fedorowicz, A J. 
Bracy BACK ROW: Will Smith, Chris Treon, Brendan Skehill, Brett Egizi. Macston Maccow, Anthony 
Antonellis, Kevin Walsh 

VARSITY -11th grade 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Matt McMahon, Andrew Dawson, Bo Beriuti, Noel Plourde, Chris McMahon, 
Alex Wight MIDDLE ROW: Shamus O'Brien, David Moran, Nicky Diiulis, Thomas Radonich. Mike 
Peterson, Andrew Feeney BACK ROW: Ryan Demarinis. Scott McManus, Daniel Roache, Pierce 
Dierker, Maxx McCabe. Coach Sullivan 



Interview with seniors Nicole Pettit and 

Yalda Rostamnezhad 

Tell us about a typical practice and favorite routines. 

NP: We start with a two-lap warm-up, followed by stretches and 
drills. Depending on the day, we will either do a turnover workout on 
the track or go on a long run. We always end practice with a short 
cool down. YR: Our favorite stretch is the L-O-L (leg over leg). 
What does the day of the meet feel like? NP: During school, 
most girls are generally less nervous and are more excited 
about the spirit day and the anticipation has not quite set in. 
YR; The hour before the meet is the most nerve-wracking be- 
cause we are all so nervous about the competition! 
What was the most memorable part of the season? The 
most memorable meet? NP: It is difficult to isolate a single 
moment that was most memorable because we had such a 
great season. Probably the Dover-Sherborn meet at home, be- 
cause it was the seniors' last meet, which was bittersweet, but 
almost every member of the team had a PR that day! 
What will you miss most? What advice do you have for un- 
derclassmen for future seasons?YR: I will miss the girls so 
much! I'm going to miss the long talks during runs, and all the 
inside jokes. They're may favorite group of girls and we became 
so close that it's going to be hard to leave them! NP: The thing 
I will miss most about cross-country is the team itself. It's more 
like a family and I'll miss the positive energy and environment at 
practices and meets. My advice to underclassmen would be no 
matter what your skill level is, give every practice and meet all 
you have. The motivation and dedication that you put into cross- 
country will manifest itself in your performance. Most importantly, 
use your teammates for advice and inspiration and have fun! 
Do you have a team song? A lucky charm? YR: We like "Waka 
Waka" by Shakira, any song that we can put Xiao's name into, 
and anything that we all know the words to! A lot of Taylor Swift! 
Sometimes we mix it up with gospel music! 
Tell us about your ideas for spirit days. NP: We had some obscure 
spirit days, such as saran wrap day and egg day They simply come 
from the imaginations and craziness of every giri on the team! 
What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? NP: To me, 
a varsity letter is recognition of the hard work you put into the 
season. Every girl who gets one should truly appreciate what it 
means and realize that her determination and effort is rewarded! 









M.V.P. Nicole Pettit 
Sportsmanship Alexis Argiro 

Unsung Hero Liz Ralph 



FRONT ROW (L-R) AnnMarie O'Flaherty, Keelin Henderson, Samanlha DeTore, Yalda Roslamnezhad. 
Kalie Ginsberg. Nicole Penit, Sophie KarpI, Leah Schroeder MIDDLE ROW Patty McCann, Shauna Wassmus, 
Jaclyn Ventura. Madeleine Cooke. Michaela Blum. Bnttany Dwan. Abtjey Power. Kaitlyn Hogan BACK ROW 
Coach Teahan. Nora Smith. Liz Ralph. Kelly Sennott. Melanie Waish. Heather Sullivan, Tracy Donlon, Alexis 
Argiros, Courtney Fay, Sam Diehl. Kelley DeLorey. Julia Boettger. XiaoXiao Guo 

Interview with Captains Patrick Sleight & Patrick O'Donnell 
Tell us about a typical practice. PS: We either do an intense 
workout on the track to work on our speed, or a long run to build up 
our mileage. PO: Most days we run about seven miles with a lot of 
drills. Usually every weekend we have a long run (10-15 miles). 
Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? ... 
dreads? PO: I would say an activity that the team always looks 
forward to is foam-rolling after our workouts. It helps us feel better 
PS: We all pretty much dread all workouts. 
Describe a team-bonding activity. PO: What's most memorable 
is our pre-season camping trip to New Hampshire. We spent two 
days getting in some solid running and team bonding time. We all 
enjoyed it and it is something that has helped us become a closer 
team. Other team bonding activities include the typical pasta dinners 
and ultimate frisbee. 

What does the day of a meet feel like? PS: Meet days are pretty 
exciting because we've had such a strong team this year and it's 
always cool to see who is improving week to week. Brakke's short- 
shorts get the team pumped for the afternoon's race. PO: When we 
have a meet, that's the main thing we think about all day. We all want 
to run fast for ourselves, and more importantly, for the team, so we 
just stay positive and excited to race. 

What are the pre-meet routines? PS: Warm-up, then drills, then 
race, then varsity does a workout on the track. PO: We start with 
a 10-15 minute warm-up run, then, a set of drills/stretches. At the 
starting line, we run some strides and pump ourselves up. 
Describe the most memorable meet of the season. PS: Holliston 
was a great meet. We opened our season with a competitive team 
and we came out on top. Our success at Holliston was an accom- 
plishment and a harbinger for the great season to come. PO: We 
had so many great meets and such a successful season. I person- 
ally think our TVL Championship race was a great race. We battled 
with our rivals, Medfield, and our two schools dominated the meet. 
Unfortunately, we were bested by 5 points and got second place. 
Also, our division state class meet was awesome because we quali- 
fied for the All-State meet as a team. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen for future seasons? 
PS: Run over the summer, otherwise you'll vomit for the whole first 
week of practice. PO: If you train well, you can achieve big things. 
Do you guys have any lucky charms? PS: our lucky charm is 

Jess. She's our motivator and can outrun most of us. PO: Our coach 
started a tradition of giving out a Hot Wheels car named "The en- 
forcer" to whomever he believed stepped up and raced exception- 
ally well for a meet. 

What does receiving a Varsity Letter mean to you? PO: To all 
us varsity letter winners, it means we are the ones that other people 
on the team look up to. It is a nice reward to those who put in the 
hard work and train. 



FRONT ROW (L-R|: James Terzian, Jonathan Anamaleros. Stephen Enckson, Jonathan Dullea. Tyler 
Cook, Jake Salvatore, Nathan Daley MIDDLE ROW: Conor Duffy. Andreas Nicolos. Sam Malonson. 
John O'Leary, Thomas Hanley, Sean Condrick, Conor Emerson, Quinn Wilson. Coach Davis. Jake 
indursky. Matt Jessup. Josh Goldberg. Patrick ODonnell. Stephen Campion. Nicholas Hawes. David 
McDonald, Robert McLaughlin, Matthew Reissfelder, Benjamin Cautela, Luke Devin NOT PICTURED: 
William Arnold, Douglas Chin, Patrick Hutchinson. Miles Rossetti. Erik Brakke, Chnstopher Burke, 
Nicholas Moin. Brett Hotter, John McCarthy. Patnck Sleight. William Spear 

'■ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Intoruiouu uuith r^antainc AnniA Qhoa anH .lAcci/^a I 

Interview with Captains Annie Shea and Jessica Burns 
Tell us about a typical practice. AS: We start with a 
400 or 600 then we will do a set that consists of different 
strokes like butterfly or freestyle - overall, we swim 5000 
-1200 a practice. 

Are there particular activities the team loves? Or dreads? 
AS: We love water polo (though it's rare.) We love starts 
and turns and we dread 21 club and distance swimming. 
Describe a team-bonding activity. AS: We go to Papa 
Gino's after meets. JB: We bond with pasta dinners and 
our dress up days. 

What does the day of a meet feel like? AS: We are ner- 
vous and excited because we want to take home another 
win. JB: It's excitement and fun. You get nervous and it builds 
up to the second you get on the block, and then you swim 
your heart out. Afterward you're relived that you're done. 
Take me through the day... Is there something differ- 
ent during school? AS: We have crazy spirit days and 
sing "All I Want For Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey. 
Do any individuals on the team have pre-meet ritu- 
als? AS: The bus ndes are our time to get pumped up 
and happy and excited. JB: On the bus we are singing like 
crazy and this brings the group all together. 
Describe the most memorable meet of the season. 
Why was it memorable? AS: Seekonk, because it was 
the first win we pulled away with in a few years. JB: When 
we won against Seekonk, it was unusual; it was the first 
time in six or so years. 

What will you miss most? What advice would you of- 
fer underclassmen? AS: I'll miss the friendly team atmo- 
sphere, the closeness and bonding. For the underclass- 
men- be outgoing, don't be shy. JB: I'll miss the people on 
the team, the support system, and being in the best shape 
of my life. My advice is don't be afraid to talk - speak up! 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? JB: Our pig named Gai 
What does receiving a Varsity Letter mean to you? AS: It 
means that you are part of a team and have accomplished goals 
that you wanted to achieve during the season. JB: Accomplish- 
ment for all the hard work and reward for success 

FIRST ROW (L-Rl Siobhan Burke, Calhenne Barrett, Nevin Dizdan Aimee Bnen, Karia 
Bactiiller. Colleen Mulhern. Zoe Jordanides, Caroline Rogers. Mackenzi Henderson SECOND ROW; Claire Underhill, 
Renee Pisano. Sonia Dunkelbarger. Brooke Magliozzi. Mana Munar, Inna Chiuili, Lillian Sleeves. Bridget Burke. Kayla 
Curran. Jackie McDonald THIRD ROW: Kaitlin Hutchinson, Kalherine Vanasse. Madeline McDonald. Caroline Lacey. 
Molly Smith. Allie Cuccoli. Camille Harrington. Elidi Chan. Mariana Chiulli, Annie Craig. Chnstine Casavant. LAST ROW: 
Kelley Steeves. Anne Shea, Amanda Diiulis. Melanie Zahka. Erin Curran, Kalekyn Keane, Kylie Blizzard, Megan Porter, 
Elise Harrington, Jessica Burns, Caroline Ryan, Coach Ferguson, Coach McGralh 

Interview with Captains Maria Georgaklis & Jennifer Beggan 
Tell us about a typical practice. MG: We typically meet at the track for 
a warm up lap and a lot of stretching. Then we work on the competition 
routine. We start off with warm up stunts and go through all the tumbling 
and jumps. After everyone is warmed up, we'll do the routine full-out a 
couple of times. We'll usually focus on one aspect of the routine to per- 
fect. At the end of practice we will sometimes condition or play "lifeboat" 
where groups do the routine and the rest of the team critiques. 
Are there particular drills/activities which the team loves? ... 
dreads? JB; the team has a love hate relationship with "running 
snakes". MG: The team loves wall sits and planks. The team doesn't 
really like snakes when we run up and down all of the mats multiple 
times in groups. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. JB: Pasta dinners and bus rides 
are great for team bonding. We also really love going to Friendly 's after 
games; it's become a tradition! 

What does the day of a game feel like? MG: The day of the game is 
the best feeling. Everyone gets so excited and pumped to cheer Every- 
one is always in a really good mood and is really energetic. At school on 
Fridays, we hang up a banner we make for that night's game. 
Do any individuals on the team have pre-game rituals? JB: The 
team has a pow wow before every half time. Maria and I give a pep 
talk and break out on "fight" to continue previous years' traditions. 
Describe the most memorable part of your season. MG: Com- 
petitions! Competitions are like a really big game for cheerleaders, in a 
way It's always the best time. 

What's your favorite memory about the season? MG: My favorite 
memory of the season is Cheer Camp. We got to bond with all dif- 
ferent cheer teams, and got to cheer all day. It's always the highlight 
of the season. JB: At Cheer Camp we all got really close and worked 
together as a team. 

What will you miss most? MG: I'm definitely going to miss the 
games the most. I don't think there's anything better than cheering on 
the sidelines at a Friday night game. I'll miss the half time routines and 
pep rallys and practice everyday after school. I really don't think there's 
anything that I won't miss about cheering for WHS. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen for future sea- 
sons? JB: Go to captains' practices to learn sidelines, and be on time! 
MG: Enjoy every moment of cheering and always try your hardest. 
What does receiving a Varsity Letter mean to you? MG: I think 
receiving a vasirty letter shows all the work you put into your sport. 


Interview with Shane Troy and Myles McDonough 

Tell us about a typical practice. ST: Everyday we head out on 

the bus to Ski Ward in Shrewsbury. It's a 45-minute drive, so we 
usually bring some beats. 

Are there particular drills/activities which the team dreads? 
ST: Everyone dreads pulling the course. Nobody wants to freeze 
anymore than necessar/. MM: The team enjoys just practicing for 
races and skiing with each other because it's fun doing something 
you love with others who feel the same way. Before the snow falls, 
we all dread dryland training practice, preparing for the season. 
Are there particular activities which the team loves? ST: We 
iove meets at either Blue Hills or Ski Ward. Everyone comes to 
cheer each other on. 

How does the team bond? MM: Our main team bonding activ- 
ity would definitely be just riding the bus to either practices or the 
races. We all talk and have a good time. 
What does the day of a meet feel like? ST: Everyone is a little 
nervous, but no one is willing to admit it. MM: The day of a race 
IS just like any other day It really comes down to the individual and 
what they might do in the start just before they are to ski down the 
course. We tend to stay relaxed and enjoy ourselves, there is not 
much stress. 

Do any individuals on the team have pre-meet rituals? ST 
Patrick Frodigh always texts one certain friend and C.J. Hunter 
combs his mullet. 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. Why was 
it memorable? One G.S. race at Blue Hills, a kid flew through the 
finish and went straight into the safety netting. Also, States at Berk- 
'iire East. MM: The most memorable race and time of the season 
, juld have to be the last one (the last one ever for the seniors). 
Also, having Nicky qualify in the very last race for States was a 
great surprise and we were all very happy for him. 
What will you miss most? ST: Frodigh's memorable quotes. 
:-.J,s flow and Brodsky's presence. MM: I'll miss racing since I'll 
never again be able to the way I did when I was in high school. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? ST: Dryland 
training is really hard, so get ready to work. MM: They should just 
enjoy it while it lasts because it goes by quickly 



Tell us about a typical practice. NS: First we do warm 

up laps - usually 2-3 - then drills and stretching. Practices 

vary a lot. but usually end with the girls lifting weights in the 

weight room or doing abs out on the field. 

Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? 

Or dreads? AC: Everyone loves stretching circles and long 

slow distance runs where we can relax and talk. We always 

dread the sprinting workouts though. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. AC: This year we did 

a Yankee swap with the distance team so that everyone 

could get to know each other. NS: We did manage to do a 

few pasta dinners at Papa Ginos. 

What does the day of a meet feel like? NS: Meet days 

are full of excitement when we dress up for spirit days! 

Are there pre-meet routines? AC: Everyone has her own 

pre-race rituals. Each girl does something to get focused. 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. 

AC: The WL meet at Reggie Lewis was very exciting. 

For the first time In living memory, we were trying to beat 

Hopkinton, so every race was really intense. Even though 

we ended up coming in second, we came closer to first 

than we ever have before. NS: The All-State meet was 

also memorable for the girls who ran the 4x800m relay We 

came in 8th place, and broke the school record. 

What will you miss most? AC: We'll definitely miss each 

other the most. Track has made us really close with girls we 

might not have been friends with otherwise. 

What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? 

AC: A varsity letter means you're committed to the team 

and you work hard not only for your individual success but 

also for the success of the team. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? AC: 

I know it's hard to go out in the freezing cold everyday for 

runs, but track is worth it. NS: My advice is just to stick with 

it because in the long run it's truly awesome. 



Tell us about a typical practice. A typical practice for varsity involves 
a run that is about 7 miles. We have long runs that can add up to 1 4 
miles sometimes, too. We also have a lot of grueling workouts on the 
track that usually put us on the ground afterwards. 
Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? One drill the 
team really loves is foam rolling. Also barefoot running is popular 
Describe a team-bonding activity. Team dinners (usually at Ber- 
tucci's) are a good team bonding activity. Occasional Taco Bell runs also 
bring the team together Ultimate frisbee with the team is also a good 
bonding experience. 

What does the day of a meet feel like? On the day of a meet every- 
one makes sure they are hydrated and ready to go. It's the biggest focus 
of the day for us. We make sure to eat well also. Pre-game routines 
involve a team warm-up but everyone has their own individual routines. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. The TVL 
championship meet was awesome because we had numerous athletes 
run personal bests and place very high. We managed to win the 300m, 
600m, 1000m, and 2 mile and break some league records in the 
process. Also the National championship in New York was a great experi- 
ence, although we had an unfortunate event in our race (getting cut-off 
and tripping while running). But I think the 4x800 relay team would have 
to say that the all-state championship meet was the most incredible ex- 
perience for us. as we won and smashed the meet record by 4 seconds. 
What will you miss most? I think the seniors will miss their team- 
mates the most. We'll also miss running at Reggie Lewis Center 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? To underclassmen, 
if you take the sport seriously and listen to your coach, teammates, 
and body and as long as you are dedicated and work hard, you will 
see great results. It is awesome to be part of a successful team and to 
contribute as much as you can. 

What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? Getting a Varsity 
letter is something every athlete on the team should strive for It symbol- 
izes significant contributions to the team. People with varsity letters are 
the core athletes who have helped our team become successful. 

^ *^^^^^^^^^^^^^ --* 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Jon Dullea. Nicholas Hawes. Conor Emerson, Jon Hawes, Jack Foley, Matt Hotter 
MIDDLE ROW: Coach Davis, Thomas Hanley. Bobby McLaughlin, Jake Lupica, T.J. Adams, Maxx Mc- 
Cabe, Gabe Goldberg, Morgan Walker. Kyle Fedorowicz. Coach Mascia BACK ROW: Pat Masi-Phelps, 
David McDonald. Ryan Lannum, Matt Reissfelder, Jamie Conner. Luke Devin, Pat ODonneil, Matt 
Jessup, Erik Brakke 



Tell us about a typical practice. JZ: Our typical practice 
IS very organized. We do 500s in the beginning, and sets of 
different strokes to exercise different muscles. Every friday 
we have a game day. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. DN: Going out to eat 
after a meet, and playing water polo on fridays. JZ: Doing our 
team cheers and we bond a lot at our daily practices. 
What does the day of a meet feel like? JZ: At first it's like 
an adreneline rush. When you get in the water you feel an in- 
tensity from the competitiveness, but you're also relaxed be- 
cause you feel so comfortable in the water. It a crazy feeling. 
Describe the most memorable meet of the season. DN: 
We had a few meets that were very close. Some came down 
to the last event so they were pretty memorable. JZ: The final 
meet where one of our teammates accidently forgot to swim 
his event. It was so funny because the coach didn't even 
notice until the team told her. Her expression was priceless. 
What's your favorite memory about the season? JZ: 
Definitely the meets. They make you feel like a completely 
different person because you surpass your limits, and you 
feel proud of yourself when you succeed. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? JZ: Do 
your best, win the meets, but also just have a great time. 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? DN: We have a green 
suit jacket that the captains pass down each year. 
What does receiving a Varsity Letter mean to you? DN: 
I've gotten a letter every year from swimming so it was pretty 
important to get another one this year. JZ: I get them every 
year, but every time I recieve it, I just feel proud. 
One word or phrase that represents the sport/season? 
JZ: Endurance. It's all about endurance. 

# V 

-7 "t 




Describe a team-bonding activity. Some typical team- 
bonding activities are when we all go out to Murph's for 
breakfast after Sam practices, going to Captain's practices, 
and going to Taco Bell. 

What does the day of a game feel lil<e? Game day i 
always very exciting and highly anticipated. Team members go 
out of their way in the halls to shake hands and make sure oth- 
ers are mentally prepared. We all just try to get really pumped. 
What are the routines for pre-game? Brendan Skehill and 
Andreas Nicolos always tape up their hockey sticks before 
e^ery game. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
The playoff game against Scituate was the most memorable 
game of our season. So many fans came to cheer us on. It 
was awesome. Also, the game at Gallo Arena was great with 
Stones saving us the shoot out. 

Do you have a lucky charm? Yes, Coach's green corduroys! 
What will you miss most? Being on the team with kids that 
are not |ust our teammates, but also our good friends. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? 
No matter what happens on or off the ice, just work hard and 
keep your chin up. don't take any shift for granted. 
What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? 
A varsity letter means you're a part of the team and you set an 
example for younger players. 

Describe a favorite memory of the season. It's really just 
too hard to pick a favonte memory. We loved all of the time 
that we spent together during this season. 
What is a typical spirit day? On spirit days we wear our 
comfortable green jump suits. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Coach McCusker, Chris Ruggiero. Diarmuid Gallagher, Jimmy 
Curtin, Josh Babbin, Mike Raskin, Jack Swartz, Kevin Gavin, Brad Adams, Brendan 
Skehill, Theo Treon, Jake Drew BACK ROW: Coach Pecararo, Coach Sebet, Bren- 
dan Dalton, Shane Maher, Kevin Walsh, Jake Cronin, Brett Egizi, Andreas Nicolos, 
Sean Condrick, Chns Treon, Kevin Sennott, Conor Murphy, Chris Molchan, Danny 
Moloy, Coach Welby, Coach McDonald, Mr. Sebet 

JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM (alphabetical): Ola AngelWedt, Dan Bonkowski, Brendan 
Cabey, Sean Cabey, Stephen Fallon, Dan Feldman, Patrick Gardner, Dan Gavin, 
Albert Good, Areg Hakhinian, Sam Harris, Bill Kenney, Dan Moore, Matt Nagle, Mike 
Peterson, Cam Sjgrue, Anthony Sweeney, Joe Walsh 



Interview with Gabbie Giugliano 
Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? Or 
dreads? We love "Mr. Holthouse's circle drill" and hate the 
"snake drill" and break-outs. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. When we went down to 
Martha's Vineyard for a game our ferry and game got cancelled! 
So instead we all slept over at a teammate's house and we all 
had so much fun together 

Is there something different during school after pracice? 
You're definitely very tired. Hockey is a huge commitment and 
waking up early before school means you need to be really 
good with getting your homework done quickly after school and 
getting to bed. 

What are the routines for pre-game? A lot of us have rituals 
that we do before the games for good luck. We always have 
music in the locker room to get pumped up. Sometimes we listen 
to the inspirational speech from the movie "Any Given Sunday". 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. The 
most memorable game was when we tied the undefeated team. 
This game was a morale booster and everyone was really excited. 
What's your favorite memory about the season? My 
favorite memory was the morning we all woke up early and 
had practice, only to find out it was a snow day Another of my 
favorite memories was getting our superlatives at the hockey 
banquet. This was great because we got to show our quirky 
sides and how well we know each other 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? I'd tell them 
to get ahead of their school work whenever possible because 
It will help you out when you have to get up early for practice. 
Also, work hard because the line ups will always change. 
Where do you get your ideas for spirit days? Our ideas 
for spirit days generally come from within the group. Every year 
Heather Sullivan tries to suggest having "injury day" 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? Our team's lucky charm s 
a plastic duck named Waffles. 

What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? It means rec- 
ognition for your determination, skill, and commitment to the sport. 



Are there particular drills/activities that the team loves? 
Or dreads? Our team enjoyed the fast break progression but 
dreaded the drills at the beginning of practice because on our 
bad days, when we weren't focused, those were the drills that 
caused us to run the most. It made practice more exhausting 
then it could have been. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. Our team bonded by mak- 
ing fun of Coach St. Martin with his slicked back hair, visor, and 
crazy stories and, also, by making fun of Coach Walsh's crocs 
and Coach Norman's weird hat. 

What does the day of a game feel like? Game days consisted 
of nervousness and excitement. Everyone had their routines that 
eased the nervousness and eventually it was just pure excitement 
that filled the locker room. 

What are the routines for pre-game? The only pre-game ritu- 
als that occurred were Subway and D&G trips a couple of hours 
before the games. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. The 
most memorable game was probably the away Millis game. We 
struggled the whole game, just trying to stay in reach. We were 
working hard but things just weren't going our way. Eventually 
we got back to playing "Westwood basketball." It didn't matter 
that we were down by eight with a minute left in the fourth. Millis 
had no chance of stopping us. They did their trick play but we 
just countered it by pounding the ball inside to Mike "Michelin 
man" Keane and kicking it out to all of our shooters. We got into 
overtime because Macston hit a lucky three over three defenders 
(how average, Mac). In overtime they couldn't handle us, and .', 
came away with the most exciting victory of the season. 
What will you miss most? We seniors will miss the joking around 
as a team and the responsibility of leading the underclassmen. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? To the under 
classmen: don't leave anything to chance; make sure you leave 
a good mark on the program; and remember, "There are a lot of 
woods in Maine, brother" 




=RONT ROW iL-R) Charlie Audi, Joe Lally. Nick Post, Jake Indursky Shayan Saiam Kevin Liebrocx, 
Macston Maccow. BACK ROW: Glenn Parsons. Mike Keane. David Von Euw. Steve Jarva, 
Eric Tanery. Erik Maloney 

nsive Player ShayaifSalar 
Leadership Award David Von Euw 

Tell us about a typical practice. We usually start with a 
warm up drill, stretch for a while, and Kanee tells us the things 
that make us smile. Then, we usually do a really long layup 
drill, work on plays, and get ready for the upcoming game. 
Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? Or 
dreads? We love 3, 2, 1 halfcourt shots and bentley passing. 
We dread the three man weave box out and the 40 in a row 
layup drill. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. We love going to Out- 
back after games or just to see Patty. We went bowling with 
the coaches, which was a lot of tun, and we have potlocks 
after Friday night games. 

What does the day of a game feel like? We are always 
really excited for game days because we can finally show, and 
put to use, what we have learned in practice. Although we 
didn't have the most successful record this year we worked 
hard in all the games and played to our fullest potential. 
Take us through the day. We typically have a spirit day in 
school and then come to the gym eariy to cheer on our girls' 
junior varisty team with their game. We do our pre-game rituals 
and get ready to play 

What are the routines for pre-game? We sit in the locker 
room and Ms. Bognanno talks to us about the strategy for the 
game. Then someone on the team does an "inspiration" and 
we start our other routines. We have individual routines and 
team routines. In the locker room, we do some handshakes 
and then sing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." After we get 
out of the locker room, we breathe, dance a little, and sing 
some more. Erin gives everyone a high-five, then we do a 
clapping thing and then we run out for our warm up. 

U- '-s 


li- - 

iS^'^'^L-e LrUsiid" 

Interview with Shayan Salam and Stephen Campion 

Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? 

Or dreads? The team loves foam rolling, but the team 

hates 50x100. and 50x200. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. Some of our 

team-bonding activities are foam rolling, doing core 

exercises, and going camping. 

What does the day of a meet feel like? It basically 

feels lil<e any other day Some people run laps before the 

meet in order to calm their nerves. Also, drinking a bottle 

of water every block helps out a lot because it keeps 

you hydrated for the meet. 

What are the routines before the meet? We tend to 

do a lot of warm up drills. 

Describe the most memorable meet of the season. 

The most memorable meet was All-States because Matt 

Jessup performed incredibly in the 800m. 

Do you guys have a lucky charm? 

Yes. OD (Patrick O'Donnell) is our lucky charm. 

Where do the ideas for spirit days come from? 

Usually our ideas for spirit days come from Erik Brakke. 

mostly we wear our uniforms. 

What will you miss most? We'll miss the teamwork 

and being in really good shape. I'll miss the free food at 

the concession stand after home meets. 

What advice would you offer to underclassmen? 

I would say that they should always train hard, both on 

and offseason. 

What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? 

It means that my performance helped the team win 

some meets, which was important. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Shayan Salam, Kevin Sennott, Kyle Fedorowicz, John Delsignore, Steven O'Leary, 
Stephen Campion, Matt Jessup, Patrick Sleight. Nick Hav»es MIDDLE ROW: Coach Mascia, Farid llupeju, 
Richard McDonough, Steven Ganem, Julian Zamudio-Herrera, Nick Wisiaiko, Billy Kenney, Diarmuid 
Gallagher, Matt McMahon, Mario Perry. Andrew Smith, Lorenzo SevI, Max Hasenauer, Chns McMahon. 
Mati Reissfelder, Erik Brakke, Zach Blum. Steve Whelan, Ryan Lannum. Stephen Enckson BACK ROW: 
Jon Anamateros, Ben Cautela. Sean Cote. Jack Foley, Stephen Lesage, John Dullea. Sam Maionson, 
Maxx McCabe. Terrence Harris-Hughes, Bobby McLaughlin, Thomas Hanley, Conor Emerson, Jon Hawes, 
Jackson Harrington, Tyler Cook, Chris Morra 


k & Field 



Interview with Caitlin Adamakis, Keelin Henderson, 
Leah Schroeder, and Dani Kessler 

Describe a typical practice. CA and KH: As throwers, we start with 
warm-up laps and do some dynamic stretching. Afterwards we usu- 
ally have core or legs circuit and then we go to our throwing events. 
DK: For sprinters, practices vary, but typically we start off with a few 
warm up laps and then abs and push up circuits. 
Activities the team loves or dreads? CA and KH: People usually 
hate the core workouts and the circuit training but enjoy throwing. 
LS: We dread hills! We love zen runs which are just super slow and 
conversational. DK: Flying 50's are probably the best type of work- 
out. The worst is a long ladder, when we do repeat 400s. 
Team Bonding Activities? LS: Stretching is a team bonding activity! 
We sit in a circle and talk about our days. DK: One was our t-shirt 
signing spirit day. Everyone was running around school in our white 
t-shirts and getting people to sign in sharpie. It was awesome! 
Describe the most memorable meet of the season. DK: Our meet 
against Bellingham. It was a home meet, and we crushed them. 
What was your favorite memory of the season? LS: My favorite 
memories about the season are of the friendships that I've developed. 
Track has the potential to be a very individual sport but if you only 
focus on your own success, you miss out on a lot of good times. 
Seniors, what will you miss the most? KH: Everything from the 
team - the coaches, my friends, fun practices and especially throwing 
javelin. LS: I will miss the team, the friendships, being crazy and loud, 
and the coaches. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? LS: I would say to 
have fun and keep your head up. Don't lose sight of your goals, or 
the big picture. And drop the arms and go! DK: For future seasons, it 
IS extremely important for underclassmen to not underestimate track 
because it is challenging, rewarding, and SO MUCH FUN! Trying your 
best is extremely important, because it does not only contribute to 
your personal times, but it also helps your team. 
What does receiving a Varsity Letter mean to you? KH: It means 
that everything you have put into reaching your goals, whether it be 
practicing or extra hours lifting, really paid off. LS: Receiving a varsity 
letter means contributing to the team in a considerable way. Whether 
it be points or an outstanding attitude, it means you bring something 
to the team. 




'1 "\:i^ 




Biir ' • iimB^h 


J - - 


FRONT ROW (L-R) Katnen Van Wagenen, Enn Curran, Sabrina Farley, Keelin Henderson, AnnMarie 
O'Flaherty. Sophie KarpI, Alison McNulty. Nicky Pettit, Alison Campion, Leah Schroeder, Riley Cachelin, 
Caillin Adamakis SECOND ROW: Kaitlm Hutchinson, Samaniha Bartholomew, Knstina Saliba, Zoe Radner. 
Dani Kessler, Nora Smith, Liz Ralph, Tracy Donlon, Aly Grealish. Kelly Sennott, Kate Groton. Caitlin Reilly. 
Caroline Lacey, Christa Cosenza, Sammy Nassi), Brianna Cataldo, Courtney Fay THIRD ROW- Rebecca 
Rice, Jessica Sykowski, Chrissa Salemis, Sara Thomas, Maddie Cooke, Camille Harnngton. Katherine 
Santisi, Olivia Fay, Jessica Ralph, Nadine Moujahed, Kaitlm Plecinoga, Hailey Boettger, Xiao Xiao Guo. 
Tracie Winn, Chandler Middleton, Zoe Jordanides, Kate McLaughlin, Andrea Simi, Megan Ferren. Catherine 
Leonard BACK ROW: Coach Testa, Coach Clifford, Shauna Wassmus, Katie Horsfall, Palncia McCann, Karia 
Bachiller, Siobhan Burke, Rachel Morrison, Nevin Dizdari, Emily Bamberry, Melissa McManus, Callie Lupica, 
Sarah AngelWedt, Phoebe Fitzgibbon, Sarah Nassif, Bryn MacGillivray, Meredith Kress, Allison Fleming. Sam 
Kitchen, Jackie Kouri. Nadine Taghian, Julia Boettger. Coach Ricard 




A MA 1 

Interview with Sarah Biron and Anne Lally 

Tell us about a typical practice. 
Are there particular drills/activities the team 
loves? Or dreads? Our favorite drills are double 
healix, 3v3 in the circle, goalie wars, and competi- 
tions. We dread sprinting 300's and the full field 
clearing drill. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. Our favorite 
team bonding experiences have been pasta din- 
ners, the trip to Syracuse, the UMass trip, the BO 
versus BU game, and going out to dinner together 
at Fire and Ice. 

What does the day of a game feel like? The day 
of a game feels \/er\/ intense and we try to get each 
other really pumped up. During school we write fun 
notes to each other, decorate lockers, and have fun 
themed spirit days. 

What are the routines for pre-game? One of our 
pre-game rituals is doing arm swag during agilities. 
Describe the most memorable game of the 
season (so far). Our most memorable game would 
definitely be beating Lincoln-Sudbury by a ton! 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? We have a 
lucky charm which is actually a charm that says 
[_UCKY on It! 

What will you miss most? What we will miss 
most as seniors will be all of the awesome under- 
classmen, our coach Leslie, long runs, rolling the 
dice, and white vs green competitions. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? 
Some advice we would offer underclassmen for 
future seasons would be to be relentless, go hard or 
go home, and leave it all on the field. 
What does receiving a varsity letter mean to 
you? Receiving a Varsity Letter means a lot be- 
cause it shows how much wort< and dedication you 
have put in to achieving your goals. 




FRONT ROW (L-R): Christa DeMovellan. Shannon Hogan, Sarah Biron. Anne Lally, Emily McGrail, Mary 
0' Sullivan BACK ROW: Mollie Brown, Richael Walsh, Laura McHoul, Alex McLauglin, Manna Burke, 
Meghan Kelly, Kale Rich, Molly Smith, Ela Hazar, Kasey Keane, Kim Egizi. Abby Keaveney, Emily Haddad. 
Jamison O'Neill, Meghan Raskin 


Tell us about a typical practice. DV: We warm up, stretch, and 

play 6 on 6 scrimmages. Also, we split into defense and offense 

positions and do specifics drills. 

Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? 

Or dreads? SC: 1 v1 and scrimmaging are some popular drills. 

conditioning is the only part of practice that people don't like that 

much. CA: Sprints are the worst part, especially when the losers 

at games have to run sprints afterwards. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. SC: The team usually bonds 

the most when we chill together, especially at pasta dinners. 

What does the day of a game feel like? DV: Game days in 

school are always a good time. We like to throw each other the 

star trek symbol to get fired up, and our emotional leader, Pat 

Walsh, gets everyone super pumped up. 

What are the routines for pre-game? CA: Some of the team 

members wear eye black and we blast music from an ipod in the 

locker room and on the bus. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. MF: 

The most memorable game of the season was against Holliston 

at Flahive under the lights. We beat Holliston for the first time in 

Westwood varsity boys' history. On top of that, our victory put us 

into the state tournament, which knocked Holliston out. 

Do you guys have a lucky charm? MF: Our lucky charm is 

Brendan Dalton's flow. 

What will you miss most? DV: The seniors will miss the pasta 

dinners, the bus rides and coach Z. CA: I'll miss hanging out with 

the team the most since we became really close with each other 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? DV: Work 

hard and always make sure you train during the off season 

because it is the deciding factor 

What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? 

CA: The varsity letter signifies working for both personal success 

and the team's success. It means your contribution mattered for 

the whole team. 


•^n f^ 




'-^ 0*> "M '••% 


FRONT ROW (L-Ri' Sean Fitzgefald. Conor Murphy, Charlie Audi, Patnck Masi-Phelps, Jake Lupica, 
Jimmy Curtin. Mike Filbin, Sean Gondnck, Dave Von Euw, Mike Raskin, Tom Ollerhead, Sam Hams, Scott 
McManus BACK ROW: Jake Drew, Theo Treon, Brendan Dalton. Denn Ahigian, Chnstian Heidelberger, 
1 Jake Zapcic, Chns Annis, Shane Troy. Mike Keane, Sean Laughlin. Mike Phillips, Pat Walsh, Casey 
McQuillan, Kiernan Somers, Brandon Rodenbush 






„. M.V.P. Sean Condrick 

ff I'.. C. •*•(.*-:. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Andrew Brodsky, Rob Sleight, Mark O'Connor, Matt Haddad, Nicky Diiuiis, Kyle Wise, 
Patrick Hutchinson, Nick Webber BACK ROW: Stephen Fallon, Matt Masi-Phelps, Michael Venli, Nima 
Rahimi, David McDonald, Samus Brien. Pete Halkett, Eric Lavoie. Nicky Antonellis, Rami Audi. Scott 
McKenna, Patrick Gardner. Evan April. Nathan Daley. Dan Moore 

Sportsmanship Charlie Audi 

Unsung Hero Patrick Mas^|||gps fS,\ 




_**»■* i^'Tyf 

FRONT ROW (L-Ri Steven Harrington, Sean Mula, Trevor Holbrook, Jack Murphy, Pierce Dierker. 
Timothy Brodnck, Corey McDonough. Michael Audi. Anthony Salami BACK ROW: David Moran. Oneil 
H Kidd Ian Delaney. Matthew Lynch, Ryan Demarinis. Michael Peterson, Daniel Curtin, Daniel DeVoy 

^^ '^^ «^5 

* * * 


' * * » , 

.' • ■ 

iSiS^ 't:<s^ 

tSSttlWtl9'*"99'm <MV*^^^ 

•>ISSi99Sh'^^*HSSr^\ ^"'"Jin* 


Gi^'s' Tennis 

era LiciLii' 



Interview with Kelley Steeves and Andrea Winn 
Tell us about a typical practice. Our practices are split into two 
parts. First we go for a run, as a team, and do a lot of sprints at the 
multi-purpose field. We then hit the tennis courts where we do chal- 
lenge matches and drills. Typically you will hear the word KNIFE! yelled 
across the courts and Melanie spontaneously singing. 
Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? Or dreads? 
We love the buh-bye drill. I think Houston gets more out of it. but its 
still really fun. We don't particularly enjoy the running aspect, but it 
keeps us in good shape. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. Two of our team bonding activi- 
ties are our trips to Bubbling Brook and our pasta dinners (though 
instead of pasta, we eat lots of Mexican food). 
What does the day of a match feel like? On match days, some 
times we do spirit days, but it's really not different from any other day 
if we're playing a tough team like Medfield, everyone gets hyped up. 
What are the routines for pre-match? When we get out on the 
courts, we split up singles and doubles and we do our own thing, like 
groundstrokes, volleys and serves. 

Describe the most memorable game of the season. The most 
memorable match of the season was probably our first of the season 
against Holliston. We have a lot of young players on the team and for 
us to beat Holliston 5-0 was pretty awesome. 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? Our lucky charm is definitely Otis, 
but sharing a bus with the freshmen boys' baseball team is also lucky 
What will you miss most? I think that we will really miss everything 
about the team. We all share a close bond and have had so many laughs 
and memories with the whole team. We will sincerely miss singing on the 
bus with everyone to the "Chacarron Macarron" and 'Take You to Rio!" 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? Come into the sea- 
son in shape and ready to play! Be sure to be outgoing - it'll get you far! 
What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? Receiving a 
varsity letter means that you have truly accomplished something. You 
have taken your talent to the next level. Once you have that letter in 
your hand, you have a strong sense of pride. 

Interview with Matt Levine, Josh Goldberg, 
Believe Opara and Hani Singer 

Describe a typical practice. 

When we warm up, we do laps and lots of stretching. 

We also do suicides and drills like moving up and down 

the "ladder." 

Activities the team loves? Activities the team dreads? 

We hate suicides and bunny hops around the world. 

What are your team bonding activities? 

We bond when the team goes to Subway to eat. We 

have pasta dinners too, and we bond on the long bus 

rides to matches. 

What does match day feel like? 

We are in anticipation for the "war" of tennis. We get 

really pumped. We also high five in the hallways. 

What was the most memorable match of the season? 

Hopkington was a memorable match for us. We all 

played well. 

What's your favorite memory of the season? 

Our favorite memories are the Walk for Hunger and our 

pasta dinners. Also, our last home match was a good 

memory, even though we lost. 

As a senior what will you miss about the sport? 

We will miss all of the good times with Mr Dolleman 

because he is a motivator and gets us pumped up. 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? 

Win the meets, and practice! 

Team song? 

Our team songs were the "Space Jam" theme song and 

various techno bangers. 

Do you have a lucky charm? 

Believe 's hair 



"UK flMT m 

^" ' - *- j^PMiSa 




-"T-i-nr n-t+«-M-H-i,^B ' — . >*«-^^ 









FRONT ROW (L-R): Chris Frangieh, Matt Levine, Chris Lui, Brandon Jarva BACK ROW: (L-R); Believe 
Opara, Tommy Hu, Cody Whalen, Ryan McNulty, Matt Gee 


M.V.P. Matt Levine 
Sportsmanship Matt Gee 
Unsung Hero Josh Goldberg 

FRONT ROW (L-R|: Joe EII<houry, Ehren Wong, Arun Rangarajan BACK ROW (L-R): Will Scarpa, Sleven 
Lannum, Mike Sanlisi, Noah Ouellette, Gabriel Goldberg, Nick Adjami, Ben Gantert 


(^MML 1. 


^7 1 

7, 31 

■ 111, 1 , F*^' ■ ^Vfl 



IPHW^*^'^, a 



Interview with Rachel Masotta and Leigha Valentine 

Tell us about a typical practice. We start by running laps. 
then throw with partners. Then we go into our outfield and 
infield positions and do some plays, switching positions so 
everyone gets to practice. 

Are there particular drills/activities the team loves? 
Or dreads? Yes, I hate setting up the machines for batting. 
Also, we line up at every base, so that each person gets to 
play each positions. 

Describe a team-bonding activity. We go out to dinner a 
lot, especially to Bubbling Brook. The team has been amaz- 
ing this season on and off the softball field, we've grown into 
a family. 

What does the day of a game feel like? Everyone is a 
lot more focused, and we tend to high five each other in the 
halls to make everyone less nervous. Game days are exciting 
and full of energy. We do spirit days and pictures in front of 
my locker 

What are the routines for pre-game? We always take 
pictures at Leigha's locker Also, Joanne always has to be the 
one to get the first ball, or then the whole game is messed up. 
Describe the most memorable game of the season. 
It was actually this Wednesday (May 25th) against Medway 
because we made it in the tournament. 
Do you guys have a lucky charm? Sort of. Before a 
game someone has to pick a quote and cut it into strips. 
Then we all read it and tuck it into our socks. 
What will you miss most? I'll miss everything! The game, 
team, and coaches; especially because I won't be playing in 

What advice would you offer underclassmen? I would 
say that they should work together and be close with each 
other because it is a team sport. 
What does receiving a varsity letter mean to you? It 
1 1 lakes me feel proud and accomplished to have reached a 
new level in the sport that I love. 

FRONT ROW E B Messineo, Sheila OSullivan, Amanda Diiulis, Rachel MasoMa. Leigha Valenline. Molly 
O'Brien. Joanne O'Sullivan BACK ROW: Coach Sherr, Liz Lotlus, Alana Piccinlli, Sam Diehl, 
Keira Travers, Kristina Barounis, Emileigh Rau, Brittany Dwan, 

FRONT ROW Brooke Magliozzi. Kiley Ward, Renee Pisano, Dhvani Palel. Caroline Porter. Alison Black. 
BACK ROW: Annie Murray. Carol Han. Maddie Stewart. Elizabeth Stuehr. Juliana Barounis. Hannah 
Orcutt. Sammy Brook. Kathleen Mcwatters. Shannon Stivaletta. Linnea Thomas 






^ 1 1« • 


Tell us about a typical practice. A typical 
practice consists of us stretching, sprinting and 
working the field. We also practice batting and try 
to make practice as nnuch like a game as possible. 
Are there particular drills/activities the team 
loves? Or dreads? We like batting practice 
because it's fun and more relaxing compared to 
fielding, which we do not like because it is tedious. 
Describe a team-bonding activity. We had a 
lot of fun when we went out to eat at Jake and 
Joes. We also bonded at Murph's, but gener- 
ally we bond through practice and hanging out 
together on the weekends. 
What does the day of a game feel like? 
Whenever we have a game it always seems that 
we're so excited for the games that we cannot 
focus on anything else, (which makes it tough in 

What are the routines for pre-game? When 
we travel for away games we always sit in the 
same seats with someone and eat snacks. 
Describe the most memorable game of the 
season. The most memorable game was against 
Holliston because we beat them at their home 
field at night. But, the best memory was against 
Norwell when Posty got his first hit. 
Does your team have a team song? Our team 
song is "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull. 
What advice would you offer underclassmen? 
My advice for underclassmen is to work hard and 
be committed to the team and giving your all. ..oh, 
and don't listen to forest. 




1 L^ESI 



J^ 'InH JH 

Ji 1 







Encou nters 




The Visual and Performing Arts Departments co-hosted 
Encounters with the Arts, an annual showcase of student 
work. The evening had a festival feel, with a huge vari- 
ety of activities, performances, and exhibits, throughout 
the Arts Wing, from which visitors could choose. Stu- 
dent groups from classes such as Chorus, Orchestra, 
and Drama presented energetic pieces. Extracurricular 
music groups, including Passing Notes and Jazz Band, 
performed, as did student led groups like "Haley and the 
Bones". The corridors and art studios were transformed 
nto galleries for work from all visual art classes. Seven 
upperclassmen exhibited their portfolios and responded 
to visitors' questions at "Meet the Artist". Digital Photog- 
raphy students offered "Fun Family Portraits", with prints 
to take home and many arts students led interactive 
art-making activities. The "cherry on the sundae" for the 
evening was Project Empty Bowls, a fundraiser by the 
Th-IVI Honor Society and the Visual Arts Department. For 
a small donation, guests got to enjoy ice cream sundaes 
and take home a hand-made bowl. The event raised 
nearly $1000 for the Greater Boston Food Bank. 

FROhJT ROW (L-R): A.J. Sadler, Steven McCarthy. Brianna King, Eliza Kaplan. Erica Nagle. 
Jacky Martin. Sabrina Farley MIDDLE ROW: Anokh Palakurthi, Nick Damren, Sarah Hogan. 
Justin Magnan, Dorian Otserstein. Calla Titseri, Delaney Russell. Khadijah Desanges, Mary Claire 
Leone BACK ROW: Shannon McCarthy, Becky Farley, Thomas Mandeville, Jackson Harrington. 
Grayson Asmar, Ben Pincus, Leanne Murray, Julie Gardella, Hayley Lim, Molly Hanlon, Katharine 
Nedder, Nick Adjami, Viveka Mastandrea, Jessica Woycik 


Njg hts 

The caliph Shahryar responds to his wife's betrayal by killing her. Each 
night thereafter he marries a girl in the village only to kill her in the morning. 
When the young Scheherezade is chosen to be his bride she relies on her 
storytelling skills to save not only her own life, but to save and heal Shahryar. 
This story of love, loss, and redemption took the stage for this year's fall 
play, The Arabian Nights. Written by Mary Zimmerman, who according to 
many cast members is actually a god, the play was a touching combination 
of heartfelt, reflective, and comical tales. The ensemble cast, in beautiful 
Arab costumes, created a world in which the whim of the caliph could spell 
doom. Utilizing Zimmerman's words the cast took the audience on a jour- 
ney that won't soon be forgotten. 








i «ri 

FRONT ROW (L-R) Alex Jackson. Shannon McCarthy, Sabrina Farley, Kyle Menyhert, Ellen Kunkel, Mary Doyle, Erica Nagle, Jacky Martin, Bnanna King. Hillary Hui, 
Elise Blanchatd. Eliza Kaplan. Alison Campion. Wison McNulty. Josh Goldberg. Matt Hurley. Matt Levine. Sleven McCarthy. A.J. Sadler SECOND ROW: Becky Farley, 
Thomas Mandeville. Julian Zamudio, Brian Delsignore. Justin Magnan. Sarah Hogan. Elidi Chan. Anokh Palakurthi. Annie Craig. Abigail Keaveney. Zoe Radner, 
Lee Hatfield. Sma Salehi. Alana Piccinlli, Delaney Russell, Julia Bornstein, Melissa Solimine THIRD ROW: Rebecca Rice. Yu Qiao. Elizabeth Lottus. Haley Smith. 
Kim Flalley. Khadijah Desanges. Lauren Harnngton. Molly Hanlon. Connor O'Brien. Katharine Nedder. Caitlyn Moore. Lisa Petrie. Mana Munaf. Andrew Gettmgs. 
Chloe Snyder. Margaret Holler, Julia Kaplan. Arev Doursonian. An Ventola. Jackie Kouri. Zach Piscitelli, Jon Anamateros, Arun Rangarajan, Julie Gatdella. Leanne 
Murray. Nick Adjami. Steven Kane. Viveka Mastandrea, Hayley Um, Ben Gantert. Ben Pincus BACK ROW: Sara Thomas, Katherine Santisi, Julia Ellis. Jessica Woydk, 
Allison Aries. Victona Sayeg. Linnea Thomas, Mary Claire Leone. Bobby Brennan. Jackson Harrington. Steven Harnngton 

Arts 167 

/J HI 

fROm ROW (L-R): Elidi Chan. Elise Blanchard, Tracy Donlon. Allison Cuccoli. Jason Demarinis. Michael Venti. 
Kevin Long. Ashley LBephn. Ullas Rao, Alison Campion MIDDLE ROW: Stephen Campion. Chris Lui. Hani 
Singer. Matt Masi-Phelps. Michael Santisi. Sammy Pease. Jake Indursky. Will Spear. Pat Masi-Phelps BACK 
ROW: Joey Perez. P.J. Cook, Fahad Mi/nir. Sam Malonson. Hayley Lim, Ben Gantert. Chris Frangieh. Conor Duffy, 
Ed Han, Kieman Somers. Keelin Henderson, Enn Curran. Alison McNulty, Erik Brakke, Kevin Nangeroni. Ms. Cote 


Caitlin Adamakis 

Having great times at track, key club, friends and family, teaching religious classes, meet- 
ing great new people... Turph's in NonA/ood. CIA talk, spring/winter track-Boothie, J-Puti, 
Stabbing myself with a javelin, Shot-Put, TVLs... everything plaid, seeing/nneeting simple 
plan, turtles, 'The 18 List', New Hampshire trips, bubbling brooks trips in the summer, 
learning how to jump-start a car at bubbling brook, hide and seek in the dark-manhunt, 
kahma, pod 1 . 'the 99 meter group'... Thanks Westwood High for all the awsome memories! 

Anthony Antonellis 

Canoe, madden, greg's attic, chase estate's wiffleball/football, halo at greg's, groovy 
freshman bball, 1/21/08, soph halloween and the boombox, march madness week- 
ends in NH, AMP, Hale, junior year Canton, Brett's attic, RIP PEN, Mississippi 09-10. 
Truro, DPW, Vinny!, Loon, pool bball, OTR, Starbucks, St.Tim's. McD's, Friday Night 
Lights, "Your Hand In Mine", tribal names, football - safety/receiver, ski team, lax - de- 
fensive middy much love Yalda, Chris Molch sup my dude, love you Nicky, Jojo, Mom, 
Dad, Rocky, and friends... PEACE! 

Katherine Akikie 

Omg Amanda i missed you so much!! Going to miss "mommy" and koojo my boyfriend. 
Caroline we have had way too many memories, which i can't share. Mimi! my phone 
antenna in McGunagle's class, our time in English -too many memories but the fact we 
never understood anything. And i will miss our talks & fun hangouts. Ay Bay Bay- miss 
your sense of humor Kateyin our fun times roasting smores. Boyfriend and Jimmy I will 
miss you both so much, Bobby all the rides home and prom. Mike love our insulting 
comments, all my hunior girllyss i will miss you so much. I Love you. Be good!! 

Colin Arnpriester 

Freshman Soccer. Cody's car. Burkie and Cody: that ol' Alaskan. DAHL STOP LEAV- 
ING YOUR PHONE IN MY CAR. Sunday joy ndes in Burkie's Bentley. Awesome times, 
more to come. 

Sean Amaru 

Ll'v'E THE DREAM and keep the tips up. Sophomore Halloween, spring 09. pun- 
ta cana 6.22.11, Greek palace, brett's attic, quinn's couch. Westwood baseball 
and football, boston trips, rascal limo. snoop dogg. falmouth. 4th of July, mar- 
thas vineyard, condos house, prom weekend, family and friends, posty driv- 
ing, you can do whatever you want to do in life if you believe, become legendary, 

Charlie Audi 

NC 09, NO 1 0, NC 11 , 1 62 Far Reach Road, 60 Partndge Drive, KFed's Cackle. Fifa 
and Madden with Vito, midnight train, senior year in general, Panera, Downey Mud 

Jackie Audi 

"You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you 
meet those people you can't forget. Those are your friends, and a friend is someone 
who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way 
you are." Senior Ladies and the Lebs, never left my side, no matter what happened. 
We may be apart in distance, but never in heart. 

Jessica Berry 

Jennifer Beggan 

It's been a great four years, I will miss everything from WHS. I have so many great 
memories and I want to thank all my fnends, and my family for being there and 
supporting me. I have no regrets, and I am thankful for all the relationships I have made 
along the way. I have learned so much here, and I'm gonna miss it. Good luck to the 
class of 2011! 

Sarah Biron 

"Cause you'll be in my neart, you'll be in my heart, from this day 
on, now and forever more." NappleChapple. StatechampsOQ. Oreo 
brownies. 162FarReach Rd, F9 forever, Sbestfriends: we made it 
Bustin'ButLally & McShorty. EAS3, FAMILY 143. POD, Best TVL 
announcers NC1 1 . SPOT, cassie, SO, Safety and fun. Sweaty and 
Bloated. Rich Pretty Skinny. AWKpalmtree, jplicks. midnight harry- 
potter. brooms up! sledding,, SJ. Anyone behind 
me? crash. "Its gonna get harder still, before it gels easy" 

Kara Belinsky 

"memories never die and true fnends never say goodbye"... 6AMIGAS. "best frents." sum- 
mer crew, landshark. Nantucket. MV-Themo, Bo. bush. Cape/Kathy's. tubing, "go nelly." 
Hull "i remember those days." PUNTA CANA'11. Annual Rascal Flatts concert. Friday 
movie nights. Saturday mall tnps. BSATPLAC. Joey satmorning bagels. Aint no mountain 
high enough. Sisterhood, lunch w/michael. franklin roadtrips. superfans. flat tire, superhe- 
roes. theattic. cavegiris. sixflags. kelleys roof. miami09. 6a pyramid, pretzelm&ms. singing 
listen. 23. going blonde, pheasant hill, seniorsi 1 soccershots. JKSD. driving point sys- 
tem, "long live the walls we crashed through i had the time of my life with you.." 

Elise Blanchard 

9.28.07. Coconuts. Bngadoon. Little Ossippie lake, Waterboro. Twelfth Night. AAU, big 
girls don't cry. National anthems. Zombie Prom. 53. No air. Sweet sixteen. R&G dance 
parties. 12.12.09, 1 miss you and love you. 2.28.10. Evita, Che committee. Don't want 
to miss a thing. Hartford, another day in paradise, moonfall quartet. Assisi. Old orchard 
beach. Charity concert. Please remember December. How to succeed.Thank you, I 
love you. "Because I knew you. I have been changed for good." "Here's to high school, 
how it flies; to the bonds and to the ties; to the love that never dies." 

Rachel Berluti 

6AMIGAS "bestfrents." Dixie Dudes, Summer crew. PUNTA CANA '11. "Go Nelly" 
Brett's attic. BSATPLAC. Saturday morning bagels. Ain't no mountain high enough. 
Landshark. Nantucket-juice bar, Peter, survivor MV- Themo, Bo. Cape/Katie's man- 
sion and dock. Kathy's. Annual Rascal Flatts. Friday movie nights. Saturday mall tnps. 
Cavegiris. Vball. Superfans. Flat tire. Tubing. Miami 09. Kelley's root. 6A pyramid. Six 
flags. Lunch with Michael. Stats=death. Pretzel M&M's. Long car rides. Singing. Ice 
cream. Hypochondriacs (Molly). "Can I go to sleep for a sec?" Baylor's Brain Gang. 
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."- Dr. Seuss 

Ariel Bornstein 

Afternoon Car Crew. "What about my mouth?" "Don't cry, you look ugly when you cry," 
"Oh, I took that back." Hiding in the ceiling. Au Bon Pan. Car Chases in Shaw's park- 
ing lot. Rainbow Prom, Getting kicked out. Bag o' Kittens ... So cute you just want to 
punch them. A memory lasts forever. Never does it die. Tme friends stay together. And 
never say goodbye. 


Vito Bruno 

The measuring cup Sunday nights Rallying, strawberry shortcake, the crippler, mcshor- 
tay, beans, birex, tough Indian, bobby, Fedorowicz, back hugs, bromontana 

Alison Campion 

It all goes by so fast and there's so nnuch I will miss; but it all comes dov.Tt to the people 
you meet, the memories you share, and the family you make. 

Stephen Burke 

I will always cherish my memories created in an out of school as a student at WHS. 
Though I was an avid trend setter, I always felt like a fit in the social community and I 
really enjoyed my experience. Thank you to all my friends I have made and kept along 
the way I will never forget you or any of the hilarious and wonderful times we have 

Stephen Campion 

It's amazing to see how 

far we have all come over 

the past four years. In 

retrospect. I view each 

academic year as another 

chapter of our four-year 

journey together at WHS, 

As we conclude our final 

chapter, we wonder where 

we will go from here. 

Whatever the future holds, 

we will follow unique paths 

and face new challenges 

at every turn. Above all, 

we will never forget all the 

good times we have had at 

Westwood High School and all the memories we share. 

Thank you. Class of 201 1 , for making our green years shine. 

Jessica Burns 

Swim Team, "Doing the Legacy". SPAIN2010 & Manny Dance parties at Keelin's porch, 
endless Friday movie nights. Rascal Flatts'10, Late nights at Bugaboo, JJCREW FOR- 
EVER. Sundae School, Nauset Beach, Warped Tour '09, Chilies with Richard, MISSIS- 
SIPPI 09-10, Tom 
Petty, Snow days. 
Bruins vs. Montreal, 
Chatham Light Beach, 
Chatham A's, Humani- 
ties with McGunagle, 
Summers in Brewster, 
Skiing at Whiteface, 
Digital Photo love, I 
love my SLTP family 
All my friends I love 
you and we never 
stopped laughing. To 
my family I love you 
and thank you for your 

Olivia Cawley 

Never thought this time would come. After more than a decade of growing up to- 
gether, it's now time to fill the pages of the completely different stones each of our 
lives are going to tell. What I'll never forget: Summer nights, the beach, daily lif- 
ers. The Bronco, "Bronco friends", proms, Westwood Eating Team, St. Jude's Charity 
Concert, sweet sixteen. Rascal Flatts'09&'lQ, Dave Matthews '10, Country Fest '09. 
The Dance Force, FALMOUTH, "not going to school in Westwood", GTL, The Three 
Stooges, WICKED&RENT, the GH crew<3, Reppin' the X, songwriting sessions, and 

Jacinta Calixte 

I want to remember my time at Westwood High School has been a learning expenence. 
I learned a lot academically and also about life. I was put into some sticky situations that 
I had to learn to get out of. 

Nicole Chan 

I will never forget the wonderful times I've spent in the NICHE, at movie nights, frolfing, 
Turphs at Norwood, Taco Nights, Mr G, ice skating, orchestra, library book sales, all the 
time in the project lab, and posting flynn nder in a locker. 

Michael Cicerone 

Wednesday Roster. The Den. Bio. Chem. MISTAH BEANS. Cube Runner. NH With Ru- 
pert. Yammy. Roches. Halloween 2009, Humarock. DOUHTS! Mem. OHHHHH. HYE. 
Bodog. Stu Feiner. Calling Mickey Dusting off the hands. Mr.Scruff. Mr. Ducheneau. Cam 
and his pool table. Cruising in Walsh's Mini Van. Prom. DMB. Jen's Cape House. Driving 
in Benny's whip. Benny's whip having seizures. Square dancing at Zac Brown. Country- 
fest. New York City. Realizing was a real thing. Going to California. Fuji's. 123456. Watch- 
ing Mr. Shuman tool on Bobby. Stink. Skyler. Just being with my friends. 

Erin Curran 

I will miss the awesome 
times in the A-pod. 
Also, "iQue va? ^Que 
va?" and the Chan 
Clan. I will miss Papa 
Gino nights, "winning" 
Oragano, and Penguin 
Movie Nights. "Sthu- 
per Sthexy", great 
times in the Niche, and 
my amazing friends. 

Harry Clapsis 

Car crash delaying school, acetone in Plunkett's Class, Life with Dexter, junior English, 
baseball games with K$, ADL Conference with Peer Mediation, class with Mr. D, spell- 
ing words w/ Scrabble pieces in English, Wolverine Wednesdays, "Literally" 16 times in 
a class, unlimited debate with Steven 

James Curtin 

The best four years of my life consisted of. . . Hockey, Lacrosse, bus rides home, driving 
to practice at 4 am, Mrs. Egizi's cookies, getting taco face with Gav during advantage 
practice. Captains practice, pasta dinners, Needham Roche Bros. Going to bass pro 
every Thursday of junior year. Crowd surfing at Prom, Getting mad at Brian for not having 
his phone. Going to OTR, abandon highway, B. Ave and the drag stnp with my boys. 
Hanging out with Maddy during free, Mr. Schwanbeck's Class and Ms. Clifford's Class. 

Sean Condrick 

Murphs, Cruising the suburban, brett's attic after hockey games, the squad, chilling 
on quinn's couch, the hockey team, Windows BE AN, Sandy, mini hockey shoot out, 
biking to dunkies everyday the jar, the focus, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't 
take"- Wayne Gretzky, actually seeing the dover demon, laxtitute applications. Fire + 
Ice, Punta Cana, MV in the summer, PP2, the first medway game, singing with jumbo 
jim, Maine in the summer 

Francesca DeBenedictis 

"They say you only live once, 
but when you live like us once is 
enough" I will always remember 
Vball 09', Team Jacob, mary- 
lous, marco island, JP Licks, 
BTR, Summer Jam, "He's sim- 
ply a hidden gem," Taylor Swift 
10', October 9, 2010, Cape 
Cod*, Rascal Flatts, we laugh 
a lot. Sierra's, beach trips, 
Greg Niles jumping over me, 
"we're such night owls., hoot 
hoot," movie nights, camp 
outs, Dre's palace, Januan/ 
17,2010, Dp's at Yalda's, and 
"Get this!" Thanks to my fam- 
ily and friends throughout with 
years, I couldn't have done it 
without you! 








Paul Cook 

I had such a great time at WHS! I met a lot of great teachers and kids. I participated in 
two activities; the now extinct Chess Club and Robotics. Thomas McNulty and I would go 
once a week to an empty math classroom and play chess. There were only two occasions 
when someone else showed up... whoever you were thank you. Robotics was a blast! I 
would like to thank the jokers for all the funny moments they made possible. Everything 
from putting "Ethan Dolleman" on the attendance list for a substitute, to making me say 
tunny things while sitting on the hood of Mike Ventura's car (thank you John Abi-Elias). 

David DeCenzo 

"We live for the nights we'll never forget with the friends we'll always remember" : West- 
wood Football, the Juniors, July 4th 09, Cape Cod, COUNTRYFEST!!, Coast Guard, 
Peters Palace, Round 1+2-t-3, New Year's 09 -1- 10, McDonalds runs. Freshman Base- 
ball, Pepper Spray, late night W, hockey/baseball/lax games, lax BBQ's Punta Cana. 
PTown, Mac's Sea Shack, Eastham, Whiffle Ball, Canton, the caddy -1- Clifford rides, 
"..loving lily.", "top 0' the mornin to ya", a summer 11 to remember, Westwood High 
School thanks for the best 4 years. 

Caitlin DeLorey 

On the first day of Freshman Year, I walked up and down the halls attempting to find 
the direction of my classes. I remember worrying that my high school experience would 
be like my first day, not knowing where to go and what to expect. With school activities 
and with great friends along the way I began to feel like I belonged at WHS, and I was 
happy to be a part of the community here. When I look back, I want to remember high 
school as a time where I realized the person I want to be. 

Samantha DeTore 

The past four years I have spent in Westwood have flown by. Because of my experi- 
ences here, I have learned so much about myself and about who I want to continue to 
be in the future. There were many ups and downs, but I would never change a thing 
about my time here. I have changed for the better because of Westwood. Thank you 
to my family, fnends. Dr. Brody and Ms. Cataldo, and all my teachers, especially Dr. 
Zarrow, for watching me and helping me grow these last four years. "The only thing 
constant in life Is change." 

John Delsignore 

I thoroughly enjoyed my two years at Westwood High. I am grateful for my experiences 
on the Golf, Track, and Baseball teams as well as the Ultimate Frisbee Club. Muffin 
Town and Bagel Central will always be my "guilty secrets'". 

Amanda Diiulis 

I'm overall happy with everything I got to do at WHS. I loved spending time with my fnends 
and am glad I had a good group to support me, laugh with me and share high school vM~\ 
me. I will remember high school as long, stressful but overall a good time. The only thing I 
would change during my high school experience is to not stress the little things so much and 
learn how to forgive and forget a little better. I hope people remember me as someone wtio 
was a good friend and had the ability to bnghten up someone's day As much as I couldn't 
wait for my final days of high school, I think I'll be able to look back and miss WHS. 


Christa DeMovellan 

c3. "Be who you are and say what you feel Decause those who mind don't matter 
and those who matter don't mind." Leah-the list of good deeds, "we laugh a lot" "GET 
THIS..." francesca's pool/campouts. 1/17/10. TimMcGraw, taylorswift/BIEBERFEVER, 
rascalflatts. VBALL09NEVERDIES. Diva's porch. DHS,SOR1216, Aruba/winter'08. 25 
hawktree drive, marylou's. WWL/\Xremix. joonyas. val's Maine house (rite-aid missions). 
Babson EMLMKR. stretchingcult. stefi-fun days. lily-SISTAS. cape09. newyearsi 1/E.R. 
yAyAz. powderpuff. 2timekeener. 18th bday weekend... thankkgya to my friends&family 
I love you alL..lamnotasenior. 

Nasuf Dizdari 

Ani Derderian 

Seniors 201 1! ill never forget..., 
leaving the door open, friday 
nights at the kitchen table, 
halloween 09, NH sophomore 
year, diet goats, meeting rod- 
ney in falmouth, getting punchy, 
4A, egor!, walpole, FX, jackies 
basement and teta, amandas, 
ya know its just a little some- 
thing something, "thats fresh", 
is it?? are we?, chip chip chee- 
rio!, thats nuts, fhockey baked 
goods<3, egyptian ratscrew, 
bit of a chunkah eh?,CALL IT 
X, K.A.A.A, duxbury, BAK, "hey 

guys..", "you know what i just realized?!", english accents, clam bakes, the pathfinder, 
the new boyz on the block, adam sandier?!, 2am mac and cheese, rustafarian, and 
shieepin gts, im glad you wrapped it up this time, see you at the pitchers mound!. 

Jessica Donovan 

"Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad: it's what you do in between that counts 
the most. " espionage, monsterball 2010, cape cod, sugar angels, Colorado with chris 
rock, RDS <3 sd-ea-lc-sd-cr-jd, vila-real, sweet 16, latin, PLL at mayas, sox and Celt- 
ics games, pooter, okemo, skying, lilly and angel, the date switch, samp Thanks to 
everyone that made high school so much fun, love you all <3 

Mary Doyle 

Friday night sleep overs at Alex's, car ride adventures, grub sessions, Westw/ood High 
theater, cast bowling, hug circles, cast parties, sky zone, dance parties on stage, voice 
recital fiascos, crazy Halloween costumes, stalking MM squared, belting loudly at 
Alex's, dinner at Chilis and after school locker side chats. Westwood High School is 
filled with so many fun memones that I will remember forever. I am going to miss all my 
friends terribly They have made my high school experience memorable and amazing. 
I love you guys! 



Michael Filbin 

The Zone, BDM, Cape, What up ton?. Pushing the caddy greek palace, festival of life, 
TimlO, vandy Bro BQ's, Canton, poppy south beach, themo, Clifford, ghetto, bess. 
frank. Sand's. KMNT. Brett's, kingston, Indian pond, kiddie pools, bonfires, pepper 
spray party, rally 

Brett EgizI 

e4. "Windows. March madness. Fnday night lights, my attic, hey baby, getting rejected 
by Union, martha's vineyard/ bug in yappas car. wills many gfs. "I live here", dre's. Dan- 
iel's cape house junior prom, sean and posty on the canoe. PAPIIII, be game and tonys 
hugs, super bowl 1 1 at quinns, Johnny's basement poker, halloween- fog machine, 
rachels basement, stones 's invincibility, bacne. 12.5 percent, blonde kid. bawled kid, 
cujo's 3rd. "I don't think she saw me", senior year. My 3ps love you 4ever. 

Nicole Fiorino 



\ A 

1 ^^^^BB^^H 









jK '~*^^^P' 





>~ -id 

Cameron Etchings 

Ciceron eye. Patrick Walsh's Mimvan. Dr Benj eye Glaser. Wearing Sweaters. Playing 
Golf. Breathing, and Staying Hydrated 

Kevin Gavin 

Class of '1 1 . Freshman football joke circles, freshman baseball, hockey, 4am, new gar- 
den, Bretts, Condos in the summer, Norfolk, Gregs, Canton, KMNT, Westport, Rascal, 
Tim'10, Country Fest, What up ton?, Pushin the caddy, greek palace, Halloween '08, 
New Years, Bassets, Rob's, Truro, SASA, Medway. Good times, Live it up. 

Kyle Fedorowicz 

Don't eat food in the library. 

Maria Georgaklis 

CHEERLEADING. Friday night games, Pep railys. Dp's on the bus. Away games. Cheer 
Camp. Big Dave. Club UCA. Banana '09. Man carrier 9 o'clock. Holla atcha gurl. 3AF 
Fresh like us. Triangle. Get at me. Triple threat. CougNation. Seniors X Forever. Dream 
Team. "Were out on the prowl". FIGHT. Friendiys. Lc&Lo. "Were nuuuts". Sisters<3. 
Momo. Summer '09. Car Crew, Go big or Go Home. GG, #10, Twinnys, AG, Couldn't 
live without my fnends. The show goes on. "Leave a mark they can't erase neither 
space nor time. So when the director yells cut, ill be fine. I'm forever young." 

Kathryn Gilliland 

I hope my legacy is one of a girl who knows who she is and has no fear in expressing 
herself, even if that means not being like everyone else. 

% ?r': 



" _r 1 

Edward Han 

It has been good, and times has gone really fast. Thanks to all the friends other homies- 
You know who my friends are in Westwood High School. Excluding the fact that West- 
wood town IS bit boring, it had been very peaceful, except I lived in a house that is not 
peaceful for 4 years. There are lots of memories, but if I have to choose one. well this is 
really obvious thing, but I will just say it. The one thing that I will definently remember, is 
that Edward J. Han is SUPREME. 

Kate Ginsberg 

6A, XC '10. BOFA. Cape Cod. Rascal. PUNTA'11. MV trips: Bo&Themo. Nantucket. 
Teddy & family the little, "it's chill." Lunch with Michael, in general. Love list, "hairflip" 
3three3. Brett's attic. Kelley's roof. Pretzel m&ms. 23. Superheroes. Cavegirls. Six flags. 
Tripod. Pod lives on. Go Nelly Superfans. Car rides to Franklin. Flat tire. Singing "Lis- 
ten." Don't cry for me Argentina. Snugglefests. Marky Mark. Dusty. "I say we make a 
pact. Here and now. We're here for each other, always, no matter what happens in life." 
-Now and Then 

Elise Harrington 

Being a student at Westwood High School has been quite the experience for me. One 
of my favorite memones of Westwood High school was the trip to QuetDec my French 
class went on when I was a junior I also enjoyed the prom and all the good times with 
my friends. I have met so many new people here, both seniors and underclassmen. 
And I have learned so many great skills. I have enjoyed my stay here, however I am 
ready to move on and start the next chapter in my life. 

Joshua Goldberg 

Being the new kid. broth- 
erhood, north star phc 
tography club, science 
team, josh "lighting strike 
goldberg. cross country, 
tennis. OTR southern style 
sweet tea. ultimate fris- 
bee. games club, magic 
the gathering with WS, Jl, 
and PMR rec ball. Christ- 
mas eve skiing, stumble- 
upon in the library, sound 
crew with MH and ML. 

Nicholas Hawes 

Kids Got No Kick, Wild Man, All-States for Cross Country, the Magic Woods, and the 
pyramids on top of PJ's desk. 

Michael Hallion 

Greece, cramming in pmac's trasn can, frank, canton, moloys prom weekend, oprah, 
mashpee in the summer hanging out at Sheehan school field with Andreas and 
Quinn... .maybe one other kid?, the boombox!, Bella, promnight breakups, buckmaster 
barbecues, m&m's cone every day campouts at Condricks, neighborhood walks with 

Keelin Henderson 

Aitnougn iugn school is commg to an end. I wili always remember: xc is sexc, marcel 
the shell with shoes on, thatcher every day, cats, BSATPLAC, Ain't No Mountain High 
Enough, post parties, near death experiences with the javelin, Boothie, smurfs, break- 
fasts at Murphs, Fantasia on the Dargason, room C, Doug, obsession with music, hide 
and go seek, manhunt, night sledding. It's scary to think that it's almost over, but with 
the endless support of my family and friends I can leave high school with unforgettable 
memories and the knowledge that I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Jacqueline Henry 

Live On; No Regrets - F Block Free. BABS. Parking Lots. Chocolate Ice. Maine '10. 'TM 
ROMAN..." Outta Control. SugarHoneylcedTea&ButterPecanPuertoRlcan. Black Eyed 
Peas, Summer Jam, Monster Jam (x2) and Usher (; Norwood/Randolph/Brockton/Quincy. 
Rummy Eight hour lifers. Clicking? Stop. Hot Cider. "She sat on me five years ago." Ques- 
tionable. "I 'need' to talk to you. Like I NEED to." Like really? The Crew. The Track. DW. 
"Shake ya, make ya, mad." Rayon and Xavier (McDonalds guy mafia guy, train station guy 
Newport guy etc.) IMTMTH. "Must be really sunny under there..." 143. Deuces. (; 

Jacob Indursky 

Dave Maher Freshman Squad--Leibson's buzzer beater, picking locks, and beating 
Medfield. The corner in AP Euro was the best part of sophomore year. Best sleepovers 
with rockband, halo, and throwing old meat at houses, always with the third random 
kid. Junior year was East Dedham forever. Tucc and Dahl were my 2 am boys. Samp 
Is life. Grounded for Summer 1 0. Everybody's a debate team captain. FIFA and chillin 
after school. I love you Leibson, you'll be my boy forever. 

Shannon Hogan 

I will always remember WHS Class of 2011. Making Strides, sephora. Wildcat Camp, 
scavenger hunts=death, hair touching circle, barn of dreams, PHEASANTHILL, butterfly 
and Eskimo kisses, staring contests, stupidhead, claps. The cape, raspberry chocolate, 
magic shows, monsterjam, SUMMERJAM, megagroup? TSwift, Nflarshfield, student coun- 
cil, BlOgrouplovespotus and nickelodeon, fire and ice, everyone cried, Spanish notebook. 
AP Physics... Spain with Manny and the magic stick, giggle chuckle, EDC, morning walks, 
lazer tag? Double dates, home videos, buh, are you in your hunger? lanky MB, cannibalism, 
twin Rebecca, nding in on brooms. Anne's and small cranapple luices. UK '1 1 . 

Daquira Ingram 

Hey, wassup Westwood!!! I had a nice experience at this high school. I enjoyed each 
and every moment of it. I'm going to miss all the fun times I had with my friends. From 
goofing around in free blocks to making my fnends/teachers laugh in all my different 
classes. I want to say thanks a lot to all my teachers who were there for me from the 
beginning to the end< and thanks to all my friends for being there when i needed a 
shoulder to lean on Love You guys!!! Off to College :-) 

Tommy Hu 

WHS has been a journey of discovery, laying the ground work for me to find what I am 
truly passionate about. 

Alexandra Jackson 

I have made so many amazing fnends dunng my four years at WHS and will miss 
them all so much. I will always remember Friday night sleepovers with Mary, Elena and 
Eliza. Musicals: Brigadoon, Evita, How to Succeed--cast bonding and all my favorite 
underclassmen <3. Kaja. Puerto Rico. Skiing. The chorus room. Secret Santa's. Late 
night talks on skype and long car rides. Thank you to my friends and family for always 
supporting me. I love you guys! 

Hillary Hui 

Over these past four years here, I would like to give my thanks. Thank you for being 
my sister, mother, and best friend. Thank you for your friendship these past years and 
more to come. Thank you for all of the inside jokes we no longer remember. Thank you 
for encouraging me continuously during class. "It well may be that we will never meet 
again, in this lifetime, so let me say before we part, so much of me, is made of what I 
learned from you, you'll be with me, like a handprint on my heart..." 

Eliza Kaplan 

Grubfests at Mary's. Freshman year sleepovers. Georgia with Alanna. WHS theater: 
Zombie Prom. R&G Are Dead. Evila, Arabian Nights, How to Succeed. Hug circles. 
Cast parties. Dance parties on stage. New York trips. BST Skiing at Alex's. Merrowvista 
summers. Jamming to Mary's inspirational CDs. Sports games for the anthem with 
Elise. The HH. Thank you to my family and friends, I love you all. Whether I met you in 
kindergarten or in high school, I treasure all of my high school fnendships and the amaz- 
ing times I've had. Also, thank you to my teachers for guidance and inspiration. 

Sydney Kaplan 

Marshy (the bucket, MJ video). Summer. JP Licks at 10. Pillow. Halloween. T.Swrft. 
Slightly Stoopid. John Mayer. NYE 1 1 . Chase Estates park. Prom 09 10 1 1 . Powderpuff. 
Da pup. Xmas parties. WHS Fball 09. FL to NJ. Atlantis, Punta Cana, Cape, NH. Maine. 
Rockport (AKL), Call, Canada. ED! WCC Trip 61 08. PC 09. K&M-dedication intnsivA. 
Killer B's, something dirty?!, banquets, competitions, recitals, ap & aap, hay girl hay!, 
nursing home, spiritual eyes. Gold's. SHOSH/Sock? Too many to write, can't wail to 
raise our kids tog ether <3 Friends & family I'll miss you, thank you for everything. 

Christina Koutris 

MuNcHklnO-loveyoubt, managerO9&10, "David', wolfboy, skinikka, drop it like its hot, 
apples+oranges, hamburgers+cheeseburgers. the "busVairport, THE Monday afternoon, 
FblockloveOg, prom(the 3 musketeers)... "love the life you Irve, live the life you love" 

Sophie Karpf 

There's no way four years can be summed up in a box, so I'm not even going to try. 

Ellen Kunkel 

The past four years have been amazing and went by too quickly. I will never forget all 
the lifers, games of pass the marker in the little theater (WAFER!), prom, BST, fun food 
fridays, Olivia & my 1 6th birthday party, hallway laps m the morning, teen center dances, 
Spain, and of course all the amazing theater productions including Evita and Bngadoon. 
To all my friends, thank you for being crazy and making me laugh all throughout high 
school. I'm going to miss you all! 

Katelyn Keane 

I'm going to miss swim team and pasta dinners and Kate sing 'American Honey" I'll miss 
hanging out with Maria all the time and being part of her family since we don't have friends 
and babysitting with you since you like children. I'll miss sitting in your room watching the 
'Euro Training" episode of my wife and kids which we still laugh at... I will miss working at 
the pool with Erin and making bracelets in the rec van while Sean and Maura decide if we 
should take 95 North or 95 South. And I will miss making smores with Kate. 

Beverly Kwong 

Saturday sessions, Halloween fiasco, the free corner, French class family, "the life 
of pogace", GUISHI AND NANA!, Ani's cookies, breaking cameras, WELCOME TO 
AMERICA, L^ KLMJDIAA, why is bev on the floor? There are memories that will be in 
my heart forever I just can't think of them nght now. My friends mean the worid to me 
even though I don't always get to be with them. To Ailyn, Andrea, Ani, and Klaudia I love 
you guys so much. Thanks for being there for me and there will never be a second of 
my life next year when I won't be thinking of you. BAK I GOT YOUR BACK<3 

Brianna King 

I did my first play ever at WHS and I've loved being on stage ever since. I really found a 
home with theater, and that is what I'll remember most, because I've met some of the 
most amazing, caring, talented people through it. I blinked and now I'm there. 

Maria Laham 

Starting as a new student last year. I thought it was going to be hard but with all of the 
great people that surrounded me it was such a blast! Everyday brought a new memory 
and I'm going to miss everyone! Jessie, Jess, and Jacinta, you helped me through so 
much! love you giris! 

:•-» f 

Anne Lally 

'We laughed until we had to cry, we loved right down to our last goodbye, but over 
the years we'll smile and recall, for just one moment. ..we had it all' NapChap, State- 
Champs '09, SKAR, Oreo Brownies, 162 Far Reach Rd, NC'11, Elite8/F9, spot, on- 
the-run 52's, BIO, Mr. Samp. NSC, the bench, WWU\Xremix, bonfires, JP licks, ted- 
dybear sunrise, panera, renonz G-block, midnight harry potter, 4A: AL, AD, AW, salwa, 
youth-ln-rebel, brooms up, Syracuse x2, jackmans pool, bubbling-brook, project lab, 
crazy and reckless, bronco rides, it begins and ends with us, coconut-almond-chlp <3, 
TRIO(AL SB EM). years of my life, no regrets. 

Matthew Levine 

I will miss making PB&J's at 
Hurley's, getting attacked 
by bats during manhunt. 
Tennis singing on the bus. 
Track ninja assain and car 
rides home, seeing ghosts 
with Olivia and od, ice fish- 
ing with kfed and vlto, DJing 
with matt and kevin, Dylan's 
trampoline. GT, monkeyball, 
kanjam, and Spam, 

Nicole Lania 

"I have genuinely enjoyed my time at WHS, All 
the laughter, tears, and times I tripped down the 
spiral stairs, even with all the broken bones has 
been worth It. To all my wonderful friends I love 
you guys you're the best. I can't believe we are 
finally done, it's been a good ride. Congrats and 
good luck to the class of 201 1 !" 

Samantha Liu 

Robinson Law 

I will always remember being part of the daily grind with kp dt jw ps ms Ip and mm, 
Prom 10', New Years '11, WPT trips, Banls's house, 9/19/2010 Rascall Flatts con- 
cert..., Buffalo Chicken Subs at famous, 4 years of varsity golf with DK, some Zake 
Tucke, K Tucke, JP, Archie and Kringle, Experiencing Mr Beans class. Homeroom in Mr. 
Mao's, PEH R.I. P. my friend, Mr. Joe Leibson noble steedsons legend, wish you were 
here for senior year. 

Katherine Loiacono 

today IS gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you... dreamteam, summer 
nights, pt.1&2, ridin' solo to CALIFORNIA, rach renee ali k& katlej, lezzies fo lyfe lolz jk, 
trying to be the core four, romping in the golden nuglet, isynsm, myoreo, the good & bad 
times with the chipmunks, zippythepenguin, ianesaysyoudontevengohere, bbz, niqolas 
lubs yew, KG represent, friday night hibachi ohyeaohyea, dally maoing, gtz avoiding kel- 
logg, dting nerd friends, vp2 all the way MAM<3, harlowestates, lolz gtz whs laxgurlz out 
DEUCES now you should've somehow realized what you've got to do. 

Alanna Leahy 

Erin -t- Nicole thank you for being my best friends through it all, Eliza- Georgia '09 and 
thanks for being my lifeline. Field hockey love, bus rides, Wilson's brownies, 4A-AL, AD, 
AW, "It begins and ends with us"-Anne Lally Prom '10, A225 captain with em. Hockey 
memories, Puerto Rico '09 with Alex, I'll miss the package deal and D free. Europe 
'1 1 with Jessica, love you jessypoo. smgtz. Thank you to my friends and family for an 
amazing high school experience. 

Kenneth Long 

It may be a little cliche and cheesy but I honestly am glad for meeting the people I have 
met at WHS. Chemistry class was fun helping each other on the homework and joking 
around, even playing BS during lab blocks. I've had a great time sharing inside jokes 
with friends and meeting a few new people during these four years. 

Joseph Lupica 

Carpe Diem, gts whs, gts... james joyce on the bus, tom<3, anti jokes, whaaaaaaaat, 
girls doo doo doo doo doo doo, haloween, haloween repeat?, 10 points for gryffindor!, 
wizard sleeve, franco's the man, 19-80 "I went to the woods because i wanted to live 
deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to put to rout all 
that was not life and not when I had come to die discover that I had not lived." -Henry 
David Thoreau Caroe Diem 

Patrick Masi-Phelps 

These past four years have been the best. I will definitely miss Eladio practices, Murph's 
after 7 AM practices, the lacrosse team, track, throwin down at jazz. The Brotherhood, 
the path, rec ball, failed study groups, driving around with nothing to do, Aaron's, fris- 
bee, and the cool walk. I want to thank everyone: family, friends, and teachers for mak- 
ing my experiences unforgettable. And to our class, I have never seen a more motivated 
group of people, we are ail bound to succeed. 

Macston Maccow 

It has been a long and great journey, but there are many more to come. 
Big things happen for the class of 1 1 ' 

Rachel Masotta 

"I dont really know what happens from here, but somehow, it's ok. I mean, sometimes 
it's better when things aren't perfect, at least then, you know they're real." Dreamteam. 
wolverine/zippythepenguin, janesaysshutup, myoreoforever TEENAGEDREAM, romp- 
ing in the stal, magic powers. BONEZBROTHERZ, thanksgiving weekend HAPPENED- 
boys. Romdawg. Ey Booboo, ISYNSM, Katz, K|, and Rach Renee forever the LAX 
Guriz way Katie J a.k.a J Money Beats, time afta time niqolas style. "Class of 95'!" 
"Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good, I've been inclined To believe they 
never would." 

Elena Maimonis 

Stalking adventures, grub sessions, field hockey Xaverian shows, skyzone, neon rave. 
Bus 1 0, Halloween costumes, voice recital fiascos, summers at MBG, Ionian Village '09, 
the 4 of us, spooky world, freshman friday night sleepovers, skiing at Alex's, BST, Chilis, 
getting kicked out of the library, STORY TIME! I have had so many memorable moments 
in my four year of high school, and they will never be forgotten. I love you guys! 

John McCarthy 

We started in a circle telling jokes before freshman football, now twelve of us are planning 
a trip to Punta Cana. Times change. Times change even more dramatically next year but 
the memories of high school will be with me for good. D Day Sophomore Halloween, 
Prom Weekend, We are the Juniors, Boston Tnps, Jv Baseball, special Obby Medway 
vs. Westwood, Friday Night lights! Batman Pat! The Delia park event. The "sports" ca- 
reer Sophomore Cyo Basketball. Mississippi and those Cots. Tumble bus and McDon- 
alds stop. High schools been great and the future is bright. "Live the Dream" 

Jacqueline Martin 

'1 1 was our ytdl 

10 months of school 

9 high school shows 

8 blocks 

7 classes a day 

6 science courses taken 

5 snow days (almost!) 

4 best friends 

3 nights of sledding 

2 proms 

1 experience 

Shannon McCarthy 

When I first began my high school journey I assumed the worst. I never thought that I 
would have such great moments; moments like when my whole cafeteria table started 
yelling about babies with rabies. I'll never forget the look Mr Mao gave us. I never 
thought that I would meet so many great friends, whether they would be older than me. 
or younger than me. I'll always remember walking through the halls and seeing all the 
different colored hair that my friends had. But, after making it through the journey I will 
always look back on it fondly. 

Steven McCarthy 

Chemistry with Mr. Bean and Mrs. Gibb, English with K-Money, the Amigoship de Hom- 
bres, Clapsis and Ron Kind, OJ's Glove and Furber, The Safety Dance, desk pyramids 
with Hawes and PJ, The Football, the Claptop, the Beatles, 12th Night, Zombie Prom!. 
Rosencrantz/Guildenstern, Evita, Arabian Nights, How To Succeed, Gen. Kirby the 
George Washington Carver exhibit, crazy Russia on the T, 200% tip. Providence run, Ms. 
Brown, Mr. Frankenfield, Roche Bros. Hard to believe I'm graduating-seems like yester- 
day I was in 3rd grade, let alone freshman year. Thanks for a great 1 2 years Westwood! 

Molly McLaughlin 

6AMIGAS "best trents". Dixie 
Dudes. Summer crew. Landshark. 
Nantucket-juice bar, Peter, survi- 
vor. MV-Themo, Bo, bndge. Cape/ 
Kathy's. PUNTA CANA '11, Annual 
Rascal Flatts concert. Friday movie 
nights. Saturday mall trips, kara's 
driving point system, bretts attic. 
TBF. zig-zag drill, sheehan. bentley 
camp, hypochondriacs, joey ain't 
no mountain high enough, bsatplac. 
peppenng. loners, emo pics. bts. 
sky guy lunch with Michael, sister- 
hood, car rides to franklin, super- 
fans, superheroes. cavegirls. go nelly taylor swift, hull, lax? BIO. samp, real voices. 
"Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the 
middle we became the best of friends." 

Myles McDonough 

I will miss the package deal with CD, PB and J's at Hurley's, hanging out at Huriey's with 
the guys, ski patrol with Hurley, skiing with Levine at Sunapee, long passing with Joe 
at soccer, hockey games with Alanna, pushing my truck with OD, Jamie, Levine, and 
Shayan, and late nights with OD and Jamie hanging out with my dad. 

Robert McGee 

Holthouse's physical science class, hanging out at Alana's house. Sweating bullets at 
cams house with chich. Sporting events especially football games. Jim's drama and 
behind the scenes classes. Taco bell runs after school. Calling cam a chap. Throwing 
water balloons out of walshes minvan. The Lobos are always a lock. LOS LOBOS. 
SWAMPY, STINK; some of the various words chich and I came up with: All things that 
I will remember forever 

Emily McGrail 

"If I could do It again, you know I'd do it the same" NapChap. State Champs '08 &'09. 
162 Far Reach Road. Barn of Dreams. BSATBLAC. Spot. Bio'09 DS. Saturday morn- 
ing bagels. Rebecca. NSC club. Panera. Safety&Fun. Koda. Elite8/F9. NC'201 1 . WW- 
LAXremix. Renoz G block. Pheasant Hill. Tan woman. Midnight Harry Potter. Zoolander. 
Late night pollocks. Babson CDLMKR. Cinnamon bun hug/Sephora. Butterfly kisses. 
Dreaming of You/biddybiddybumbum. Starbucks? Brooms up. 2 time Keener. Stretch- 
ing Cult. Shed Hopping. Lil' man/Lil' guy A225 Captains. Jackman's pool. Teddybear 
Sunrise. JP Licks. Bubbling Brook. Bonfires. EAS3. 

Alison McNulty 

Soccer - shed hopping, walk for breast cancer, barn of dreams, clap scale, pheasant 
hill, floop is a mad man help us save us, dissonance, hour-long goalie warm-ups with 
Nadine, don't mess with the family Track - I'd rather be accused of murder, the DDA, 
distance family bus rides. Room C and dargason. And, last but not least, French 5 is 
the field of dreams. 

Michael McNulty 

I participated in track, soccer, and tennis. My most significant memories are: as a fresh- 
man the good times in Ms. Plunkett's class, as a sophomore getting a point in the 800 
m race, as a junior a year dedicated to hard work, and as a senoir year finally being 
done with high school. It was a good time. 

Thomas McNulty 

The last four years at Westwood High have been great. I'm a proud bubula from AP 
Chem sophomore year. French last year was awesome, and the Quebec trip was un- 
forgettable. Good times in bridge building 2010. Taking a trolley to junior prom was 
classic. Meeting Areg's dad after competition last year scarred me forever I 'guess' the 
four hour trip to the MFA to get two pictures was fun. but I'm fairiy confident that a mole 
of ping pong balls would be enough to fill the library. Don't stop chrono-boosting that 
microwave, and always remember: 2^-2 = 5 

Kyle Menyhert 

Gentlemen, Ladies, raise a glass. Tis Time to Part. Four musicals, Three plays. The 
Morning Show with Kyle and Ben. Singing loudly and completely off-key Opening Day 
jerseys. SNL with AJ and the guys. Politicking and Philosophizing. HOBO. PJ has no 
rights. OH BILLY. Skiing with Joe and Alex. Sports jokes with Anokh. Hockey talk with 
Jess. Kaja. Losing faith in Humanity. Mr. BC. "No, it is NOT cold." Cast dinners and par- 
ties. Gorging myself at Saturday rehearsals. Bowling in Nor\«ood. Loud classic rock. 
Proud to be politically incorrect. Euro. US. Gov. Lang. WELL ISN'T THAT SPECIAL. 

Lucienne Montgomery 

Don't Stop Believing Class of '1 1 ! 

Michelle Milano 

I will always lovee all of my friends. chet/ROVER/paul, the durangy POP. Falmouth 
Heights, hitch hiking, Westport, Dre's palace, Cantoon, SCUMMIES, Fran's barn, the 
tree..., Robbie's Residence, Priestley home, beach trips, ERRA'S house. New Years '1 1 , 
Halloween, Wal-Mart, RascakCountry Fest-hSummer Jam..., Tswiift, Slightly Stooopid, 
kissing COLLIE. Derek's pad, malika/mom. Pepper spray.., V'BALL, fball+hockey 
games, BG's, OTR, PMAC. Prom, MURPHS... marshfeild. "like my mark Jacobs bag", 
NYC, POWDER PUFF, YalllllDa's, sbqspfjcuse, cyber pokes, "Cause were the JOU- 
NYAAS", PH 02.28.10. 

Christopher Molchan 

Mississippi 09' and 10', not playing freshman football, sophomore year halloween 
boom box. Charing many Lars with Mikey Hal, Varsity hockey Getting the five tree tree 
at New Garden with the hockey team, fun at the park in Chase Estates, Junior prom 
night- early bed time..., March maddness, OTR and Starbucks for hours, McDonalds, 
Halo 3 on Xbox live with kpow and tuc, westport, minigolf with westport crew, Deep 
convos about life, rip peh. OFF TO COLLEGE! 

Daniel Moloy 

Greece. Baylors Brain Gang. Dennis Dixon. Junior Fun Bunch. Oprah. Baxter. The 
Heist. Chase Sneak Outs. Q's Couch. Sandman. LSU. Papiiii. Prom in West Dennis. 

Nicole Moylan 

The last four years have gone by so 
fast. I want to thank my mom for al- 
ways being there for me and my little 
brother I love you both very much. 
To my friends no one else can make 
me laugh until I cry, I wouldn't have 
made it through High School with- 
out you. and I can't wait for our next 
adventures. I will always remember 
Jersey Shore at Juliana's, my bad 
luck, trips with Erin, road trip with the 
O'Connor's, Panera, TJ's, the CVS 
guy breakfast regulars, haunted 
houses, Latin class, the fortune tell- 
er, eyebrow trips, and many more. 

Fahad Munir 

Get Money... Get Paid 

Stephanie Murphy 

I will never forget my friends I love you all. Cape, Westport'10, OTR, Canton, Dres, 
Robs, Attlewood invades Leighas. "no Shelly we can't dye your hair because we're 
boerd", football games, BG Always and Forever<3, "alright cone", PaulyR.Chet. Rover. 
NewYears'1 1 , "this one time me and steph...", i do it way bettaaa, ayo sean you mista 
kingston, brucejenners occasional apperances, mickyd's parking lot, "like sawwrrryyy 
im hot", "RAHHBEEE", trips to sandy tanorama and tj trips, last day of school sopho- 
more year, Sundays by the pool with christa, leighas 16th birthday dinner, walmarts best 
customers. countryfest=fail, "the class of 201 1 was god's way of saying i exist", i love 


Andreas Nicolos 

Extravaganza '10, Gudda Gudda, Bretts Attic, murphs. Boston, Falmouth, Punta Cana, 
Sheehan Fields with Quinn and Mike and sean?, Medway vs Westwood football game, Wild 
Bill, Windows, Base Jumping out of archies window, tighten the system, "Kinda Nice" 

AnnMarie O'Flaherty 

summer '10. DQ's always&forever war stories. 100 mcnuggets. late night mcds. 
Pmac<3. sophomore year, plain jane. diva, nights at the greel< palace, capeside. legend- 
ary getaway at Vals. the volvo. magic tricks. POPES, marshfield. Sbffl. Westport. Prom 
'1 O&'l 1 .chicky. trackies. Thanks to my friends and family, I love you all. 

Erin O'Connor 

I'll never forget the four years I spent 
at Westwood High. My friends 
mean the world to me: we have had 
too many good memories to count: 
Crystals, paneras, hanging out at 
alannas. and making are weekly 
trip to tjs. My friends have made 
my time here the most memorable 
times of my life. Thanks to my best 
friends NM and AL for always be- 
ing there for me. "What you do with 
your life is just one-half of the equa- 
tion more importantly it's who you're 
with when you're doing it"-DS 

Steven O'Leary 

To be honest I don't want to be remembered in any particular way because everyone 
has a different opinion of me. I am who I am and I say what I feel, and if you care, you 
don't matter. My friends, and those who don't care are the ones who really matter. I'm 
going to miss all the fun, and all of the good times with my friends over these past four 
years. I hope you all had as much fun as I have, and I wish you luck for the future. 

James O'Doherty 

so the point of this whole expression thing is to sum up all 4 years of high school in 
1 00 words.'s not possible, because there were good times and horrible times, good 
times like Baylor's stats class and Daniels' science class back in freshman year, there 
were also some gross times, like English class last year, i will never forget. ..good luck to 
everyone graduating and going out to the real world. 

Believe Opara 

1 demand nothing extraordinary from my legacy at Westwood High School. It was an 
interesting ride: 1 learned, 1 struggled, and I grew. I just hope I'm remebered as that chill 
kid in the halls and nothing more. 

Patrick O'Donnell 

I will miss my cross country and track teammates, the xc all states and camping trip 
with the team, TVL championships, Kan jam and frisbee games. Hurley's basement, 
those halo nights, Jake and Amir, golfing with old business books. Take me away Dave 
Darell remix. A Thousand miles, Darius & Finlay, Call on me, age of empires against 
Shayan, Snatch vs Cool Runnings, Kfed and his boat, fireballs with Steven, NH trips, 
and reflecting with Shayan over what just happened. 

Samuel Pease 

Westwood High has been great. I'll never forget Quebec and wattattatau, chipotle bur- 
ntos with Mr. Schwanbeck, the field of dreams also known as french 5 with Ms. Ayka- 
nian, naked people in french movies, Roger et Igor, gefilte fish with Ms. Felton, baseball 
at Martha Jones and homeruns, furberopoly. Prom '10 and I'm sure Prom '11 will be 
great too. Going to college will be great but I'll miss everyone so much. Success is right 
around the corner for all of us. I've got stacks like the international house of pancakes. 

Ailyn Pestana 

Seniors 2011!! BAK<3. Klaud, Bev, Ans. Dre, Ewica. Yeartxxikers! Stories in A157. Corn- 
bread and lab group laughter. The Pathfinder. Beach trips. Boston trips. Rockport. Duxbury. 
Amandas. Jackie's trampoline. Foreign prayers. The Life of Pogace. Pronn201 1 . "Remember 
Ans, we're in public." Clam bakes. Bike rides. Arguments. 2AM mac 'n' cheese. Welcome to 
America. YA CLfTE! Gas station and sailboats. Ya know what I mean. Did we have a good- 
time? "One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching." Thank you 
for making it worth it <3 

Nicole Pettit 

Klaudia Pogace 

B.A.K. always & forever. Lyny, Bev, Ans, Drea, Erica. Yearbook family Green Years.. 
I_A KLAUDIA. Can you feel it? Who's there, I call the police. Ya no. Gym dates. Dinner 
dates at Ani's & Ericas. It's finee. Mother goose. Klaudypants, Klaudhopper. Bit of a 
chunkah ehhh. Egor. Make an assessment. Savage. Are we girls? So whatcha eat 
today? Playing cards in Duxbury. Erica's pool. Pre- Judice. Beach trips. JLO. Praying 
behind the fridge with lyny. Prom 201 1 . "I hate people." "Remember Ans, we're in 
public". Rockport<3 

Nicholas Post 

Memories have been made since coming to ttie wood. BBALL, Baseball. My Spanish affair 
Concerts - Rascal, TSwift, Country Fest, and all ttie ottiers. Brett's, Ouinn's. Rlbin's and Greek 
House. Vals 50. Danny's cape house. Falmouth with my dudes poolside at ttie Sestito house- 
hold. Capehouse. Me chauffering. Yalda's crib. The swag. "We nde together... bad boys for 
life" My dudes - thanks for great high school memories. One Love: BS, QW, DM, JM, BE, CT, 
AN, SC, GR CM. WS, MF, DV, DD, MH, SA, CM My closest girts - YR, CD, SS, NR EY you 
were the best friends when I needed a girt option. Without them I'd be lost. 

"We live for the nights we'll never forget with the friends we'll always remember" Cross 
country and track. Marshfield kidnapping. Football games junior year. Yalda's. Leigha's. 
Sierra's freshman year TT. Where's Patty? Walmart. OTR. iCarly game. Biology crew. 
Six Flags. New Years '09. Summer Jam. Gnome hunting. Falmouth. Planet smoothie 
trips. Fresh and Soph soccer and basketball. Distance. Nobody do it like we do. WHS 
Class of 201 1 . 

^^^A^^^^^^H ^■T'"" 


Megan Porter 

High school was, sparky and fergie ferg, basement, Spain, "he's skipping!", triples, fist- 
pump, and "wicked!". "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"-Albert 

Lillian Priestley 

I'll never forget my friends, robs, being a BG. DMB, rover/chet/pauir, "the juniors", 
poppy + westport, the durango, "now your steph right?" OTR, new years '1 1 , week at 
DIVAS, meeting collie buddz, vals, dres, PMAC, football games, simba, limo at rascal. 
CANTON, loving dave, springweekend. SOP. Christa (sistas). malika/mom, franny's, 
10/20/07. Beach trips, powderpuff, murphs, sligfitly stoopid. Sailing "These are the 
days that bring new meaning I feel the stillness of the sun and I feel fine, sometimes 
when the nights are closing early I remember you and I start to smile" 1 1/1/10. 

William Ralph 

Junior and Senior Year Wisconsin licence plates, Reppin Show Team. Packers win 
the Super Bowl the year after I leave. 2(Football -i- Track) + 2/8 terms in study 2 Time 
Keener. New Years 201 1 . the van - ask David about it. Not getting in fights at Legacy 
JP Licks runs - 30-i- over junior April break: Shane. Fran and Leigh, that lady with the 
blue shirt and umm, ya know... 3000 senior year snow days. Procrastination. 33 
classes with Brett - seeing Anthony in the history wing hallway And. of course. Brad 
taking my lunch. 

Leigh Ronan 

It doesn't get much better than this". CC10. dres palace, PMAC, Leighas, VbaliOQ, 
Divas house, 12108 swimming oceans, tim mcgraw, rascal flats, countryfest, limo ride 
with Shrek, Summer 10, Marshfield, New YearslO, Gregs, prom weekend, "night ding 
ding", get this, yayas. Mods parking lot, valentines day 08, Junior year, PlainJane, ATJ. 
I love you all. I could not have asked for a better group of best friends. . ."If you leave this 
choice up to me, I'll stay young forever" 


Yalda Rostamnezhad 

Some people come into our lives and 
quickly go, but some stay for a while, 
leave footprints on our hearts, and we are 
never the same. Always remember that 
the times you enjoyed wasting, were never 
wasted. To my sistas from another mista: 
SH.AJ. JA.'you are truly a good time. To my 
brothers from anotha motha: ■AA.CM.NR 
CT MS.QW* much 
love. Be the change 
you want to see in 
the world because 
obstacles are put in 
our way to see if we 
really want to reach 
our goals. 

Laura Sandborg 

"I don't know where I'm going, I don't know what I need, but I'll get to where I'm gonna 
end up, and that's alright by me." AC, SV, LCJN- love you all. the jetta, rellos, "you got 
that?", so dedham. Thanks Mom, Dad, Jenna, and Eric for all the love and support. It's 
been a long ride, and I can't say I'm sad that it's over 

Caroline Ryan 

WHS has been a memorable place for my teenage years. I think what I will miss most 
are all the bonds I have made with my swim girls, and high jumpers. Some WHS mo- 
ments I will always remember are Schwanbeck's F block class, and always sitting in 
the same spot at the cafeteria. People who have been important to me are all of my 
teachers throughout the four years I have been here because they taught me not to 
give up and to work hard for what I want to achieve. I want people to remember me as 
a funny outgoing, friendly person, with many goals and good ideas. I will remember my 
time at WHS as an important part of my adolescence where I became a young woman. 
I will always remember the friendships that I have made here. 

Maiek Sayegh 

Never forget these years, and keep the memories alive. Kringle, kpow, mo williams, tuc, 
bob law. Westport 201 0. LP MM love you two. Canton all day- GP JL SB. A and D free-SH 
Jl SS FD ST MS CA JL. Fo free day- PS RH. Jay-z concert- dj tuc and pat single son. MO 
DK MH ZP CP DMB 06-10 w/ pes. cruisin with archie. Creative writing h block changed 
my life. See u in rica son. UK1 1 . Swizzursky. Leibson. 
Sterkins. Coaching with sqwilliams. V squad soccer- 
mcds after sandwich. WHS Class of 201 1 

^ B^^^l 

Anthony Sadler 

Amigoship de Hombres, Male Dance 
Captain, The Man Chant, Manni and 
the Spain Trip, Run-in at a Spanish 
McDonalds, Discoteca Time, Winter 
Olympics in Spain. WHS Shows, 
Bngadoon, Twelfth Night, Zombie 
Prom, R&G are Dead, Evita, Arabian 
Nights, H2$, Cuukies, Dust in the 
Wind, City Lights, Junior B Block 
Kato, Bowling Champ, Laser Tag 
Champ, The Point System, A Pizza?, 
Twins of Deception, Wiffleball, Middle 
School Crew, Math Class with Clif- 
ford, Spanish with Senor, Captain 
My Captain, Nicholas Cage and the 
Bees, Providence, George Washing- 
ton Carver Exhibit, Legend -wait for 
it- Dary. 

Leah Schroeder 

"So I stand back to reflect in this town I hate. 
And at least just for a second, I think I might stay" 
-The Rocket Summer 





Shayan Salam 

I will miss Dylan's trampoline, AoE, take me away Dave Darrell remix, halo till 3am for 
the month of midterms, manhunt at Sennot's, Da Rockwilder, EDC, chipping Feldman, 
Franco, Kan Jam in Rochester, our reputation in debate, Murphs, Games club, the 
quest, Icefishing, the Super Mario Dance, being in the Dave Maher zone, FIFA, racking 
up subway rewards, post-Spanish goodtimes, ABP and Borders, the game in Spanish 
class, and sitting with OD on my couch wondering what happened 

Kevin Sennott 

"3 words that describe me: hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer... merciless. ..insa- 
tiable." (The Office), abandoned highway and Dylan's house. D and G free. Hockey 
team and hockey Bus. Bad raps and cruising in Cody's car Mackshacks at my place. 
Rage comics and raisin's face. Movie club. Melanie's notebook. Frisbee Club. Spanish 
project goes down in history. Senor Kelly's class unreal. 

^HrJM < fLi^'Ji . 

Annie Shea 

"Patience- faith-openness, is what the sea has to teach. Simplicity- solitude- Intermit- 
tency... but there are other beaches to explore. There are more shells to find. This is only 
the beginning" 2.6.10, slurpz, ginny, l.a.h.s.. All I Want for Christmas is You, dreaming of 
you/biddybiddybumbum, 7.4.10, BRS, split-ends, 'it was a big hill man', little red, swim 
team conference champs, $, YOMPS, strawberry shortcake, turkey piecking, beliebing. 

Brendan Skehill 

Sophomore Halloween "The Boombox", Falmouth, 4th of July, Murphs, Buckmaster 
BBQ's. Greece, New Years, E.Y.M.B.F. 11:11, The Condo Weekend, Prom Weekend 
@ Dans, Posty Chauffeur, "Sick Flick", LeBaron, Brett's Attic, Sophomore CYO, Heist, 
South Beach, Quinn's Couch, Baxter, The iHome, Football, Hockey, Baseball, Mango's 
Colossal Spring '09, Live The Dream, Martha's Vineyard, Archie's, 7th Floor, Punta 
Cana 6.22.11, Rascal Limo, Kenny Snoop, Boston Trips, "Don't Ever Let Somebody 
Tell You You Can't Do Something" 

Adam Shipp 

I'll miss talking to all of my friends, giving everyone high fives in the hallway, and listening 
and singing along to my music while working. Thanks to Ms. Raffol, Mr Renoni, and all 
of my other teachers and aides for a great four years! "Don't stop believing." 
"I love music, any any kind of music. I love music, just as long as it's groovin" 

Patrick Sleight 

I will certainly miss high school, my friends more than anything else, the good times we 
had. the dry spells, hanging out in basements, backseats, backyards, and beaches. 
New Years mishaps, Halloween '10, football games. XC, track meets, the ski bus, junior 
year driving adventures, awkward cape visits, awkward touches, and awkward words 
French class antics, France '11, making plans in A Block free, anatomy doing no work 
F block, senioritis (starting freshman year), studio' art madness, A121, and everything 
else.The possibilities are limitless from here: do work and keep in touch. 

Marina Shkuratov 

High school was a cra- 
zy, stressful, dramatic, 
chaotic, hilarious, won- 
derful mess. It seemed 
to drag on forever, and 
then it suddenly flew 
by Over the course of 
my four years at West- 
wood High, I have made 
countless memories, 
not all of them nerdy 
that I know will stay with 
me for the rest of my life. 
My amazing friends and 

the moments I've shared with them will remain a 
part of me even after the graduation date I thought 
would never come. And... I guess I learned some 
math and stuff. 

William Smith 

Buckmaster BBQ's, Sophomore Halloween "The 
Boombox", Marthas Vineyard Trips, Boston Trips, 
Casey's Baseball Party, Dan and DVE, Bretts At- 
tic, The Greek Palace, New Years, Quinns Couch, 
The iHOME, Papa Post, BB, 6/22/1 1 , Prom Week- 
end @ Dans, 3, Skinny 's, Baxter, WW Football and 
Baseball. LTD. 7th Floor, Running Show, The Con- 
do Weekend, Murphs Crew, Shafeur Post 

Patrick Singleton 

Maiek, Kevin, Joe, Derek, Rob, Lily and Michelle. Rob's every weekend. Canton and the 
shark. Goin to Walpies. Paul Hanley Trips to Westport. Westport after prom. Asa's. Dover 
Road, North Street, Sandy St. Tims. Trips to HanA/ich. STERKA. All at Sea. Carpe Diem. 
Carpe Noctem. The Bungalow. THE KID. Jay Z with Derek and Malek. Tampa with Kpow. 

Jen, Sarah and Georgia. Remember Joe Leibson. 

Rocky Woods. Snacks. Reasoning. Costa Rica 

201 1 . The bridge. The text to Malek. Golf team. 

Archie's car. The Liberty Flip. Junior Year Fall. 

Kelley Steeves 

6AMIGAS. Bestfrentsforever, the Pyramid, the Sisterhood, MV trips, PUNTA '11, Ras- 
cal, Landshark, Falmouth, Kathy's, ACK, Hull in March, superheroes and superfans, 
BSATPLAC, Ain't No Mountain, Piano serenades. Sat morning bagels, I whip my hair 
back and forth, the Sitting Duck, the attic, A121 , 6 Flags, the Roof, flat tire, trip to Rl, 
Miami 09, pretzel m&ms, $$S, "Let me out of this car NOW", hairy legs. Sectionals, 
States, Walk for Hunger, WA, area. Prom 09,10,1 1 ."Truly great friends are hard to find, 
difficult to leave, and impossible to forget." 

Erica Sweeney 

"Believe in yourself^ Dream. Try. Do good." Thank you to my friends and family for four 
amazing years of high school- movie nights, car rides, endless chats and sleepovers, 
BSATPL^C, team free block, and so much more. Good luck and I love you all. Four 
years went by too fast. There are too many memories to even write down. The Corey 
look, shore reunions with Nicole, mornings with Leigha, driving Christina every morning, 
my husband "David", latin class: the good and the creepy, basically being Laura's math 
teacher, most of tennis, "senior trip" with Callee... um...just the two of us, Yaaa maaan 
Jamaica Maaan! Tennis lessons with McKenna and Lenny, Dr. Earls' grammer lessons: 
SUAVE! The dog LAY! , and of course Christina's and my love Topanga 

Shane Troy 

Weekends at Greg's house with Wiff, Halo 1 , pool, ping pong, Mrs. Keene's ever pres- 
ent video camera and a good group of kids. Freshman year soccer with N.D., Eric and 
Maiek- "Worship me" "She cast a spell" "Swoosh", Freshman year Guitar Hero with 
Leib and Jdub, J.V. Lax with Goodwin, No explanation needed. Eladio Sanchez. N.C. 
2010- best week of my life. C.A.-"People don't actually put napkins in their laps do 
they?" D.V.E.- "Kelly Slater back from a 5 year hiatus!" D.V.E.- "VAN PERSEY". Cruises 
through Kev's neighborhood, pick up basketball every friday, are we reachin'? Get- 
tin' social, the Fedorowicz cackle. D.D.- "I wasn't serious" "I didn't mean that". Some 
memories from the best 4 years of my life (so far). 

Dylan Terry 

1 00 words or less? I'll miss high school and here's 
a short list of things: Cody's car. My house, Spain, 
Sunday River, Ski Utah, Spanish 4, Frisbee, Prom, 
Llama, Leibson, Fenway, Roche Brothers, Our 
terrible den, Brookline less often, XC. 

Amanda Thomas 


Christopher Treon 

5am hockey practices. Chillin at bretts. MV Hockey Season. My good friends. Anatomy 
class. Schwanbeck. Doughnuts with Ore after hockey Run show with willie. kg where 
ever you go next year i still got your back no worries. Vito bro hug. Brad Greece. Brett 
my 5th brother. Riding that scooter around during free. 

Leigha Valentine 

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little bit of 
each other everywhere." Dream Team, Hair dying. Spin and round and round', Bos- 
ton Trips, Kiss Concert, Summer nights, Maine Tnp, VballlO', Softball bench. 1.17.10, 
ICarly games with Nicky, Mornings with Juliana, Flo-rida, Puerto Rico, Holiday parties, 
Westport 10', "Nobody do it like we do it",Duxbury trips, 3.12.10 I love you. "Here's to 
the nights we felt alive... SeNiOrS 201 1 ." 

Katrien VanWagenen 

Halloween 2009, car rides, cape trips, concerts, 5 wits, football games, and hanging 
out with friends were some of my favorite memories from high school. My friends and 
family have been important to me throughout high school and I couldn't have done it 
without them. Mississippi and track have been fun to take part in and I was able to 
meet so many people from participating. WHS has been rewarding and I'll miss it but 
I can't wait until college starts! 

Michael Ventura 

High school, yesterday it started and today it ended. Yea it was that fast. I will miss the 
wonderful staff that guided me through high school during the good times and the bad. 
I thank them very much for helping me get to where I am today. Who knew that today 
would be 201 1? Who knew that today a new chapter begins as I start my college life? 
Nonetheless no matter where I go Westwood High will always be my home and my 
Westwood friends will never be forgotten. 



David Von Euw 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could 
miss it. "-WW Football '10-'1 1 . BBall '1 1 , Lax '1 1 , the Greek palace, Pushing the caddy 
BA CT DD KG t^F... Late night Med runs. Countryfest '10, lax BBQs...Big Chillin KL 
CA ND... Canton adventures... the Cape... Baylor's Braingang, the streets of providence, 
Juniors' 10, Boston pickups DM WS, summer '11 and more to come. Once a Wolverine 
always a Wolverine. Thank you WW High 

Quinn Wilson 

I don't know where to begin, the crew, sophomore halloween, the boombox. late night 
chase, yikesy, prom weekend at sands, falmouth, PHIL, buckmaster bbqs, bad ronald, 
punta cana, rascal limo, the greek palace, mississippi, new years, the focus, the tent, 
bretts attic, neil diamond, xc. just characters, the couch, boston trips, 4th of july debat- 
able, and anything else i forgot. LTD. 

Kevin Walsh 

I will always remember DJing with Matt Hurley and Matt "DangerUS" Levine through the 
years. Sophomore year XC was awesome. I'll never forget all the good times we had 
that spring with borealis and Birdman. Junior year tennis was a great time and I'm sure 
this year will be too. Playing Ultimate Frisbee, Vollyball, Basketball, Badminton, and 
Kan-Jam with the guys during summers was always fun. Spain was unreal and I hope 
we can all go again together sometime. Hockey has been great the past four years. 
Good luck to everyone in for years to come. 

Patrick Walsh 

Driving around in the minivan, square dancing at Zac Brown, Figuring out that Wagazoo 
was an actual thing, New Years 201 1 , Rascal Flatts 2010, WalshStreet, The cell videos, 
Toby Keith, Playing football. Loving every minute of lacrosse, "zo grazee", S.L.L, Mrs. 
Higgins changing my life- getting into colleges, Mrs. Ricard's class 2010, PEH, the 
bonfires, fisticuffs with C.W., prom 2010, and last but certainly not least, DOUHTS!!! 

Cody Whalen 

Playing pond hockey with my favorite bears, the Grizzly's. KANGAS. The Buckley's. 
Dtrain's House. Rage comics. Cruising tunes in the Santa Fe. Tennis Crew. Baja 
Blast. Freshman Soccer, the dream team. C0D2sesh. The seat, the unsittable seat. 
Mr.Sennott's mackshacks. Colin: Being chased by bandits on the highway 

Andrea Winn 

FH Love, 4A: AL, AD, AL. Rides in the pathfinder, mac 'n' cheese at 2 am, true friends! 
tennis '09 dates with dan, yearbook family Hull adventures with mel. HEY GUYS! bos- 
ton trips. ..thank god for klaud's iphone. the whiteboard and late nights with the cats <3. 
camp champs '09, FX. a schlepin good time. Falmouth '10, gas stations, sailboats and 
bloody toes, summer rides with meg, kid cudi, apd ed. YA CUTE! meow. MOM? the 
summer of bike ndes. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind 
don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." Sisters stick together 

Erin Young 

6 AMIGAS. Best frents forever Bean- you will always be my best friend. 11:11. BSAT- 
PI_AC. Joey lil man/lil guy Saturday morning bagels, aint no mountain, sistertiood. TBF 
dixie dudes, summer crew, annual Rascal Flatts concert, landshark. Nantucket-juice bar, 
Peter, dead seal, survivor MV-Themo, Bo, the bndge. Cape/Kathy's. PUNTA CANA '11. 
friday movie nights. Michael lunches, car rides to Franklin, superfans. superheroes. cave 
girls. Bretts attic, six flags, rotaries. Kelley's roof, tubing, flat tire. 6a pyramid, honesty box. 
eskimo. sheehan. Breezy- since kindergarden, love you forever. 3. "All the times that we 
shared, every place, everywhere, you touched my life" 

Melanie Zahka 

There are so many things I couid put down here I don't even know how to start. I will 
always remember Sparky and Fergie theme songs and the swim soundtrack, Mrs. 
Dore's AP Euro test brownies, Sr Kelly and la rana, wasted free time in the project lab, 

AP Lit theme parties, and the joint-custody baby doll. Good times The End. PS. Mr 

Holthouse, I promise to go into a profession that involves math or science, NASCAR is 
just glonfied traffic, and Spanish is NOT useless. 



^H '' - 





I ^ ii^^ 

^ ^^H^H^^^^^^I 












> •« 



To Mr. Ducheneau 

Mr. Ducheneau - Thank you for dedicating 39 
years to Westwood High School. We appreciate 
your generous spirit and genuine caring for our 
community. Whether as our Spanish or French 
teacher, our driving instructor, our class adviser 
and prom coordinator, or our morning greeter in 
the parking lot, you have made our time at WHS 
more enjoyable. Thank you for all you have given us. 
We wish you much happiness in your retirement. 

ASi^ANI ADHAV: "He always left a smile on my face and made 
sure we always knew what was going on with Boston sports." 


i'\K ^V»S« 

Senior Cruise 




Most Likely to be 
Chewing Gum 

■f . S i 1 

Most Likely To Be 

Will Smith & 
Kara Belinsky 

Pat Masi-Phelps & 
Anne Lally 



liPT iipirni¥ 

m^M. ^ —M. 


f— ^ 

— i i^ 



'to' ^- -, 







Plans for 
Next Year 

John Abi-Elias UMass Dartmouth 
Caitlin Adamakis Assumption College 
Bradley Adams UMass Dartmouth 
Katharine Akikie Johnson and Wales 
Tayla Allen American International College 
Sean Amaru Quinnipiac University 
Davieson Annis Roger Williams University 
Anthony Antonellis Wesleyan College 
Colin Arnpriester Westfield State College 
Charlie Audi Providence College 
Jackie Audi Mass College of Pharmacy 
and Health Sciences 
Joshua Babbin Boston College 
Brianna Bates University of Vermont 
Jennifer Beggan Gettysburg College 
Kara Belinsky Boston College 
Rachel Berluti Providence College 
Jessica Berry Emmanuel College 
Sarah Biron Johns Hopkins University 
Elise Blanchard Fordham University 
Kylie Blizzard University of Richmond 
Ariel Bornstein Ohio University 
Arnett Bracy Universal Technical Institute 
Vito Bruno Stonehill College 
Stephen Burke Westfield State College 
Jessica Burns Catholic University 
Riley Cachelin Bridgewater State College 
Jacinta Calixte Suffolk University 
Alison Campion Princeton University 
Stephen Campion Northeastern University 
Sierra Carrasco Roger Williams University 
Olivia Cawley Belmont University 
Nicole Chan Tufts University 
Michael Cicerone Bryant University 
Harry Clapsis University of Pittsburg 
Hannah Coffey UMass Amherst 
James Conner UMass Amherst 
Paul Cook Gordon College 
Erin Curran Villanova University 
James Gurtin UMass Amherst 
Samuel Cutler Northeastern University 
Francesca DeBenedictis Northeastern 
David DeCenzo Providence College 
Caitlin DeLorey Fairfield University 
John Delsignore Boston College 
Jason Demarinis UMass Amherst 
Christa DeMoveiian Keene State College 
Ani Derderian Saint Anselm College 
Samantha DeTore Syracuse University 
Amanda Diiulis Keene State College 
Sarah Dixon UMass Boston 
Nasuf Dizdarj University of Rhode Island 
Carolyn Donovan Trinity College 
Jessica Donovan Trinity College 
Mary Doyle Catholic University 
Brett Egizi Endlcott College 
Nicholas Elliot Wheaton College 
Cameron Etchings Bryant University 
Sabrina Farley Westfield State College 
Kyle Fedorowicz Western New England 

Michael Filbin Stonehill College 
Alana Frangiosa Fashion Institute of 
Design and Merchandising 
Kevin Gavin Fairfield University 
Maria Georgaklis Stonehill College 
Kathryn Gililand Tufts University 
Kate Ginsberg Elon University 
Benjamin Glaser Towson University 
Joshua Goldberg University of Vermont 
John Greenwood Mass Bay Com. College 
Michelle Grimaud Suffolk University 
Michael Hallion University of Rhode Island 
Edward Han University of Connecticut 
Elise Harrington UMass Amherst 
Nicholas Hawes Westfield State College 
Alexander Heier UMass Amherst 
Keelin Henderson Boston College 
Jacqueline Henry Bridgewater State 
Brett Hotter Catholic University 
Shannon Hogan Notre Dame University 
Tommy Hu Northeastern University 
Hillary Hui UMass Amherst 
Matthew Hurley St. Louis University 
Ryan Hurney Roger Williams University 
Jacob Indursky Tufts University 
Daquira Ingram Mount Ida College 
Alexandra Jackson Colby College 
Louis Jacobs Keene State College 
Matthew Jessup University of Richmond 
Eliza Kaplan Bates College 
Sydney Kaplan University of Vermont 
Sophie Karpf Washington University 
Katelyn Keane Bridgewater State College 
Mahr-u-nisa Khan Dean College 
Brianna King University of Delaware 
Christina Koutris Northeastern University 
Ellen Kunkel Hamilton College 
Beverly Kwong Suffolk University 
Maria Laham UMass Boston 
Anne Lally University of Rhode Island 
John Landry St. Michael's College 
Nicole Lania Providence College 
Michael Lannum Northwestern University 
Robinson Law University of Tampa 
Alanna Leahy Northeastern University 
Leah Lessard San Diego University 
Matthew Levine University of Delaware 
Kevin Liebrock University of South Carolina 
Ashley Littlejohn Wellesley College 
Samantha Liu J Mass Amherst 
Katherine Loiacono Suffolk University 
Kenneth Long Loyola University Chicago 
Joseph Lupica University of Tampa 
Patrick Lyons Salem State College 
Macston Maccow Berklee College of Music 
Elena Maimonis Marist College 
Jacqueline Martin MIT 
Patrick Masi-Phelps Wesleyan University 
Rachel Masotta Suffolk University 
John McCarthy Providence College 
Shannon McCarthy Le Cordon Bleu 
Steven McCarthy UMass Amherst 
Myles McDonough RPI 
Robert McGee vlass College of Pharmacy 
and Health Sciences 
Emily McGrail Union College 

Molly McLaughlin Skidmore College 
Alison McNulty Carnegie Mellon University 
Michael McNulty Boston College 
Thomas McNulty Cornell University 
Kyle Menyhert George Washington 
Harry Mertz JMass Boston 
Michelle Milano High Point University 
Christopher Molchan Fairfield University 
Lucie Montgomery University of Vermont 
Nicole Moylan UMass Amherst 
Fahad Munir Suffolk University 
Conor Murphy Norwich University 
Stephanie Murphy Westfield State College 
Erica Nagle Juniata College 
Dylan Nanna Roger Williams University 
Andreas Nicolos Syracuse University 
Erin O'Connor Furman University 
James O'Doherty UMass Dartmouth 
Patrick O'Donnell UMass Amherst 
Annmarie O'Flaherty Westfield State 
Steven O'Leary Catholic University 
Mary O'Sullivan UMass Amherst 
Believe Opara Vanderbilt University 
Samuel Pease Drexel University 
Ailyn Pestana Stonehill College 
Nicole Pettit UMass Amherst 
Klaudia Pogace Bentley University 
Megan Porter Elon University 
Nicholas Post Sacred Heart University 
Kevin Power University of Vermont 
Lillian Priestley Roger Williams University 
William Ralph Stonehill College 
Ullas Rao Brandeis University 
Mike Raskin Massachusetts Maritime Academy 
Isaac Rice Massachusetts Maritime Academy 
Leigh Ronan Keene Sate College 
Yalda Rostamnezhad Mass College of 
Pharmacy and Health Sciences 
Caroline Ryan Quinnipiac University 
Anthony Sadler Depaul University 
Shayan Salam Cornell University 
Maiek Sayegh Hamilton College 
Patrick Scannell UMass Dartmouth 
Leah Schroeder Davidson College 
Kevin Sennott Loyola University Maryland 
Anna Shea Stonehill College 
Marina Shkuratov Dartmouth College 
Hani Singer Boston University 
Pat Singleton University of Vermont 

Brendan Skehill University of New Hampshire 
Patrick Sleight Holy Cross College 
William Smith James Madison University 
William Spear New York University 
Kelley Steeves UMass Amherst 
Erica Sweeney Tulane University 
Scott Sykowski Framingham State 
Dylan Terry UMass Amherst 
Amanda Thomas Stetson University 
Chris Treon University of New Hampshire 
John Troy Boston College 
Derek Tucceri University of Tampa 
Juliana Ucuz Bryant University 
Leigha Valentine University of Rhode Island 
Katrien Van Wagenen Bryant University 
Michael Ventura Roger Williams 
David Von Euw Colby College 
Kevin Walsh UMass Amherst 
Patrick Walsh UMass Dartmouth 
Cody Whalen High Point University 
Joseph Williams University of Tampa 
Quinn Wilson Fairfield University 
Andrea Winn Wheaton College 
Erin Young Babson College 
Melanie Zahka University of Maryland 


leave Maddy my LOVE for Jimmy; Rosa my "GREAT judgement in relationships & our trips to McDon- 
alds; Sonia my great taste in hair colors and good friendship tips lol; fi/larissa our great talks & experi- 
ences with "People." • I. Anthony Antonellls, leave Jojo, the NFL; Nicky, the Volvo and goodtimes; 
TJ, my Steelers snapback; Costa, my hugs: Jake, March Madness weekend; Theo, iDosers; Donovan, 
BRod, Cannon, the defensive backfield; Greg, blindside hits; Thomas, Kid Cudi; Tina, my music. • I, 
Colin Arnpriester, leave my stall to Diarmuid Gallagher to distribute to one of his friends.. .choose 
wisely Diarmuid. • I, Charlie Audi, leave my heart to D. McDonough, M. O'Connor, and J. Murphy 
And my warm hands to B. Rodenbush ;) • I, Jackie Audi, leave Paulina 62 steps across the street; 
Tina, a billion Tuesday visits; Sammy laughs in the middle of the hallway; Michael and Elaina, my aca- 
demic achievements (I'll be a tough act to follow); and any Audis who follow, the family legacy. • I, 
Jennifer Beggan, leave Marisa, her love for Martin, contour lines, my love for xm30, and my dance 
moves; Gabble, "math mcgrath"; Christa, boundanes, adventures in passat, and oreo love; Casey 
trips to panera; Anna, my skill for 3 point turns; My baby sis, Sarah, rides to school • I, Kara Belinsky. 
leave Caitie/Kiki freddy/middleseat, Aly first names, Laura a saw(Denise), Kate snowbanks, Keira na- 
tional anthems. Jackie focus. Shelly earpieces on 109, Josh the car/chance to be eariy, Nick honks/ 
my heart, and Canton rink higher boards. • I, Sarah Biron, leave MScar rides. JObestlegs&athleticism. 
CCgoldfish, KK&MFcape trips&lifers, LMpod, AMpineapples, BMthebest fh partnership ever. KRdanc- 
ing ontheTmile, thelst catch of the day, avis, unknown terrains, no lab partner, huga... • I. Elise 
Blanchard, leave Katie four fantastic years of high school, Hayley and Sarah a new Argentina, Maria 
our snuggle sessions, Justin our late night lifers, Ben reign of Passing Notes, Delaney precalculus tu- 
toring, and Steven our hikes at Hale. • I, Ariel Bornsfein. leave Sonia Dunkelbarger her youth; Melanie 
Walsh the beauty of art; Joe Cushman the awesomeness of 3D; Brittany Dwan my legacy in LC. • I, 
Vrto Bruno, leave Kate Rich my love. Brendan my ice fishing skills, Laura my driving skills, Nick Hen- 
derson my basketball skills • I, Stephen Burke, leave "The Chairs" to Juniors. To Julia Tucke and Tina 
Wigozki- the memory of Spooky Worid. to Madeline and Caroline Conway, my car, in hopes that they'ill 
continue the craziness of the school commute. To WHS, I wish luck in filling the gap that I leave upon 
graduation. • I, Jessica Burns, leave my captainship to Caroline L., Kate V, and Kaitlin H., my beta fish 
and my techno playlist to Chrissy C, my art supplies to Mina R., my Enrique playlist to Glen D., and 
my Mississippi work gloves to Tori H., Glen D., Billy R. and Casey B.. • I, Riley Cachelln, leave Annie 
the neightxjrhood, Kate G our stretching line, Sara- the microphone, Casey-directions to BSD to visit 
every weekend. Tori- tickets to KOL concerts, Abby my announcing chair, Molly B-season tickets to 
my fh games, Delaney- my Spanish 5 notes, Catherine- track lifers • I. Jacinta Callxte , leave my 
singing skills for Erica Vincent, dancing skills (or lack of ;) to Alenna, my sweet side to Charaine, my 
side of understanding to Lauren and my fun side to Natasha. • I, Alison Campion, leave Aly women 
of science; Chris the alto; Andrea and Sam the 2-mile; Meredith my sense of humor; Nora ten minutes 
of silence; Caitie a box of tissues; Kiki a hug; and Greg a great four years. • I, Stephen Campion, leave 
my tenor sax for Chris Lui. my soprano sax for Elidi Chan, Robotics Club for Ben Cautela and Alex 
Young, my CPR certification for Ben Gantert, and the Jazz Band for Hayley Lim and Ben Gantert, • I, 
Olivia Cawley, leave the Dance Force to Lee, Julia, Tina, Krissy and Molly, surviving chorus/life to 
Molly, the Bronco/summer adventures to Shelly and Molly the Sweeterie to Lee. and Sharp Attack to 
Lee and Julia. • I, Nicole Chan, leave Maria and Renee Gai; Kimberty the glorious Taco Nights; Camille 
our wonderful memories from Spain; and Elidi my fish in her loving hands, our obsession with hams, 
and our discussions about our favorite people. • I, Michael Cicerone, leave SB awkward greetings, 
Elena B. awkward staring, Cushman halloween parties, John Kahn and Fieumy CYO Basketball, Ryan 
Foxx Roche's, Jen Lyons the superbowl. Keeno 8th grade memories, Haddad stoags, Skeeter Halkett 
behind the scenes • I, Harry Clapsis, leave Jamil F my liberal viewpoints; Ten-ence my undying love 
for Jello; future AP US students my hatred of water buffalo and love of the Turner thesis; Mr Shuman 

the PJ Cook/Jason DeMarinis Conversations. For those who overheard us, I hope you learned some- 
thing, I leave my Term 2 C- in Pre-Calculus to any student interested! • I, Erin Curran, leave my big 
blue mini van to my sister, Kayla. Also, I leave my unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter to Kaitlin, 
Penguin Movie Nights I leave to Elidi, and Oregan to Maria. • I, James Curtin, leave Brian Curtin the 
Mariner, my hockey talent, going bar down, the NHL 94 Celebration, bus rides home from games, and 
the 6 minute drive to school. I leave Maddy the Algebra II Math class, and my heart • I. Franceses 
DeBenedictIs, leave Amy Doherty Vball, Nicole Gallagher Sally Beauty Spa. Georgia Priestley Latin, 
Jen Lyons food, Thomas Hanley 5 dollars, and Greg Keene senior year round two • I, David DeCenzo, 
leave the Westwood Football Team to whatever captains, Scott McManus the best 3 years and maybe 
my car. Token my love, Neville the Linebackers, and Zeus my full heart. • I, Caitlln DeLorey, leave 
Kelley our imaginary car and awkward greetings in the hallway, as well as a temporary position as the 
oldest. Note temporary. • I, John DelSlgnore, leave the t)O0th, Clementines, and lollipops to "Red" 
Belinsky and B.Reissfelder; All the milk in the caf to N.Kelly; Responsibility for baked goods to C. 
Bowler; Distribution of ugly sweaters and chnstmas presents to G.Giugliano; Domination of conversa- 
tions and controversial answers in word games to T.Harding; Anything else to B.Leon. • I, Christa 
DeMovellan, leave ShellyW-roadtrips with Leslie, Laura- an ice-bath, "special" texts, a shoe full of 
"presents". Kate Rich-my dougie skills and i guesssss quince, Dani-your eamngs. JackieM-sweaty 
hugs, Georgia-a great and hot senior year. • I, AnI Derderian, leave the field hockey team a better 
season! • I, Samantha DeTore, leave Jackie Ventura the Buick and XC, Sydney Petta a bag for fun, 
Maddie Cooke Asia, Christa Cosenza Brazil. Chris Lui and Morgan Walker algebra with McGrath, and 
Matt Hoffer my undying love. • I, Amanda Dllulls, leave Maddy all of my worldly possessions. Rosa, 
Christa and Casey-amazing trips to Mississippi. Chnsta-JKSD:) Molly-dedicated swim practices. Erik 

Khris L.-coldstone (good luck), Nicky-the bus, Claire-my closet<3, Abby Katie, Chrissy. Sydney. 
, Sina, & Thomas-studio art:) Jackie- "gun fights" in the hall. • I, Nasuf Dizdari, leave nevs mad- 
Iteave sebastion my ripping abilities. I leave John khan tavarius jackson. I leave nevin dizdan my 

leave oiek lis the soccer team and messi. I leave kaittyn hogan my heart • t. 
'e Hannah Musto art class gossip, Molly Smith late night drives, and Casey 
J IN \j Free. • I, Mary Doyte, leave Hayley my "party" necklace, Maria our car ride CD 
my inspirational CD, Sarah trips to school, Kathenne a winning bowling team. Margaret the song 
work and Julia my love for Garbear! • I, Brett Egizl. leave Kim # 4 and the attic, Celia the xbox ki- 
1, Lyndsay my heart, Dalton ponky. Costa a meatball sub if he stays at ww. Pars a bobby light, theo 
neighborhood, Nicky LBs • I, Cameron Etchings, leave the Junior Class, my sweaters; the Fresh- 
men Class, my brains • I, Kyle Fedorowicz, leave Matt Hoffer sleeves, Nick Wiziaiko fuzzy socks, 
Richard McDonough a banana, TJ Adams shorts and shoes. Dani Kessler my second language, 
MaryKate Norton mi corazon, Kate Rich my swag, • I, Michael Filbln, leave Mike Keane in charge of Bro 
BO'S and the lacrosse team, and Meghan my Jeep. • I, Kevin Gavin, leave my hustle and flow to Bren- 
dan Dalton, a nice SASA to Jake Cronin, best style in the TVL to Theo Treon. and Sexton Ave to Joe 
Walsh • I, Maria Georgaklis, leave Meghan the cheer team, my sisterhood and the best 2 more years 
of hs, Marisa lifers being nuts together C free and twinnys forever, Rosa the three amigos & Meghan, 
Ashley cowboyz. Shannon fierce cheerieaders, Anna the dream team legacy. Christa lifers and track, 
Cheerteaders the best of luck -love you guys! • I, Kathryn Gllliland, leave Westwood High the opportu- 
nity to join EcoClub. GSA, and Anime Club, Not many people take it, I promise the community is nothing 
but welcoming. • I, Katie Ginsberg, leave Kelly Alexis, and Tracy the XC team. Court lifers, Teddy a 
plaid shirt, Annie good luck surviving WA, Theo a toad and the best senior year, Brendan 1 05 points, Teej 
a hug and Meredith my heart. • I, Josh Goldberg, leave Gabe the Goldberg Legacy, the care of Gabe to 
Anokh P and Conor E, the task of being the glue that holds the XC team together to Matt Reissfelder, ■ 
and my tennis racket to ryan mcnulty. • I, Michael Hallion, leave yappa Hallion my detentions to Scotty 
McManus. trouble making to Mikey paps, papa Hal to Greg, Frank the )eep to Sammy, and a big smile 
to Mr, Cronin • I, Edward Han, leave a statement to Westwoood High School that, Edward J. Han is 
Superlatively Supreme. • I. Ellse Harrington, leave Holly G- good times in free and vent sessions; Sa-: 
manfha J- Piano lab and going to the Cafe; Camille- all the things we share, all the memones, and basi- 
cally sucking at every sport we try; Renee- the Dangerous/ Destructive car ride to and from ski leam;i 
Marianne- "Feel my left eyebrow," and all the jokes we share. Lane six pride! • I, Nicholas Hawes. leave 
James Joyce to Brakke, the kids to Steve, the Carpool to AJ. protection of Jon to Ten-ence. the sword 
to Pete, my effort to Dullea, my speed to Jon, lab skills to Erik, and Rochies Runs to David. • I. Keelin 
Henderson, leave Xiao running buddies for life and made up songs with your name, the xc giris marceJ 
the shell with shoes on. Shelly Sunday night dinners/desperate housewives, Nora and Liz Boothle, Kate 
and Keira post parties, Kate, Laura and Keira BSATPLAC • I, Jacqueline Henry, leave Viveka total 
control over whoever joins our class. Holly Griffin literally anything and everything (bleachers included,., 
oh wait); Natalie good luck/Mom and Dad all to yourself for the next six years. • I. Brett Hoffer. leave ' 
Molly O'Brien Mrs Gibb's hot chocolate. To Madeleine Cooke, I leave our hidden stash of gnomes. To 
Ryan Mcnulty, I leave Mr Geary and Sweeney To Matt Hoffer, I leave Sydney Petta. • I. Shannon Hogan, 
leave ill brazil to my sister Rose, the penguin-costume and favhandshake to Meghan, the mini, narst. 
camp to Kaltlyn, hot tamales to MaryKate, headbump to Aly and Sam, #5 to Cathenne, phonecalls to 
Kiki. twinz to Marina. • I, Tommy Hu, leave my Co-Captaincy of Robotics to Alex Young, the battery box 
on the robot to Sean Geary, and my undying love to Gabe Goldberg. • I, Hillary Hul, leave the care of 
my brother to Steven Kane, To Justin, I leave the duty to cary out the Hui legacy. • I. Jake Indursky, 
leave Tina taco bell mns and LOST, Julia playing Wii and reading cyanide and happiness • I. Daquira 
Ingram, Leave Santi in charge of step team. I want practice to be on M, W, F -No SLACKING!! Jk. make 
sure the team's moves are on point :-). AGGY SANTi< im going to miss ya foolish self. LOL. I want you 
to stay focused in school, leave the boys alone. • I. Alexandra Jackson, leave Hayley ft^e blocks in the 
chorijs room, lessons on ponying to Maria, talking tackstage and learning dances to Sarah H, t)est 
bowling names to Margaret, car ride convos to Julia K and singing/playing piano to Steven, • I, Sydney 
Kaplan, leave Dani the mini, CTM/HTR Sharon, IntnsivA, Toby & Bravo; Gigi admirings & T.Swift songs; 
Alex tallies. Chase Estates walks & trash bins; Molly & Mere Dam & WHS; B, Meg, Erin. & Kel K&M • I, 
Sophie Karpf . leave JKap-Elmo. Shaq-UnblockMeFree. Kelly/Nora-Buckmaster&Boys. Liza hand hug, 
Caitie-an intimate hand hug, Mere-a touch, Xiao-the versatility of her name. Tracy/Dani-Movie Club 
(keep it safe). Dani-chemories&mcsweenies, and Conor-"S", Go get em. • I, Katelyn Keane, leave Mi- 
chael my car; Kate trips to Panera and Friendlys: Kaitlin and Irina free movie tickets and Chillis mac and 
cheese; Bridget trips to Christys; Jessica Rec Swim Team • I, Brianna King, leave Sarah and Hayley 
TGI Fridays, some goats milk soap and lotion for Sarah's dry hands, and cupcake tarts for Hayley on 

my words of wisdom, Flames-TransG,Laura-MIOBI,Molly-manager.Tina my boo-wolftwy.loveyaforev • 
I. Ellen Kunkel, leave center stage to Sarah Hogan • I, Beverly Kwong, leave Elidi Schwani's class and 
EBAYY: Bele yearbooking, clubs, and breaking beakers: Sonia GMPB, and breaking Bob; Conor E Que- 
bec trip, and BST Conor D ipod...waitt1..(; : All BABY ARE YOU DOWNNNNNNN? Yearbook (A157) my 
heart and my memories forever • I, Maria Laham, leave the chorus class to Tina and to keep it alive and 
fun! I leave behind the Laham name to my little brother. ChartDel. Don't ruin it! • I, Anne Lally. leave my 
car and fun times to Teresa: TJ's, Fresh City, Nbeats, and Ridin Solo to Laura: SKAR to Kate: CATZ, 
traffic, smoothies, and free bread to Meghan and Maddie; and warm fuzzies to Alex • I, Robinson Law, 
Leave Eric Burgess the golf team, Chris Frangieh my serve, Mr Bean my soul. Young Mula my rhyme 
book, Jen Lyons a deeper voice, Thomas Hanley and Mith O'Brien a twenty slabs • I, Alanna Leahy, 
leave field hockey to Bryn, hockey to Georgia and Molly, oreos to Tori, lifers to Alex and Molly late night ' 
to Molly being role models to Tucke, SB, Katie, Gary to Julia, my heart to Maris O'Connor. • I, Matt^' 
Levlne, leave Terrence Hughes, Gatse Goldberg, and Olic Lis roadtnps, Jackie Ryan and Shauna Cotter 
my ceramics skills. Dam Kessler my religion, MaryKate Norton my tennis skills, Conor Emerson my 
speed, and Treshon Perry my car • I, Samantha Liu, leave Kimljerty the minivan with a new minnor. To 
Maddie and Emily, our jokes and conversion skills from physics, and to Elidi, my seven years of bad 
luck. but also a great senior year! • I. Katherine Lolacono, leave Ali Katz the vp office, my spot in mam's 
heart, and my seat in mao's homeroom. I leave Coco Loiacono the golden nuglet. and four drama-free 
years. Geoff & Kyle I leave you good times. • I. Kenneth Long, leave the future of the orchestra to | 
Viveka Mastandrea. Ben Pincus, and the future fi-eshmen Continue to show what the orchestra can do! 
• I, Joseph Lupica, leave lax to Casey 1980 to Hawrper, the track team to my apprentice Trakke, Bo- j 
hemian Rhapsody to Thomas Ollerdome, my gaming skillz and lucid dreams to Conor Emerson, rock 
climbing shoes to Sean Laugh, meds to Gatie, and Cory Krakowski can have Juliet. • I, Macston Mac- 
cow, leave my «4 basketball jersey to Jonathan Allegrezza • I, Jacqueline Martin, leave Academic | 
Decathalon to Alex, Don, and Kim - take care and keep kicking butt; Science Team to the will-be-se- i 




I Yalda Rostamnezhad, leave AlexisA+KellyS+TracyD-the XCteam, TinaA+SallyM-Hblk 
B fr,^ Ai^.c ,„ , :„„ .:_. t.^,,,. <^-vany, Keyon-my legacy, DaniK- hugs. GIgi + Jen 

leave you my musli 
Erase Me videos. G 


and Wnce,oUeeHat«,credto7..encJ":;::^::'ZSS^S ^^^f^ n^l^tf r^^lT!!^^^!!^^ !!'-™- ^M^: ^ '!!!l^ "^"^ ^ 

] lerrence to Lee Hattield. my street cred to Terrence. cuukles to Brian Delsignore, and 
:zenski to Lochlainn Macdonald. • I. Myles McDonough, leave the house to Cor 
V to Seb. college soccer to Harper, skiing to Frodigh, the Mullet Master. Brods 
licky, ceramics vi/ork to Richard and Hendy, rides and crazy days to Seb. • I. Ro 

ritis to joe cushman and any other junior who becomes ill with this very contag 

McLaughlin, leave Kate Rich hecklty heck, gatorade bottles 

'' ' ' liMiil i i Piiiiia^^ 

Ben and Hayley'jazi band captaincy Nadine' black cob^^'sam K^dreams a^ut ^^'''''T^f h f' ^ ^"^^'^ °^"' * ^'"""^ ^°"^ *^'"''- ^^'^ '°"'''^'"9 '°"'=^'i"9 a"^ an 
Skunks; Haiy'iving headaches; Lrour'inSse'ace s^'ef^^^^^^^ T^^^^^^^!:!^.^^'!^'^ \!^}"^' ^""."9 circles; X,ao 

ams, and H McNult 

:iMiaiiii iii 


a hello in an awkward hallway walk by To G Markanan my name on Baylor tests • h,,nc i^iaw^o =„=„»>,™ q^^". ., "u --•—'-- -"-■' =" ""=■ 


^:T:::^^-^^:ri:T!i!!z}^.^!^T^^^ ^^^'ni;^;^^^. ;;;:;^'^8h;^':;:^'i^n;;;;j::::;::;;o';:^; 

°l^, :„.!. ,.?-? Bosshog Pease. • I, Patrick Singleton, leave an awesome senior year and fun nights 

<y at canton to Jen Lyons, Sarah Banis. and Georgia Priestley; My car to Leah; Peer Media- 

ii^g. . I. Daniel Molov. leave B Curtain mv heinht' r, Pri^tipC n^^r^^^^-'Tu,:! "'" '° ■^'"!; ^^11° ^i^9^.^^''?^ 9°" '^^"^ '° ^°^'' G^bhan. . I. Patrick Sleight, leave 

% ^' 

swagg. . I. Dani. Molov. leave B curtain rny he,ght. G Priestley my collar bone. J Kh. -- ;;hc;;^XC,:b^^^ 

». " Nicky. Brodsky and Alex; sandwiches to Kristina; Nicholas Cage to Duffy; HP to Emer- 

leave evebrow and Panpr7trirv^'tn ^Inhh^'l^w c l^l^ m "7 'T*^^' ' ^"' ^"^ ^"^' ^"^ '" ^^^- ' '■ *'''"'^'" Smith. Leave Alex Berluti Bateman and the 

atomy s,stl...andl,eave .he stench ,n my locSrotheS^Csc'S St"" •^"^ """' "' '"""^ °" ''' ^''^ °' ''"^'"^ ' '' '^^"'^ 

V Wishes 

MJil.^lllMillllJlll i Mr <! li 

team to Grayson. Julian, and Fiume. and the car to Patrick. • I. James O'Doherty. 

Caroline Kaitlin Kate- Swim Team. bball-Joey (take good care), MK and Ul- Tennis Ti 


y), muffins in the cafe/physics. Anokh; his horrible puns and my hard work in pre ^o^t °-" "--^^-"^^^^ ^''" ■ "^ '°°"'' ^'''' "' ''"'°""'"'" 

HiiKSitiiiB ia^ 

' I. Steven O'Leary. leave to my brother John, my Green Man i 

completing the square to Delaney, long shopping trips and crazy math classes to Christa 
(Coyo) • I, Christopher Treon. leave the hockey team to dalton, Jake drew and theo -take 
em far and i leave these words to mart< oaks- keep that chiswick clean. TJ stay- round 
big boy • I. J. Shane Troy, leave SRFZ UP to Brooke -drive it well; the neighborhood to 
Ryan and Will; Soccer team to Harper. Jake. Krakowsky and Sean; Ski team to Nicky. 
Frodigh Pebbles and C.J.; my legacy to Seb. and the remnants of the POD to KG; Mem- 


, 3 , 3^.. . .u.c yuu uiu, ujr\c V,<11C Willie 1 ril gone. • I. Mary c- :.i. i^i .. i.,r.,-.« «, ...r,^.. 

van leave, Sheila- The Green Machine. Bndget- Four years at WHS. Andrea Nora l 

;s^';;r;: j::^i"caiSC2^?:^ssir z^ i£::^^^z:t^:TT^^'^'^^^-^ 
.«atu:'S^jj^=:;^?:S^^-o^-s— ^^^^^^ 

swag with Hartey Pease. Ill keep whatever else . have.'. I, Samuel Peas:,'iSn; Se Sn charge' T^^e mv '" "" " "' '""^ ' ' '' "*""''' '^"* 

Emerson, holistic drinks, Goldberg Song, MAD RAD, and dugtno. because three heads S ^rrtrM^ FuZTmo ■ 

are better than one. Kristina. Schwanbecks love, and hugs. Pete gumballs E-monev Sl^l u, , '^"'^,™° ' 

«v~ cut. Terrence, rap music, Roache. Hariey And Hariey nice r^ce T /2L Pe^tena TlT^n^r f ^^ T'^'o"'' ""' ^'^ '°°'' * '' ""'"' ^°" ^"^ ' 

Vlaria CDs, Conor random hugs. Lucy hallway storL. Tracelate n^Ms in A^sz' ^ ° and r^n'nV ^"^ '"'' '^'TT 'o' '"T '""' "^'^^ °"'' '■°""^' ''"''■ 
lok family Saturday sessions Ben hallway smites Mr SchwanbLk A Block l2 nh T ^^"" ' '°'^' *^^"° ""^ '°°'*'' "^^""^ ^^'° "^^ ^°'' ^"^ ^^^ '"V "-O^e 

^.-„.1_ ..^^ "_ _ . , 1 :„?™!L^ „:r:- ..T!?"''^''.* ^'°'''' '^"^l- and most importantly the caddy • I, Kevin Walsh, leave Alex Fallah Bali Island. Terrance 

"■les Hughes Basket Island. Chris Frangieh tennis. Brenden Dalton locker room 2 Catlin Friel 

rah. Awkward touching ,0 Meredith. Du;.ies^fe^;^ C^;;[-5y;;d=s ;: S S:S-^^^ 

k<:m AHh riu' "^® '"'"'^^^ '""^V y°""9er Sister Maria Walsh. Video Production to anybody who will love 

^hran. After math walks and little'talkst'o Nicky" Si^lulis'L^e prdt^ems'o Soni'a 'LlZll lf^°WoHd°''^ 1° TJ'^'^rl' ^'"""^ V""^' "'° "°""^ ''' "• 

.,, — ,_,,„.-Lj-.,.. „ ..^ ,™ walshSlreet to the Worid. and finally the ability to get out of here to next year's Seniors 

r. leave R/wi i,.^i,iii . i ■«>._>. u/m; i ...:-._,____ ^ , . . ' 

>^ .i i ii i iiiJ4aim j[ | i m 

that cash flow. • I, Andrea Winn, leave Tracie yearbook, ed, and being late every i 

Domood to Kate Rich. The backcourt to Kelly Porter and Kasey 
ve to Keira Travers. Blue eye liner/pink half calves to Laura McHoul. 
> I. Melanie Zahka. leave singing competitions to Maria and Renee. 

#iwMwwi l i w l i' i i ii wi 

UL-i' f:ilB(iJri F:Tift|| 

''. and the PDR to Tina. 

Senior Photography 

Family Portraits 

Graduation Memories 

Youth S High School Sports 

School Pictures 

Fashion Photography 

Discounted Sessions 

Easy Web-Based Experience 




tfe /grynnandbarrett 


^ 4ii 


Scott Sykowski 


Congratulations Scotty. 

We all love you very much and 

are so proud of you. 

May all your dreams come true. 


Mom, Dad, Jessica, Kimmy & Evan 



AnnMarie O'Flaherty 

To Dear AnnMarie, 

Congratulations on your senior year 

and all four years at WHS. 

We love you and wish you every 

success in college and the future. 


Dad, Mom, Roisin and Ravmond 

rista DeMovelian 

Dear Christa, 

Congratulations Christa! 

You did it. We are very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Jen and John 

& Champ too! 

i: f. ♦-, 


P^ji^ 7~^^H 


1 ir^ 

mlf^ii rail 


r -1 

^M All our dreams can come true, 

^M • N we have the courage to pursue them. 

H ■ - Walt Disney 

r 1 

H ■ Keep pursuing your dreams and know 
H 1 we'll always be there to support you. 
m M We're so proud o( you and wish you 
■ B the best of luck next year. 
H H We love you! 

'^ — I 

1 ■ Te amomos. 

^ " Mom. family and the 753 crew 

^ ^ ^ \ 

Paul Cook 


Dear Paul, 

H^ M 

We are so proud of all you have 

^& ' ■ 

accomplished, and even more proud 

^&.^ H 

of the person you have become. 




Dad, Mom and Jesse 

-■■■ -^ - : 

Eliza Kaplan 



From Mrs. Boscho to APs, it has been 
a great journey. We are so proud of 
you, who you are and what you have 
achieved. May all your hopes and 
dreams come true at college. 
Love from Mom, Dad and Julia 


^ighaM. 'geviri 




Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 



Mom & Dad 

Congratulations on your graduation! *'■ 
Always be proud of your achievements W^ 
and use them to fulfill all your dreams, 

Up to the sky and back] 

All of our love, 
Mom & Dad 

Maria Georgaklis 






»1 .'•fi